Randy and Deria – David and Mommy – Roleplay Kinky Mum FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

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Coming home late at night – getting changed to a prattling night gown Then some time after your asleep – your son David, hops into bed to cuddle you while asleep And start to make love to you while asleep – ie spoon with you and place his penis in you. After a bit while you dream good feelings but then awake.

Ps love missionary- I can get enough of you, your eyes, neck ear. Etc

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Virtual Family sex – Princess Ellie Idol – Horny Perfume For Sister FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

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I’m your sister and it’s your birthday. You’ve come to my room to receive a birthday gift. I am about to play it on my laptop when I notice my porn movies have been played. You’ve been snooping and downloading my naughty clips!!!

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Mommy/Son Virtual Porn – Natalie Wonder – Fucking Mommy On The Floor Quickie lll HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 2/25/18 10:34pm

I love passionately kissing you like this baby. I’ve been fantasizing about you being on top of me this whole week. Mommy’s been so horny for your cock. Listen, I think daddy’s on his way home from work. You don’t mind having a quickie with mommy, right? Mommy needs a nice quick hard fuck on the floor every now and then. We’re really going to make these wooden floors creak! Mmmm I feel your hard dick up against my pussy already. You’re such an eager boy to fuck your mommy. Good boy…now stick it in…stick it inside me…fuck mommy real hard. You’re the only one who gives it to me so good. I’m always thinking about it. Stick your dick in me. Ohhhhh baby…yessss more…harder. Mmmmm now slow down. Give it to me nice and slow. Now fuck me hard again. Mmmmm take your cock out and rub my plump, horny clit with your cock. Mommy’s going to cum all over you. Now finish fucking me and drain your hot load inside me…I wish we could stay like this forever…

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Mother Son Virtual Sex – Natalie Wonder – Share The Gift Of Your Cock WIth Mommy For Mothers Day SD mp4

Mommy always taught you to share. Especially with those who are less fortunate or going through some tough times. You are very blessed to have such a special body part.. And mommy is extremely lucky to have a wonderful son who has this very special body part. Although right now mommy is the less fortunate one. Your father left us, I’m single & I am always so horny. That’s why you need to share yourself with mommy. Share that gift you have been given, with me & my warm pussy.

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Virtual Sex Pov Riding Natalie Wonder Clips – A Mothers Sudden Uncontrollable Urge SD mp4

Mom is in a very special mood today. She went to the doctor yesterday & got a medication for her mood. Today she feels like she can do anything! As she walks into the living room mom sees her son laying on the couch, relaxing underneath a cozy blanket. Her son looks especially good today. Mom keeps getting strange, warm waves throughout her body. It must be the new medication. Wow, she didn’t think it would have such a great effect. Little does mom know the medicine is just beginning to kick in.

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Mother Son POV Virtual Sex Natalie Wonder – A Mothers Forceful Entry SD mp4

Added: 6/23/15 1:03am

Mom hasn’t slept at all. The sun is up & it’s early morning. She has a long day ahead & NEEDS to get some shut eye. Her pulse is fast & feels anxious. She knows just the perfect, satisfying thing that would make this feeling go away. But it’s so wrong. Using all those strange men for sex was wrong. But it was the only way she knew how to cope from the divorce. Meeting all those men almost every night & having sex with them was her escape. As good as it made her feel she knew it was risky. Luckily she sought help from a therapist & now she hasn’t had sex for almost a month. But tonight, her hormones are really raging. Mom needs to satisfy this craving. A craving for cock. Her son is still asleep in his bedroom. She needs it, bad. It will calm her anxiety & she will finally get some sleep. Mom is desperate. Her son will have to understand it’s for a good cause. Good sons help their moms all the time. This is no different. Mommy is in need of her boy’s cock right now. It’s the only logical thing. She doesn’t want to relapse on having sex with strangers again. Her son will understand. He better, because mommy’s craving cock & she will ABSOLUTELY NOT take no for an answer.

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There Is No Bond Like Mother and Son’s – Virtual Family Kissing SD mp4 2018

Added: 8/11/18 6:05am

You’ve got to tell me. What in the world has gotten into, and why are you suddenly acting out at school when you used to be such a good boy? Now, you’re going to make me really worry and think the most horrible things if you don’t tell me right now. You know, I could lose my job at the school if my own keeps getting into trouble and being sent to the principal’s office. He’s my boss! Now, if you don’t tell me right… what??! That can’t be. You’re actually… jealous!… of the boys in my own class? My own students?? Honey… they’re just my students! YOU are my one and only darling boy. YOU are my special one, the love of my life, and … it hurts me that you don’t know that. I want you to believe me when I say it. I want you to know how much you mean to me…

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Son Come to Momma – Virtual Family Porn Video SD mp4

Honey… I’m sure your date didn’t reject you because of… because of… because you have a cock that’s TOO BIG. That just can’t be. Just not possible. Why don’t you show it to your mother, and we’ll put all this silliness to rest. Just… pull… it… out… and… Oh, OH OHHHHHHH! That just… that’s… you’re… Wait… I can’t breathe… I feel so hot… I feel faint… I… HAVE TO HAVE YOUR COCK!

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Virtual Family Porn Natalie Wonder – Kissing and Sex For The First Time With Your Loving Mommy SD mp4

Mom & son are both sitting on the couch. Mom looks over to see her son texting something to his friend. Oh my gosh, she can’t believe what she just saw. But then again, her boys getting older now. Of course they talk about this stuff. She needs to confront him though, right now. Sweetie, mommy didn’t mean to snoop but I couldn’t help to notice the text message you just sent your friend. About ‘not losing your virginity yet’. Let me guess, since you & your friends are almost graduating, you made some sort of pact like they do in the movies about losing your virginity before you all graduate. Am I right? Tell your mother the truth, it’s okay I won’t be upset. These things are normal for growing boys of your age. Yes. So it’s true. And all your friends lost their virginity except you? Aw, honey. I should be more upset with you but I actually do understand. I can relate. I was the same way with my friends at your age. I couldn’t wait to have sex. But that’s another story for another day. Have you ever even kissed someone sweetie? No?! Oh wow. Sweetie, I want you to get the experience of feeling another woman’s mouth on yours. Kiss me. Yes, I’m serious. Mommy wants to show you what it’s like. Don’t be shy, it’s okay. I know you’ll be a great kisser honey. Mommy’s confident that you would be great at ANYTHING you do. Even at being a great lover. I want you to fuck me. Fuck mommy. Bring your yearning cock home to mommy’s warm, wet pussy. You’ll love the feeling of being inside me, I promise. Don’t worry, mommy will talk you through it all.

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Diane Andrews Fetish Queen – Mommy’s Tipsy Again FullHD mp4 [1080p/2016]

This was a custom order – name used a couple times. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

“I am interested in a POV video with you as my mother and I come over for a visit and you’re a little tipsy from too much wine and you decide to seduce me into the bedroom. I’ve loved watching all your mother-son fantasy video so any other suggestions you might have would be more than welcome :).”

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