Conor mcgregor vs khabib free

хабиб нурмагомедов vs Конор Макгрегор

Зрители разделились на два лагеря, одни болели за непобежденного орла, другие за эпатажного ирландца. Интрига к бою нарастала еще с года, когда в одном из коридоров турнира UFC встретились Хабиб нурмагомедов и Конор Макгрегор.

С тех пор спортсмены говорили друг о друге через социальные сети, но пересеклись только. Хабиб в статусе чемпиона защищает пояс от претендента — бывшего чемпиона UFC в двух весовых категориях — Конора Макгрегора. С первых минут поединка доминирование Хабиба было явным, Конор столкнулся с тем, что до сих пор не видел — мощь, талант, агрессия и техника в чистом виде. После доминирующего первого раунда, во втором, Хабиб правым оверхендом отправил ирландца присесть на канвас.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs Конор Макгрегор Полный бой смотреть онлайн онлайн в хорошем качестве HD

Еще никто не отправлял Макгрегора на настил в нокдаун, и как иронично — это произошло от спортсмена, которого он называл медленным, предсказуемым и корявым. Судьба-злодейка, и после этого удара Конор был совсем не.

Все его атаки захлебывались после контратак Хабиба. Словно неистовый зверь, Хабиб пережал челюсть Конора с позиции удушения сзади, прижав к клетке и завершив свое.

В итоге, в четвертом раунде, как и было обещано Хабибом, он заставил его постучать. Орел подтвердил свой статус непобежденного и неоспоримого чемпиона, проведя успешную защиту титула..

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  1. khabib can catch him at first round, and make him give up like a baby,
    But khabib dont do that because he want make more and more bad

  2. Your YouTube is full of shit…. Some other title some other video…. If its on Khabib vs mc drunk ass racist Gregor than it should be on that only

  3. Конор кто тебя учил вкладываться в удары?? Вышел против Хабиба и каждый удар должен быть смертельным….

  4. Didn’t want to show Connor getting Smeshed. Dana must have hand a hand in editing this.

  5. Тони Петис топ бой !!!!!!! Петису надо донором крови быть ))))))

  6. Conor bitch ass conor bitch ass. Khabib defeat conor asshole and anyone who try to mess with khabib bitches

  7. Before the match (play station) UFC3 Notorious Edition

    After the match (play station) UFC3 Tap Tap Edition

  8. Pettis vs Tony was like 2pro gamers at a fight game final… shit was crazy

  9. I could watch Michelle Waterson in slo mo all day for the rest of my life.

  10. I 😆 loled so hard when Pettis hammer fisted Ferguson as he was rolling away. Do a barrel roll!!!! Nope! WhackaMole!!!

    1. @datnobodyking13 no it is negative. Conor swallows and you go “wow he’s nervous” it doesn’t make sense. Him swallowing didn’t show anything. “Barely breathing” lol so with this fight you apparently noticed Conor breathing less? See what I mean? Anything he does someone will have a problem with it

    2. ​@Top Banana How is that negative, with all these tiny 145 guys, hes all loose and confident doing bring it on gestures, but with khabib, his whole body tenses up, stands up straight, chest out, barely breathing, cant look him in the eye and his mouth is dry lol. Its not negative its an observation. He was much different when he was across 145ers. What changed?

    3. @datnobodyking13 you didn’t. Conor could blink and you would have something negative to say

    4. @datnobodyking13 lol conor cannot even swallow without salty haters saying something negative

    1. @MadRu551an R ye but like I said before they don’t show the finish. If you look at the previous fights in this video they never show the finish

  11. Khabib fans looking for connor McGregor hatred lol
    Khabib is the best…

  12. Connor lost cause no one wanted to fight him for a longtime, so he wasnt fight minded, Russia was fight after fight. Lets see if someone will do the same dumb idea as Russia not bad tactic.

  13. This was the first of Conors fights where he walked out with fear and doubt in his eyes, I actually think he did incredibly well to hang in there for 4 rounds.

  14. Damn the khabib fight was crazy. He totally ragdolled him throughout most of r2 to r4 but gota give it to Conor, the guy took a clean overhand and never went down completely and recovered right after. Jeez these guys are freaks.

  15. Say what you want but Connor retired a long time ago now hes just fighting to make others popular and they are paying for it khabib can drop the humble act we all know that everything is a business and everyone is doing it for money Conor back then was different thats why he became a legend but money changed him ..

  16. Conor vs khabib is totally a mismatch 😆how in the world 🐔can beat 🐻

  17. McGregor is an elite fighter. He reached his level through skill, talent and charisma.

    But his ego grew too large, too quickly. He no longer has an edge over mentally stronger fighters like Khabib. Khabib is a killer though, the guys literally a warrior type from the middle ages.

  18. I was surprised
    K-illah Gorillah-Man let go at the Choke of The Mick-Mouth…lol

    1. Even his own dad Dana said hes too small for 170. His own dad just called him a pussy unintentionally

    2. @jordans123ful so your saying diaz isn’t taller than mcgregor by a lot? Get some eyes kid

  19. tony ferguson is easily the best fighter in the ufc for these… pettis is there too.

  20. Khabib smashed fuk outa this bullshiting prick 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  21. What amazes me is that it seems that the few punches Conor has landed didnt have any significant power behind them it looks like they just bounce off of khabibs head. I saw the same thing when Conor fought Floyd, but I thought he just wasnt used to punch like boxers or wasnt used to punch in boxing gloves. But I see the same here.

  22. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  23. Came here after Conor punched an innocent elderly…..

    Now I’m one with 👵🏿

  24. That pathetic drunk Irish scumbag rats had his lesson a public shame for life time conor time is over.. the only fight I realy want to see is Khabib vs Tony I want to see who is the best and the winner no matter how its goes..


  26. McNuggets got so butthurt that’s he’s out there punching old people. People in his skill set.

    1. @Abdikadir Abdiwahid ok the gazelle sometimes escapes the mighty lion, but the lion caught up with him and *smeshed* him crazy.

  27. The Conor vs Khabib fight wasn’t a fight, that was a one sided ass whopping

  28. Moral of the story never share your location people may have come from Russia to put a nail on your forehead

  29. Alright, finally watched the fight again, 8 months later xD, fair play to Khabib, he destroyed Conor, as a McGregor fan, i hope he can go back to being the McGregor he once was, regroup, refocus and go again(and do better xD).

  30. Go watch the video on Youtube Khabib laughs at homeless man, you will see the real face of your fake humble guy
    I dont understand people saying McTapper… Tapping in that case is to avoid brain damages, its pretty smart to do it instead of becoming a retard for the rest of your life
    But you people are too dumb to understand things, most of you were sucking conors dick before khabib was even known in Russia, pathetic casuals

    1. @TSJ no need to insult everyone. Also don’t call anyone a casual because I doubt you know a lot about MMA. Lol quiet down

  31. Khabib beat mcgregor because of Nate diaz. Diaz showed a good wrestler can beat conor mcgregor very easily. Mcgregor versus Diaz fight gave great confidence to khabib

  32. ROFLMAO. UFC leaves out the part where McCumfarter begs for his life as he tapped like BITCH seconds before he had head snapped off …and when he said Im sorry to Khabib and stating that the trash talk was just business as Khabib confronted him after the bell rang. Fuck you UFC. Your leprechaun bitchboy is still overrated.

  33. 3:11 conor dont even dare to look at khabib eyes, he might see death in it, because if referee is 5 seconds late, khabib might snaps his head off

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