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При совершении телефонного звонка, специалист задаст несколько вопросов касательно ранее заполненных форм регистрации. Alternatively, you can find bet365 khabib by step guides in the bet help area. В этом плане отзывы на Бет единогласно заявляют про bet365 khabib выполнение сервисом взятых на себя обязательств. Дружелюбные специалисты bet365 khabib объяснят, как получить доступ к сайту и войти на ресурс в случае блокировки.

Максимальный бонус равен евро. На русском языке платформа не доступна, что ставит в затруднительное положение большинство игроков из РФ. Платформа доступна на 18 языках, поддерживает 25 разновидностей валют.

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Хотя портал не прошел оптимизацию под русского пользователя, никаких проблем при работе с ним из России не возникнет. Прокси включен всегда — это жестко и работает. Также схожие бонусы в конторе имеются на баскетбол, хоккей, регби и другие виды спорта. Популярность ресурса растет в геометрической прогрессии. Вывод денежных средств Снятие денег со счета букмекерской конторы Бет требует прохождения предварительного процесса по верификации вашей личности..

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  1. Very untrustworthy office all the fraudsters first all right then begins to deceive me personally now they were cheating and throwing money.

  2. I selected 7 horses on my Mobile account with bet365 the odds were ridiculous at 200,000/1 so I took a punt at it and put a £1 on the First 4 horses came in I was buzzing and when I looked at my return at the bottom the Odds changed to £12,000 ??? so The next horse on my picks came in 3rd place and then I looked back at the odds at the bottom of the betslip it magically Shot back up to 200,000 to 1

  3. Same thing with me they closed my account after winning 10000 dollars.they like customers who loose money.if you win big they will close ur account telling that management review. Bet 365 is big scam.dont open ur account in bet365

  4. There all con merchants in bookmaking they hate it when they lose a bunch of cunts fuckers wankers cheats

  5. They also use hackere now. This is time for a call for some kidnapper…

  6. I am using since 3 years bet 365 ….I dont have any problems many times I won money and I did withdraw money..I think bet 365 is the best online side..

    1. hello raj.. please guide me with bet365.i am confused. do they really block our account if i win big. cricket world cup is starting am i am planning big but after reading all this i am afarid. please guide me

  7. They voided a team off of an 14 fold accumulator I had which cost me an extra £1050. They take the piss!

  8. I am using since 3 years bet 365 ….I dont have any problems many times I won money and I did withdraw money..I think bet 365 is the best online side.. loop

    1. i need bet365 account skrill verified accounts need also to find account from uk swiden itely spain germany 100 accounts needed its a paid task i will pay 1000$ for it whatsapp number +923319309726

    2. You probably lost 320 times and won 20 times, of course they like you


  10. Dont use Bet365. I used them just to stream live football, they took my $20 then closed my account as I wasnt betting only watching or trying to watch live football from the UK.

  11. I won and withdraw $189119.15 from bet365 in 3 days . My initial deposit was $450 and it went down to 180 and sent all the way up to this much . After few days I got a call from gilbartar ask me about my job and told me to send the pay stub , I said I need 2 weeks , I called them and said its all ready and I emailed to customer services, the agent over the phone said management closed ur account permanently , i ask them the reason they said its a management decision .. bet365 wont allow you to win too much , try pinnacle sports , John Scott is the CEO of bet365 he is a satanic cult , try pinnacle sports

  12. I am a little bit afraid to open account with any casinos So I am trying to be sure if it is safe really .

  13. Im not surprised its a private organisation they can do what the fuck they want unfortunately…

  14. if you gambler go to casino dont trust online games .I played bed365 it looks for me they are big scamer ripped off people

    1. But I always play SportPesa and I win lot of money they dont do it something stupid to their customer

  15. Yesterday I won with them just £120. Still to much for them… so today they  send me text that odds were wrong (at 1.33) and gave me back just my stake. I will complain but dont expect anything. Pure scum

  16. This shit is so fucked up. I placed my bet on tennis game and it was against Madison Keys and Qiang Wang. Keys took over the first set and after keys was 2 games up in 2nd set all the market of the game suspended until Wang won second set and won 1-4 in the third set and after that the market is back on and I get 17$ cash out of 500$. I called the customer service if they could help me out. Unfortunately I couldn’t cash out my bet for 30 minutes even if the game was on. I’m so pissed off. They were trying tell me market suspends time to time. Well in my case it was suspended for 30 minutes neither I could cash out nor I could place any other bets. F..king hell

  17. I placed 10 bets, winning 600 pounds and losing 250 quid, hardly the stuff of high rolling gamblers, yet Bet365 restricted me to pennies after that. Bet365 love to give it all this come and ave a go if youre ard enuff stuff, with Ray Winstone, but they will very quickly shut you down if you win tiny amounts. If you have an account with them, you must be doing something wrong as Bet365 only welcome losers.

    1. is there any limit on the amount of withdrawal . i hear that when client want to cash the winning the amount of which should be over 500 rmb is it true thanks i wonder if they apply cashing policy in globe cuz i am in china and i plan to start my gambling adventure on bet 3,65

    2. John Harts same here i call them bet $3.65 limited my bets after I turned 200 in to 9k…absolute joke of an organisation

    3. Yep I just lost 1200$ and thats like all of my savings on poker and blackjack. These things are rigged and if you dont believe me answer this:
      Why do you think they need an offshore company to host online gambling e.g Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Panama??

  18. Let me tell you a little secret — if you are a winning punter you will be cut off from placing bets. Bookmakers will restrict your betting so you can only bet a few dollars (10-15 USD) max! You also do not have the chance to win over a certain amount per week. When they can they will use their terms and conditions to cut you off from winnings etc. Like if you open your account when you are 17 and 3 years later you win big… oops you were a minor so we will cut you off. These are sometimes legal ways of cutting you off from your winnings.

    1. @Vik Rana sometimes its pure luck, sometimes it is a very smart punter who instead of working as a bookie beats them @ their own game. Not that easy to be one of those guys though and the game is skewed in favor of the bookies in the long run with the rules they have — limiting or excluding players such as those.

  19. Go with Stan James. Place 40 £1 bets on Saturday football of odds of 3-1 & up & you will profit every week. I’ve done this for 18 years. Previously with William hill

  20. bet 3 dollars and sixty five cents as i like to call them…limited my betting after i deposited 200 dollars and built it up to 9k after a few weeks….i shut my account they can suck my balksack

  21. Wankers fuck em all bookies are thieves preying on the weak like a vulture

  22. I never played this casino and never will. Even by the website you can see that this is bullsh1t casino. And why they not closed?

  23. time to close this, it have been long ago proven the man was cheating

    please people get over it , the man was lying.

    !!! I am not deffending Bet365 though

    1. The racing authority dismissed the charge against the punter. Bet365 didnt even have any information about the race being compromised when they refused to pay out.

    2. thanks for the update,  my first reaction after watching this vid was the same as most who left a comment,   that they shafted him!,   but after reading that news article its pretty clear that it was the other way around,    theres a lesson for all of us here..  make sure you hear both sides of the story before acting as an Inet judge 😉

  24. The minute your up $1000 AU they cut you down to $3 $6 maximum accepted bet…. scum bags… happy if you loose $10000000 not cut you down or help you slow down…  but dont ever win with bet365..

    1. @anthony white
      After three days they gave me the sack, Like you they will only let me bet shirt buttons.

  25. guys I have never opened with any casino on lines any account. Do you think all of the are the same? is it really trust worthy to play with them on line?

  26. Bet365 are a joke, after 6 weeks and winning a net profit of $3,500 yes thats all I was placed on the restrictive bets, which means when I bet I can only win $4 yes $4 on any one bet, off course pointless after that

  27. bet365 limited me after tacking 5000 euro from them with flat stakes , welcome to bet 3.65 !!!

    1. Ditto 6 grand up after a week and they limited my account too….withdrew my balance and never again….

  28. What the fuck, I win bets but it says I lost even tho when I checked the result on google and it shows that the teams I picked have won

  29. what wankers a wins a win pay up that would just so piss me of stay away they are a big scam ive closed my account pay his money he won just wankers they are just losers cant pay out on bets won they should be closed down asap

  30. Bet365 is totally alright. I have withdrawed thousands of dollars without a problem?

    1. Olivere118 can we partner as I am from a country where bet365 is illegal

    2. nah i dont see a problem with them. I have been using them for now for over 2 months and have made a total 3,000 profit. never have i been rejected to bet nor have i been restrcited to only like a few dollar bets. Won of the easiest betting agencys i have found tbh

  31. Guys I just got this message this morning say I had won 6,500,000 by this company thing is it real?

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  34. I know how you feel they voided me 22000 last week only payed me 4700 which im over the moon about but still cunts lol

  35. Hi everybody, today I have problem with Bet365, most off my betting is on basketball, and I think I know most off the rules,  Spain ACB round 10 game between Unicaja — Barcelona, before start 4th period Unicaja was in front 58 — 55, I done bet Barcelona to win 4th period two way, 4th period finish with score 20 — 23 to Barcelona, and game went to overtime, can someone explain me its my bet won or lost, many thanks.

  36. Ive always used them and theyve never caused me any sort of issue, tbh mate if youre uploading thousands to a website you have serious gambling problems

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  38. fukin hell wat crooks smh take em to court mate u will get double or treble

  39. PLEASE DONT GO TO bet365 !This is biggest asshole Club in the WORLD !


    1. bbbwork0 I dont bet with 365 or online o go into local bookies but is all the hassle just with online users

  41. Dirty bastards im from England have been with bet365 for 10 years Today i will close my account and join

  42. Dont open account with bet365 cos u wont be able to cancel u account with them

    1. @jonivaio Think he means you cant delete all your personal data, So basically they have all your data somewhere! Which is never really nice to have, If you do open an account and win youll be limited so fast its unbelievable that any government hasnt shut them down due to some sort of fair trade policy… Ill be honest its actually got me wanting to legally rob from people

    2. What do you mean? Why would I need to cancel my account; Ill just leave it be, no? Im genuinely interested, because Im yet to open an account with bet365. It has nice interface and live streams.

      Please do elaborate, fa eli.

  43. My bet 365 account been fully restricted since I had a big win. Betfair has outstanding customer service use them.

  44. Pretty simple. fuck online betting. go to your local casino/pub and place your bets. Bet/withdrawal any $ you want without the BS

  45. Well Ive had trouble with bet 365 thats why Im on here and thats fact . Just because you havent doesnt mean fuck all

  46. hello every one. I am pranto kumar mondal from bd.I sell bet365 and skrill/NETELLER account any currency. any one need knocked me. thanks. safe account

  47. I literally just won over 20k and they wired it to me in 3 days. Ive won 11k before, 9k a couple times, 2-3k multiple times and Ive never had any issues with getting my winnings so this is weird to see.

    1. THE Northern Territory Racing Commission called into question the integrity of an Ipswich greyhound race when admonishing punter Steve Brunker this week.

      Brunker won $68,000 with corporate bookmaker Bet365 on an Ipswich greyhound First 4 last July after outlaying $4992 on 624 combinations that left out the two favourites in the race.

      When Bet365 investigated the bet further and instead offer a $25,000 settlement, Brunker took his case to the media and the NTRC.

      Those actions backfired, with the NTRC ruling him to be devious, extremely unreliable, insincere, careless, fake, and prone to fabricate.

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  48. Welcome to British bookmaking. The most corrupt in the world. Try living here and getting a bet on with our bookies. No countrys government should EVER allow a licence for a British bookie to operate there.
    BTW: Bet 365 are nowhere NEAR being the worst! So imagine the rest!

  49. what is the excuse they give to that winner .why they refuse to pay him ? i am not englisb speaker

  50. Wow and there supposed to be the biggest site in the world ?? Im closing my account now

  51. [ian holden] ses my accounts closed wth?
    [Samantha H] Hello, welcome to Betfred/Totesport online Live Support. My name is Samantha H.

    In order to assist you quicker, please can you confirm the following details: Username, Full name, Postcode, Date of birth and the answer to your security question?

    [Samantha H] So you said in the other chat window.
    [ian holden]
    [ian holden]
    [Samantha H] Sorry your account has been closed by our compliance team and we do not wish to offer you an account with Betfred.
    [ian holden] I came here placed one bet and won and now you close my account whats going on? and have you paid out my winnings?
    [ian holden] please explain?
    [ian holden] I go to betfred bookmakers
    [ian holden] why would you not want my online business ?
    [Samantha H] Your winnings have been sent back to you.
    [ian holden] Im a customer of betfreds in real life why would you close my new online account?
    [Samantha H] Sorry i am not at liberty to discuss that further. We have the right to close and decline accounts.
    [ian holden] no this isnt on this needs explaining
    [ian holden] Im a customer of betfreds anyway
    [Samantha H] I have explained it, our compliance team have shut the account and we do not wish to offer you an account, that is all i have to explain sorry.
    [ian holden] whats the compliance team?
    [Samantha H] They ensure that we trade within the government guidelines for responsible gambling and ensure we meet all rules and regulations set my other governing bodies.
    [ian holden] so I stake 330 pounds to win a crappy 120 pounds profit and you people ban me?
    [Samantha H] Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    [ian holden] smile to everyone on youtube
    [Samantha H] Sorry what do you mean?
    [ian holden] wich part smile or youtube?
    [Samantha H] Ian do you have as sensible question for me, if not i am going to close the chat.
    [ian holden] yes just one
    [ian holden] can you touch your toes?
    [Samantha H] I fail to see how that is relevant to your account nor any of your business.
    [Samantha H] Have a nice morning Ian.
    [ian holden] u2
    [Samantha H] Thank you for contacting Betfred. If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Customer Service team are available on a 24/7 basis via email, telephone and our Live Chat facility.
    The operator has ended the chat.
    Thanks for contacting Betfred Live Help

  52. Evil, Dirty two face BASTARDS , well there,s the prove bet 365 , should never take another £ from anyone . Thats once in a bloody life time win , everyone would be over the moon to see there accumulater come in , SO QUICK TO TAKE ! TAKE ! TAKE FUCKEN HIDE when its time PAY MMMMMMMMM PIG!S . Poor man I hope you win your case sir , God know theres the prove . YOUR GET YOUR MONEY MATE ! And some ………. BET365 COMPINSATION FUCKEN pay up.

  53. Why don’t you all save some time”” and flush your money straight down the toilet,! ?

  54. hello anybody has opened acc with bet 365 and dont want to us it any more?? I will buy that acc from you.. thx

  55. Bet365 is the best bookie ever !
    When Im betting online bet365 only !
    Checkout my Channel for good tips WITHOUT Premium or ViP groups or what ever ! 😉 checkout & win

  56. It seems to be a common practice for those online bookies to limit peoples accounts if they start winning 4 figures on regular basis which is absolutely unfair. As a bookmaker you need to take risks just like every punter does, where it seems that the punters are pretty much taking all the risk here and unless your losing more than winning OR winning tiny amounts like 200-300 buck then your NOT welcome any more. Not only does the house have advantage on every single bet be it sports,roulette,slots etc but they try to maximise their safety and giving people the sack if their not profiting from them. Online bookmaking might be the biggest scam indeed… It seems no authorities care to enforce the rules and the booking mafia is robbing people blind. How is it fair for that man to bet almost 5k of his money and take a tremendous risk as bet365 would take the money the second he loses but he once he gets lucky and they have to pay big they have a few tricks under their sleeve to NOT make that happen, thats a ONE WAY RISK RIGHT THERE.

    1. I always get 500$ to 1000$ while my stake is 5$ to 10$ Im not looking to win 1000000$ coz now one cant agree that

    2. Well if you say so it could be then legal for bookie to limit people and fine by me since i am not the type of gambler who would play big. For me its cool jsut fun to bet $20-$50 and hope to win a few hundred so i dont really worry about winning too much 😀 😀

    3. +Georgi Bratoev i 100% agree that 365 should have paid the man out and they are a disgrace for not doing so. a bet is a contract that must be honoured.

      but bookies do hold the rights to stop servicing a punter in future. Like i said, if they are losing too much to one individual they will pull the plug as it does not make business sense.

    4. As far as i remember i have never read in bookmakers TOS to say anywhere that they can disagree to take your bets if you have been winning too much. Also gambling is all in the favour of the house so they dont really need to put their hard dicks up peoples asses who win a bit more than the average Joe who losses his whole paycheck in a day. This man took the risk and the bookie decided to fuck around and NOT pay his winning.. I have also never read in any TOS that if you win a BIG amount they can decide to pay your or not. This is SCAM and you cannot justify their action, especially when they go back to him to offer a part of his geniune winnings to shut up about the incident…
      I completely agree they are a business whos aim is to make money and NOT give money away to everyone but gambling is a risky,risky business and its not fair for the punter to take all the risk and the bookmakers to use their money and power to avoid risk. You lost big cash to a punter, you gotta pay it to them just the way you going to take his $5k if he losses.

    5. betting companies are a business. if you lose money to them you can stop gambling with them. if youre winning too much off them they can stop gambling with you. Simples. no harm in them banning you. theyre there to make money, like every other business

  57. Every positive comment on here backing bet365 are either paid assholes, lying cunts or losers who have barely won shit. Anyone that wins big at all gets fuct over. The poor bastard in this vid should burn down their headquarters, after they rebuild, burn it again!

  58. All bookies are bastards when you win 100,000 plus they try and find loads of ways of getting out of paying out but they would happily get 100,000 if you lost

  59. Ive never had a problem with BET365 theyve always paid me.Most of you tools are full of sh!t by the sounds of it.

  60. Soon that bitch from Bet365 and his Lordship or Ladyship of the Queens Bench will be on first name terms…

  61. I won few times small amounts, they paid me out normally. but I guess that if you win a huge jackpot they wont pay

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  63. bet 365 pay the bet he made the bet and won im closing my account now no point playing bet 365 only a matter of time tell i win big and the same happen to me buy bet 365 you thieves if this was me i would be so fucked off they are thugs

  64. They can even hacked your computer and influence your bets. My friend placed a bet for 2200 and for some reason when the bet was loosing. the stake changes to 22000. He contacted them and they told him they will get back to him. they emailed him the next day , and told him he has lost the bet. and they are willing to give him $200 in play for his mistake . Thats a crime. they stole $20000 from him.

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  65. Its as simple as this…if you place a bet with a betting company, ANY betting company for ANY sport or ANY reason…and that betting company takes and accepts that stake that you place with your own money, and you then win that bet, they are legally obligated to pay you the winnings. If there was a problem with your bet, money, stake, person, details etc etc etc, it is their responsibility AHEAD of the bet, to flag that up and stop you from betting with them. If a bookie EVER refuses to pay out winnings that you have clearly won, dont ever take no for an answer and take them to Court if necessary. This isnt uncommon at all.

  66. Do NOT bet any games not nba, mlb, nhl etc not playing during normal hours. There are so many shady results occurring daily. This video does not surprise me one bit and documented ghosting games and bets being taken. Google it! Very scary

  67. They dont pay out when you win, hold your funds for hours but instantly settle if its a loss.

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