Primal’s Taboo Sex – Helena Locke – Learning from Mom FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 8/18/18 12:01am

Part 1: Mom walks into my room carrying my laptop. At first I thought she was just bringing it upstairs for me, but then she sits up on the bed. She tells me that she found my stash of MILF porn, and she sees a strong resemblance between the women in the videos and herself. I mean, she’s not wrong. Mom’s always walking around the house in these slutty little outfits, no bra half the time, and she just radiates confidence and sexuality. I thought she was going to punish me for looking at those kinds of videos, but she seems almost happy about it. More than happy. She sees it as some kind of learning opportunity, says she wants to help me be more comfortable sexually about older women. It almost seems more personal than that. I never thought my fantasies would get this real.

Part 2: Mom know’s I’ve been looking at porn again. Lately it’s been a bit kinkier stuff. I’ve just started getting into the videos where the MILFs are kinda dominant. Mom to the rescue again. I can’t believe how hot her ass looks glazed with my cum!

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Maternal Seductions – Eva Notty – Mother Son Connection FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 4/27/18 6:21am

Scene One: Mothers day present
I’ve taken my mom out to the most exclusive restaurant in town, giving her the best mothers day present I could think of. I walk her back into our hotel a happy mommy. “I had a great time” She smiles at me. I give her a kiss on the lips and suddenly she feels a little awkward. I place my hand on her leg and a chill runs though her. “Do you want to see what a real woman feels like?” She quietly suggests. I reach out and touch her big tits making her giggle in delight. I help her unzip so I can look at them. I’ve always fantasized about my mom’s huge breasts and now the moment is here. I touch and feel as she slides off her panties and lets my fingers roam her body. I lay on top of her and she shows me how amazing a real women can be.

Scene Two: Scrambling mom’s eggs
The next morning mom is cooking breakfast as usual. I can’t help but wonder if she regrets the night before. I lift up her robe and grab her big ass in my hands. A reassuring smile comes over her and she moans a little. Opening up her robe and letting me do whatever I want to my hot mom. I slide myself inside of her and fuck her from behind, her big tits pressed against the cold counter top. The eggs sizzle on the stove as I fuck her with strong thrusts into her soft body. She turns around and looks at me with love and lust as she fucks me back and cums on my horny cock. “You want to cum inside of me? Just let it go and give me all that cum” She whispers.

Scene Three: If all mom’s knew
I’m back home from school early. I can’t concentrate on anything except my mom’s fuckable body. She can’t stop thinking about me. Dressed in her office clothes she pulls me over to her. “I’ve always had an office fantasy” She tells me as she pulls down my pants and strokes me hard in her hand. “I want you to cum all over” She moans. She takes off her office clothes and reveals sexy lingerie underneath. She’s been planning this all day. The black lace makes her so hot I can’t stand it. I need to be inside her. I sit on the couch as she rides me, her soft ass bouncing up and down on my cock. “That’s a good boy” She moans as I cum shooting my hot load. She gives me a kiss and shows me how much she loves me. “Let’s go see a movie” She suggests.

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Karli Kane – Slut MILF Fucks Her Naughty Son FullHD mp4 [1080p/American / Maryland/2018]

Daniel is just your typical average college aged guy. Before leaving for college, he visits his hot mom who happened to clean out his room and get things in order to find that Daniel is a little naughtier than expected. Under his old baseball gear, she finds his shrine to her. Being open minded and the loving mother she is, she propositions her son with the parting gift of a lifetime- a little video keepsake to take along to school with him. A mother is a sons first love, and MILFS know best.

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Lexi Lore, Brother Bambino, Mom Claudia Monet – Family Breakfast FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Lexi Lore and her stepbrother Bambino just can’t seem to get along no matter how hard they try. This morning they’re fighting over breakfast while their mom Claudia Monet prepares her own meal in the kitchen just behind them. Bambino tells Lexi he’s going to pull her top down if she doesn’t share the milk and cereal, but Lexi shoots back that he should do his worst. When making good on his promise doesn’t phase Lexi, Bambino tries to one-up her by saying he’ll finger her to get his way. Lexi responds by spreading her legs to prove she’s already wet and ready for her stepbrother’s touch.

Whipping out his dick, Bambino tells his stepsister to put her mouth to work doing something useful. Lexi can’t wait to get on her knees and start sucking. They have to keep it quiet as Claudia continues in the kitchen, unaware of what the kids are getting up to. Now that Lexi knows what a big hard dick Bambino has, though, she wants it inside her. She gets back on the stool and covers her mouth to hold the moan as Bambino slides in deep. Bambino helps out by covering her mouth as he pounds her twat hard enough to make her boobs quiver.

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Roxy Cox – Stepmom/son impregnation FullHD mp4 [1080p/Irish / UK/2018]

After trying for so long your horny stepmom finally gets pregnant with your dad’s baby. You come home to find her is a distressed state and when you ask her what’s wrong she tell you she’s lost the baby after only a couple of months. She does not want to tell your dad the truth & admits that sex with your dad hasn’t been good & that his cock didn’t really satisfy her needs, probably why it took her so long to get pregnant in the first place. She then suggests that you help her get out of this tricky situation by seducing you. Her plan is to have you knock her up with your young thick meaty cock and then she can lie and say its your dad’s baby all along.

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Delilah Dee – Raging Hard-On For Mom FullHD mp4 [1080p/ South African / South Africa/2018]

You’re about to go out with your mom, when she notices you’ve got another RAGING hard-on for her. She’s had enough of your bad behaviour, it’s not the first time it’s happened either. She says you need to sort it out before you go out and you tell her to help you. She’s shocked, but does it anyway, she jerks you off and you love every second of it as she shows off her sexy cleavage and lets you cum on her tits. When you’re done she locks you up in a chastity and promises to keep you in it for a week! Until you decide to behave!

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Delilah Dee – Good Grades For Mom FullHD mp4 [1080p/ South African / South Africa/2018]

Your mom is very disappointed that you’re getting such bad grades and asks if there’s a girl at school distracting you from getting the good grades you used to get. You admit there is and show her a picture of a girl at school with red hair and big boobs and she looks just like your mom… your mom tells you you need to either get the girl to jerk you off so you can get better grades again, or until you can muster up the courage to do that, your mom will just have to sort the problem out herself! She puts her cleavage in your face and makes you jerk to her massive tits before she starts to take matters into her own hands and jerks you off before counting you down to cum on her sexy cleavage…

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Harlyn P Rose – Mommy Soothes Her Scared Boy – Age Regression, Virtual Sex FullHD mp4 [1080p/2017]

Oh, hi, sweetheart. What are you doing in my bedroom? You’re scared? It’s because of the movie, isn’t it? The one you told me you wouldn’t get scared of if we watched it? I should’ve known better. I might as well put you in a diaper and really treat you like the little boy you enjoy behaving like. It’s okay, though. Mommy’s here and Mommy will make it all better. Lie next to me, and let me give something more pleasant to think about than that scary movie.

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Virtual Family Porn Video – My Gloved Hands Will Drive You Wild SD mp4 2018

Added: 8/9/18 6:00am

What are you doing here? Watching me, aren’t you. You naughty boy. What if your mother new you were in my bedroom, hmmm? You’re supposed to be mowing my lawn… Have you been watching me dress for dinner? Oh, now, don’t get all nervous just because you’re a virgin. Oh, yes, I know it. It’s written all over your face… and by how quick you are to get an erection. No need to be shy… especially around your neighbor. Just relax… let me take over. You don’t have to do a thing. Especially now that I know it’s my satin gloves your drawn to. Like how they glide over my arms and up to my elbows? Love how they shine and caress my breasts? Do you want to feel them on your cock? You don’t have to feel like you’re losing control… I’m the one in control…

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