Conor mcgregor vs khabib nurmagomedov fight

Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs Конор Макгрегор Полный бой (UFC 229 / 07.10.2018)

Ведущие шоу напоминают о невероятных достижениях борцов, их профессиональной мощи, а также непревзойденной харизме, что и подтверждают сами соперники, пытаясь для начала сразить друг друга психологически — одним лишь взглядом. Яростный бой, казалось бы, закончился безоговорочной победой Хабиба.

После доминирующего первого раунда, во втором, Хабиб правым оверхендом отправил ирландца присесть на канвас. Еще никто не отправлял Макгрегора на настил в нокдаун, и как иронично — это произошло от спортсмена, которого он называл медленным, предсказуемым и корявым. Зрители разделились на два лагеря, одни болели за непобежденного орла, другие за эпатажного ирландца.

Следующими на октагон выходят талантливые бойцы Александр Волков и Деррик Льюис. Женский бой на разогреве никак не может затмить долгожданную схватку знаменитых Нурмагомедова и Макгрегора.

бой хабиба нурмагомедова и конора макгрегора

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Тем не менее Мишель Уотерсон и Фелис Херриг показывают интересный поединок, который заканчивается безоговорочной победой первой участницы. Совсем скоро непревзойденный российский боец Хабиб Нурмагомедов должен начать сражение с отличным ирландским спортсменом Конором Макгрегором.

Интрига к бою нарастала еще с года, когда в одном из коридоров турнира UFC встретились Хабиб нурмагомедов и Конор Макгрегор. Их битва шокирует многих, так как почти в последний момент чернокожий боец обходит соперника.

Конор Макгрегор : Возбужденные предстоящим шоу зрители Абсолютного бойцовского чемпионата уже готовы встретить своих кумиров..

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  1. Kahbib is the only fighter to get the Belt by fighting a #10 ranked fighter !

  2. Used to dislike Khabib, but how could you dislike someone as terrifying as Nurmagomedov

  3. i love khabib but fuck me hes boring lol. I mean i watched the full thing but in general.. the general public are not going to get behind him imo, ufc will be hoping dustin wins so it makes their life easier to promote

  4. Your English is getting a lot better Khabib !!!! LETS GOOOO 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

  5. “Why do i have to hide ? I’m the eagle. I wanna fly” — Khabib

  6. Khabib smesh time Nurmagomedov.

    Putting Ultimate back in The Ultimate Fighting Championship

  7. People ask how can you hate on this guy. Its not just against him but against all the guys like him. He doesnt even approve the fact that women should fight and they should stay at home all the time. And equality with women is just an example. These guys have prehistoric thoughts on how things should be. Theyre not like us. Theyre against the way we live so when you realize that you cant appreciate any of them.

  8. Khabib I love you! All the best champ.No one here who love khabib.(Bangladesh)

  9. thanks god he didnt allow ariel to interview him after conor figh case ariel said his team must get suspantion forever but when conor beat old man ariel interviewed him to make good image for conor again

  10. This guy is good but he has ZERO charisma and personality. He is basically a fighting brick.

  11. “OmFG hE’s SUCh g00d hUMan!, H3’s N0T A S3ll0ut!” Shut the fook up!

  12. I have a feeling Conor dont even want a Khabib rematch. Hes prayin Dustin will somehow win and then Dana will probably give Conor a shot.

  13. Khabib is a humble person as he follows his religion Totally and also he doesnt supports women empowerment

  14. Hard hard people.. much respect. the dude is born and raised in mountains and can easily kill a bear due to that inner fearlessness

  15. Conor is a pussy haha. Watch khabib last 5-10 fight. Nobody tapped. Every opponent faced khabib and didn’t tapped. Conor you are not the real deal. You are weak. Haha make him tired and make him tap

  16. Jesus Okamoto is such a fucking boring interviewer. At least try to show a bit of personality.

  17. What have you been doing for 10 months..?? I go to Afghanistan I train hard in terrorist activities. No boy is going to get smashed. I will become terrorist and my wife will wear full Halloween skin covering suit.

  18. Khabib has become my favourite fighter. Wants to fight the best and is all about the fighting. No BS!

    1. Youre confusing it with yours if you genuinely think that. He is the smartest fighter in his division. Maybe its the language barrier that made you think that.

  19. I’ve always respected this guy. I wish he never jumped out of the octagon. That was unprofessional.

  20. Tony Ferguson has beaten more title contenders than Khabib.
    Khabib beat 20 people who had negative records, pre-champ RDA, a real estate agent who had 1 day notice and a drunk on a 2 year lay-off.

  21. Someone please enlighten Khabib that he cant defeat Conor without bowing infront of Conor for first fifteen minutes….. and that no one wants to see a fight where one doesnt show his face in a fght

  22. He think he can play my mind. My team mind. No one can. Unbrokable. Khabib Unbrokable Eagle!

  23. Tht is why i love khabib, still mentions the best fights out there even after having the title and fame and yes still hoping we can see him vs tony.

  24. Мне одному показалось Хабиб Говно?
    P.S я за Хабиба

  25. “They believe in themselves ..but after the first round they don’t believe anymore..” 😂😂

  26. Why do i have to cover myself somewhere a ☪ woman just put her head down in shame and is being stoned to death for showing her hair or anything i no not so much muslim cultures lets make some sculptures with swayzey crazy

  27. Khabib’s coach is under investigation by the US intelligence since 9/11. He’s directly linked to the attack and caught in the airport. His brother is involved in a pub shootout. Khabib’s dad is a Chechen dictator who killed Jews and homesexuals. The whole world knows how evil that guy is. The guy who funded Khabib’s team is in custody due to treason of 150 million USD. And all this guy achieved is a fake positive image in front of the world. Once a person goes deep into the Conor and Khabib rivalry , the whole world will support Conor. This guy is like a cold leader who’s supported by his people blindly. This is all modern political and fake guy this motherfucker had played. Everything needs to come out. You need to know how loyal Conor is. Ik he’s done mistakes Conor has done mistakes and we all know it , I agree what he had done is wrong and I offend them. But compared to shit this guy had done , all those are nothing compared to mistakes the whole Khabib and his family and team had done. These people are murderers. Terrorists. This son of a terrorist snitch publicly offended the Irish people comparing Ireland to Russia in terms of population. He made it seem like Russia is a superior country over Ireland. This son of bitch is a racist. I swear this guy will be out someday and his real face will be in the public. Conor had done mistakes and yes we don’t support his mistakes. But I support Conor’s hardwork and loyalty towards his family , friends , own Country and his fellow Countries. Conor is a real warrior , Khabib is a cold blooded terrorist motherfucker


  29. NO one can beat Khabib,…he’ll los only by One Solid lucky punch,other than dat khabib will make u TAP.

  30. McGregor will fight the winner of Justin/cowboy in December. Next year tony and Khabib will be scheduled to fight. And some crazy thing will happen and tony will get injured. I give up hope on those two Fighting. McGregor who beat Justin/cowboy will then Step in. Khabib will except because then we will give him $30 million:…. i’m just telling you what’s going to happen but this all happens if Khabib only beats Dustin

  31. Castillo didnt do shit to Tony. No clue what fight Khabib saw, but all he did was laying on him..

  32. Khabib is a class act. Its no wonder hes very successful…hes a very disciplined , mature person.

  33. Omg… your life changed TONS!! …Stfu Kha-liar…
    It didn’t before cause he only beat one, yes, ONE! .. top 10 guy, to get the belt !

    After beating Conor, it actually said something … every other fighter on his way to the belt were mediocre compared to top 10 guys .

  34. “They go to hospital, we go to police“
    Khabib Nurmagomedov
    -English translation:
    “we f*cked them up and sent them to hospital and police caught us“

  35. You can see everytime a fan comes up and wants to take a pic hes like oh my God hahahha he cant hide it , Dont worry khabib the fans like you they just want a picture ! For them it means a lot

  36. The most important fight after Dustin vs Khabib is Tony vs the Winner.

  37. He has to be ready to get humped to death .. he humps legs and prays to his non existent God to not get hit. Fook you. Go hump your towel wife.

  38. So the Chick-fil-A commercial has a indian man narrator LMAO theres way to many smelly brown Gods these days. im joking please dont email me with explosive anthrax this dirty diarrhea makes me hungry

  39. All the talk about Tony should get next fight, no one is gonna beat this warrior, his style is too much for anyone, Khabib will retire undefeated

  40. this brett guy is such a great interviewer. he asked those kinds of deep questions that you asked when you genuinely wanted to know the other person on a personal level, not as an MMA star. and he knows he can ask khabib this type of question because khabib has a very high self-awareness and will do very well with these type of questions.

    1. but also shows khabibs vulnerability and naivety. The fact that he cant understand his father point of view yet, shows his ages. Still young and need to learn a lot.

  41. Khabib Just Smash him is not enough, we have to smash all of these guys Nurmagomedov. Freakin savage this guys, yet humble, calm and collected! #iceinveins

  42. Theres no rivalry. Khabib can fight, but god is he a brainwashed idiot. Zealots are the most dangerous people.

  43. LOL i HATEE when people who dont fight say. Im gonna kick your ass. its so cringey.. But same goes for a fighter acting like they wouls jiat throw down in public… Relaxx man your not about that life, some mfers walk with guns and shoot ppl in broad daylight. Ur fucking flying knee not gonna work out pal.

  44. He is solid like metal. Calm, relaxed, focused, unbreakable, he is a dangerous dangerous man

  45. When he said even if Dustin catch me i am still gonna go man Dustin has no chance

  46. Street fighting isnt mma, even Khabib can get fucked up in a street fight

  47. Love that he can actually tell Dana to go fuck himself on that Conor fight and there aint shit Dana can do about it 😂

  48. Tony furguson the type of guy to deserve a title shot more than any other fighter in ufc history.

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