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Пресс-конференция: Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Дастин Порье. Коэффициенты букмекеров

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Khabib fight has never been easier. Khabib won but did not take a trophy home as he bet on khabib not control his temper. К примеру, у американца спросили, как он собирается побеждать Хабиба, когда того не смогли победить 27 bet on khabib. In addition to fair payments, blockchain bookies ask for less personal data to be provided comparing to traditional requirements.

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Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Дастин Порье. Прогноз и ставка Алексея Махно

For instance, there were specific factors that could affect the final result of the fight such as takedowns that were more accurately executed by Khabib before the fight on 6th of October — 5 takedowns per match against maximum 1 by Conor. В целом, конференция явно не походила на те встречи, которые были у Хабиба с Конором. How can you make sure that the odds rates reflect the real state of affairs?

The post-fight controversy may initiate a fight-revenge that will no doubt become highly expected again and attract a lot of funds to UFC and bookmakers too.

Пресс-конференция: Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Дастин Порье. Коэффициенты букмекеров •

Российский боец Хабиб Нурмагомедов рассказал на пресс-конференции, что бой с Порье будет не последним боем в его карьере. After his intense training sessions in preparation for his fight against Floyd Mayweather, McGregor is anticipated to have a much stronger strike, adding to his already legendary counter punch.

For the best up-to-date odds for the McGregor vs..

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  1. Khabib got his ass whipped by Danis he made a mistake jumping at a killer after a hard fight

  2. Khabib should’ve told Conor go find out who ur real daddy is because ur mom is always drunk at the bars . Lol

    1. Sher Solaimankhel hahahaha omg so funny that would’ve been so funny hahaha, not. That was literally the worst joke i’ve ever heard.

  3. Two GOATS in this game
    Khabib and Jon Jones.
    Two GOATS in the media game
    Conor and DC.

  4. took alexander Quote:

    “May God keep you away from the venom of the cobra, the teeth of the tiger, and the revenge of the Afghans.”

    — Alexander the Great

  5. This guy is so humble….before,I kinda dont like him,but Im his fan now….respect

  6. When disrespect other religion, family, everything you say this is a match build up… Screw you atheist asses… Connor punch Khabib team mate then he gets his rightful beat down…
    Connor, his teammates, his fans, his country gets beatdown that night and still in fall
    Its the truth…
    Drunk, rapist, old man punching shit hole Connor bitch McGregor

  7. I used to like this dude. He talks bad about the guy who attacked Conor but when it comes to Conor attacking the other guy on the fence, he makes it out to be a joke. A spit at the speaker is in order i think.

  8. DC talking like hes talking about his baked friend and all his antics

  9. Damn DC is quality, I would love him to avenge Jones and retire a happy man

  10. Oh my god I love the way he speaks, hes such a funny and interesting person

  11. Its just fighters being fighters, its only an issue because its televised.

  12. Looking back!!!! U dis u get smashed simple equation!!! Dont hate the player hate the fucking game!!!!

  13. I like DC! He is the coach and verey fnny champion.👏👏👏😄

  14. I still dont understand why people mad about a fight that happens after a fight. To me brawl was a bonus.

  15. u said you thought it was ok….it was one irish guy and a team of russians.. oh and dd

    1. Your head is really THAT far up Connors ass? You really believe thats what you saw?

  16. Fuck that shit, give him his belt!! The man took a lot of shit for that fight and won it!!

  17. Why is Khabib such an insecure little mess? Great fighter but the guy needs to drop his ego.

  18. Daniel cormier should join lavar James in the taco Tuesday cringy af videos. Both wack ASF

  19. I thought this guy is smarter that this. Very likeable guy but he s got everything wrong. We as muslim tolerate almost everything just talk bad about about our families and pur religion other than this go ahead. So that was really what pushes thing to this level of hatred

  20. 5:48 THANK YOU DC!
    Everyone was being pussies about this whole shit This is horrible for the sport, this is disgraceful stop being bitches, DC said it like a real one, which he is. This shit happens, its a fight sport, sometimes emotions get outta hand, people acting like they never seen a brawl before, jeez, this era has become so pussified if people are so surprised about this type of thing.

  21. Every generation had a world class fighter for me it was floyed before that mike Tyson before that sugar ray before that Ali and so on…
    GREATEST just have to accept just like ali denial of his crown just will prove you wrong until acceptance

  22. dc is good at telling the story he has a way to make it not so serious ! dc is honestly so funny i just like this guy 🙂

  23. You gotta black eye too lol 😂 your face was smashed 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. The evolution of steves…

    Jerry Springer : had a steve…

    Jeremy Kyle : had a huge steve…

    UFC : has a steve that breaks up fights between professional fighters…

    I cant wait to see the steve’s of future generations.

    1. @muhammad osama hey man, our prophet prohibited us from disrespecting other peoples god, they will disrespect our God too

  25. Cormier is cringy, he always has to play like he is Mr cool guy when he is full of shit.

  26. Ill never understand why people hate DC ? He works with children , friend and loyal . Must be the scum that hate him

  27. DC didnt back up his boy at all.. it even seemed like he was defending mcgregor at times..i would at least expect him to mention the fact that you dont talk shit about a guys family or religion when hyping a fight ..DC seemed disloyal in this shit

  28. DC tells a story just how one of my pals would. Straight up talk and funny too

  29. Big stupid Fool Crying like a baby ,OMG , D.C u should be ashamed of urself u pussy 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢Ass Wipe .

  30. What if dc also would have lost his mind then, and jon Jones was the security🤔 that would have been interesting😂

  31. he has the potential to become the next president of the UFC after Dana White.

  32. These days even real brothers arent so close but these guy theyre teammates and love each other far more than real brothers .. AKA isnt a team its a family

  33. DC is KHABIBs Brother as he call him and his CAPIIIITAAN 😀
    Great Guy DC

  34. Yea khabib was wrong but talking about his family his religion you know. Giving yim whiskey like its little far and i can relate if someone even says that something about allah. I slap the shit out of him and khabib did the same

  35. Kabib…hes the lion, hes the tiger, hes the bomb, hes the

  36. Dc this time plz make Jones defeat him
    I never saw fighter like u
    Josnss is cheater drugs taking steroids

  37. It is the worst action!! He needed to get punched from behind. He punched abdulmanap first and abdulmanap got a black eye. I dont know with all respect you think that the guy who punched conor is to blame

  38. I love how he’s probably the only guy in the world that’s says khabib’s name right the K is silent . It’s HABIB . With a silent K in the beginning . #KhabibTime ! #IDontGiveASheetAboutDis #SendMeLocation

  39. If u drink don’t mean your not a Muslim but you are a cursed Muslim

  40. if u think its normal dc….oh wait eye pokes are ok like 5 in one round…

  41. I convinced him

    Then he says

    Where’s my belt 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  42. Cormier was sitting on the fence too much not to criticise Conor there!! how about he talks about how conor was mocking khabibs family his dad and his religion? is that how you build up a fight?? by talking about someones dad and his country?? Conor is a low scum not s true MMA fighter ..MMA was built on respect and humility not by trash talking for money….when he lost his fights he pretends its business and when he wins hes a great fighter …Conors got no honour.

  43. Weird that khabib who never shows anger, starting getting angry and talkative once he started beating Connor up? You know why? Because the punks outside the octagon were telling racist shit at him. It sucks he blew up but they deserved a beating

  44. Idk this guy but he sounds really funny haha fight sports all ab respect and progress brother never forget

  45. He is so natural. If he stopped fighting improved and his memory, he could take over from Danna White.

  46. Even when DC tries to talk positive about those guys, they all seem like absolute subhumans with no control whatsoever.

    1. @Truthbringer — absolutely true, really disgusting behaviour

    2. Well its not just them. Its Conor too. These are cage fighters who dont like each other.

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