Conor mcgregor vs khabib data

Хабиб Нурмагомедов и Конор Макгрегор — дата и время боя. За кого болеть? | новости

Вторая встреча Конора Макгрегора и Хабиба Нурмагомедова — будет ли матч-реванш, дата боя Будет ли матч-реванш Хабиба Нурмагомедова и Конора Макгрегора: Сразу после поражения от россиянина Хабиба Нурмагомедова, которое Конор Макгрегор потерпел 7 октября года на Ти-мобайл Арене в рамках турнира UFCирландский боец заявил что хочет провести матч-реванш.

В то время как сам Макгрегор страстно желает повторной встречи с Нурмагомедовым, российский боец сдержан в высказываниях. Это и понятно. Во-первых, Хабиб уже одержал убедительную победу над ирландцем, применив удушающий приём в четвертом раунде, и сомнений в своем превосходстве над соперником не имеет.

Ирландец Конор Макгрегор и дагестанец Хабиб Нурмагомедов сойдутся в поединке. Но когда? Точные дата и время боя Хабиб — Конор по московскому времени — 7 октября, около утра. Но проснуться стоит немного раньше, потому что поединки основного карда стартуют в А бой Нурмагомедов — Макгрегор, конечно же, будет последним.  Так и произошло, в начале августа была объявлена дата: 6 октября. То есть 7, если считать по московскому времени. Весь мир затаил дыхание и стал ждать, когда Конор Макгрегор встретиться с Хабибом Нурмагомедовым. Битва взглядов: Хабиб Нурмагомедов против Конора МакгрегораФото: REUTERS. Фильмы, документальные, спортивные. Запись боя Хабиба и Конора Макгрегора Чем закончился Бой Хабиба Нурмагомедова и Конора Макгрегора 7 октября Хабиб Нурмагомедов не получил чемпионский пояс после победы в поединке за титул чемпиона Абсолютного бойцовского чемпионата (UFC) в лёгком весе на турнире в американском Лас-Вегасе. Макгрегор не ответил за слова, получил по морде и навсегда закрепился в истории рефлекторным, но от этого не менее жалким побегом после нокдауна. Конора не просто избили – его наказали. Фраза «Это всего лишь бизнес» (ее Мак бросил Хабибу между раундами) перекрыла все выступления ирландца на пресс-ивентах. Более того, в третьем раунде, который Нурмагомедов благородно отработал в стойке, Макгрегор даже не приблизился к лаки-панчу. Вместо этого он истратил силы и вскоре прозевал спину. Захват, хруст челюсти, метроном по предплечью Хабиба – абсолютно все сложилось так, как планировали дагестанец и.

Во-вторых, остался осадок от примененных санкций — девятимесячной дисквалификации и задержки в выплате гонорара.

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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂 and after this conor fucked in octagon.. shame on youuuuuuuuu bastard conor.. khabib is a real fighter and now you realise

  2. Khabib refused your 🥃 why you dont punched him? You punched the old man because he refused your drink? I’m your fan mcgregor but now your just a trash for me

    Big hate from 🇵🇭 FUCK U

  3. Khabib embodies the humble king of all things fighting . A true role model

  4. Overall Conor is a legendary fighter who paved away for fighters like khabib but congrats to khabib

  5. The bus think is I might say orchestrated to create some fear in Kabib as they know the talk wouldn´t do fuck all like others. They know he is solid and he proved it, natural solid with no bling bling and lost self-confidence talk motivation. The only fear that these kinds of people might get to is like (talking about myself) losing control the education to not let the beast free in the wrong time.
    No diminishing of nobody here though.

  6. I like khabib I’m from Boston and of course we love Conor but khabib is a savage

  7. Can you believe when Joey said that Conor should fight kalabib Brenda Schwab said conor vs khabib would not be a money fight, u know literally the biggest UFC event till today, man Im even ashamed that I use to listen to him.. lol

  8. 00:30 khabib needed to google translate loyalty though.

    smart arse midget.

  9. I swear only khabib n Manny can do it….thumbs up for them for being a real man.

  10. “I am gonna teach him in the cage”
    when khabib was kicking his ass he said
    “ lets talk now huh?”

  11. 2:28 — you would think he’s talking in the 3rd person 🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. The last seconds of this video should have ended with Conor tapping out to Khabib 😂🤣!!

  13. Mcgregor mad at Khabib for not wanting to take his whiskey, said he was a dead man. Fast forward up to date & Mcgregor punches a man for not taking a cup of his whiskey. Come on Conor.

  14. McClown tried all he could to get into Gentleman Kabhibs mind but he just couldnt so then he tried to get arrested and put himself on jail or something to avoid the fight at all cost but unfortunately he got a lot of money and of cour$e his papa Dana and all money sharks around wouldnt by any means allowed that the fight wont happen… what a pity for Connor Arrogant Wannabe Ganster McClown 🤔

  15. Give him little bit master class
    Hahaha DUN KNOW MY G. Gave not just mcregor but his full mcregor team a master class lol

  16. He is fucking mental case Macgragor and he got no balls to fight wiv khabib

  17. Conor is that PUSSY loser bully who hid behind security guard lol and, especially the camera. Without none of them, he would run to hid on the nearby all he could find just like a RAT, an IRISH RATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  18. Conor of 2016 would have beat kabib cause that was when Conor mcgregor was mystic Mac and the best

    1. Ollie Roberts highly doubt it. Not much u can do when Khabib gets on top and starts mauling. It’s like Pac and Mayweather in boxing Mayweather will always win just like Khabib with Conor.

  19. Hopefully khabib doesnt sacrifice his good nature to fake wrestling show that mma is becoming

  20. Hope you guys like my videos, I’m just a huge fan like you guys who likes to share his enthusiasm for the sport. Just made a new Youtube channel were I will remake some old videos and off course post new videos in the future. Check it out!

    1. Now if Connor comes in Moscow , make him death and attack where ever see ,for broke bus

    2. @Buil Dinit What in the hell are you on about he has a baby. Pretty sure you think am McGregor fan well if you do your wrong am a Khabib fan 🦅

  21. Khabib said more in silence in that press conference. I remember after seeing this, I knew Khabib was going to smash him.

  22. Khabib: Of Course changing his face i can change his mind too 😂
    And he did 😂😂


  24. Chanobyl dude hope you stay in business till you get your face smashed in ill look forward to that day fucking cunt Way to fight!!

  25. Stay humble and never underestimate anyone and talk so much shit being so sure that youre just going to easily kick everyones ass… because then when you dont, its even more embarrassing 😂

  26. Conor “I need to see activity I need to see consistency.” Now that khabib has the belt keep that same energy and wait your ass on the sideline and fight somebody else before you come off fighting an old dude in a pub with all your legal trouble, and just hop back in the mix requesting fights with the greats. 🤙🏽

  27. Khabib was so calm it that seat. Ang become monster in octagon 😎

    Congrats from philippines 🇵🇭

  28. 7:58 maybe dc doesnt matter. Dc stands in the background and smiles. khabib and him are hilarious.😄

  29. Love love love what ur doing it helps the fighters and the sport great job

  30. Respekt for Khabib the best fighter ever ….🙏✌️🇦🇱🇽🇰☝️

  31. Well fuck that bitch called Conor and that mothafucka Dana fuckin white , this is number one bullshit ,,,,

    Khabib is the man bitches 🖕🏽🖕🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    1. Adnan ad sobbing and whining like a baby everynight ever since his defeat.

  32. We know Dana White’s face turns red as a MFer when he is lying. He doesn’t care that Connor makes him look like a fool because after all of McTapper’s antics Dana takes 50k from him while taking 500k from Khabib. Hey Dana we want to see Tony Ferguson fight, quit trying to hide the best fighter from us. Dana “The Cringe” White we don’t care who you make the most money off of you Greedy Snake.

  33. Why the fuck did he lose to this fucking little rat face cheating Muslim

  34. So happy Conor got his head smashed in by Khabib and after the match too lol that pos deserved every bit of that asswhoopin

  35. 8:01 LMFAOOO little bit teach and erm not only smash, like change his face, of course with face, i canchange his mind to. HAHAHAHAHAH IM CRYING

  36. This Conor exactly look like one of my friends i know back in the highschool camp lmao So fucking funny and straightforward ahahaha

    1. @khadim hussain if you think this is scripted then you are honestly a dumbass

  37. Hes supposed to fight that fucking KHALABIB, end of story. No more fucking around, NO MORE FUCKING AROUND!
    — Joey Diaz

  38. All this big talk and giving it the large and what happens he gets smashed big time and made humble!! This is what you call propa SHAME!!!! Connor mctapper shame on you for punching an old man!!!!

  39. Chiken conor,you are coward.And coward should lose all the time..khabib gonna smash you again..chicken conor😂

  40. His own people that hes turned his back on, they want to see him gone too. oh the irony of that statement

  41. if connor was fighting Habib in Russia , his crew and him never would came back alive.

  42. McGregor was an embarrassment at that press conference — Khabib was class.

  43. Conor is a little shit. You know that Khabibs dad would absolutely kick the shit out of Conor, all talk on whisky and cocaine. He got smashed by Khabib, the true professional

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