Conor vs khabib fight result

Nurmagomedov relied on his superior grappling skills to maul the former champion on the ground and defend his UFC lightweight title via fourth-round submission at T-Mobile Arena in the biggest fight in UFC history.

UFC Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov Promo (TrashTalk/Lifestyle/Hig.. UFC Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov Promo (TrashTalk/Lifestyle/Hig.. Информация. Болеешь за непобежденного «Орла»? Или веришь в пушечный выстрел ирландского «Ноториуса»? ⬇Вступай в группу и докажи, кто из бойцов лучше!. Fight Year: Khabib vs Conor запись закреплена. 7 окт Действия. Пожаловаться. Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs. Conor McGregor. #UFC Хабиб Нурмагомедов Конор МакГрегор. Когда-то второй бой Хабиба Нурмагомедова и Конора МакГрегора обязательно случится.

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  1. Dana is angry cuz his girlfriend conor is fucked in the cage by Khabib 😂
    Dana maybe you need a new toy. Buy a xll vibrator for you ass cuz conor will be for long time offline ! 🤣

  2. Dana white basically is saying you can say racist comments and thats OK thats trash talking what a load of bollocks this is all as bent as fuck I like Conner he is a really good fighter I really like Khabib brilliant fighter what was said and done over this fight was wrong you shouldnt bring race or religion into the fight game khabib purse was held but Conner got paid straight away it just says it all 😞😞

  3. i dont think conor was apolgizing, i thought after the third round he thought he was gonna win, and was saying it was only business to be a dick about it

  4. tony stay the fuck out of it …u just want limelight… sucker..khabib kicked your ass

  5. Dana White is loser I wish you would stop swinging from Conor McGregor nut sack

  6. Conor disrespects other people religious for only business (money) ….for this doing people are defending him …….Conor have/had no respect for other and for his country …he’s just a useless shitty mind selfish person

  7. Tony Ferguson to clean up the sport 🤣😂

  8. Rogan acts like such a puss and is actually surprised after all the shenanigans prior to the fight? Dude needs to get caught up to speed.

  9. Khabib said lets talk khabibs english is not good enough to say something like guess so Usually only people whos first language is english speak that way

  10. When it comes to Muslims insults against their religion is a red line that should NEVER be crossed.
    Remember back in 2006 footbal/soccer world cup and zeidans incident..

  11. Action should be taken against Dana White who was promoting whiskey brand inspite of promoting UFC ,He is main culprit who say that comment upon others faith and religion is justified but I want remind you ball sucker,puppeteer and ADD LICKERS racial slur is completely different from religious slur keeping in mind this is sports where healthy talk is required and Conor McGregor should have been outcast by DANA WHITE. I want to remind you this is not politics or religious talkshow going on but itwas sport promotion. So I want say remind you of famous quote by previous UNITED NATION atomic energy CHAIRMAN named HANS BLIX that all American are sons of bastard and among them Dana white is so .

  12. They cant spew hate everywhere we are gonna kick their asses. These faggots need hard pounding. Fucking dana sore loser.

  13. Fing racists everywhere i look…like a monkey he said; as if he was the first person to jump over a fence. You make a big deal of it just to punish Khabib. Weve seen more action in soccer matches and it all ended without all this talk… YOU RACIST FUCKS. You haters hate to see the likes of Khabib on TOP…well guess what, HE IS ON TOP !! Suck it up now.

  14. Mur mur murrrmurrr I love you Connor I love you see you soon boiii… Connor ARE YOU INTOXICATED ARE YOU INTOXICATED

  15. The stripping khabib bs was so funny 😂. Theres no way they wouldve sacked him… With McGregor gone and if they got rid of khabib they wouldve had noone aside from Jones.

  16. Id live to see rda vs Dillon dannis wed never have to hear that little bitch run his mouth again

  17. “Khabib dominated the fight”?? Conor and khabib were tied on the cards smh

  18. Dana: “trash talking… they do it in the NBA, NFL all the time…”
    no they don’t Dana. Anyone who’s shouting racial slurs and repeatedly insulting a player during the match is for sure immediately removed from the arena and banned for the season or life. They don’t let it escalated to that level.

  19. If you seen the whole thing than you will know that Conor actually tried to jump over the cage and while doing this he punched one guy from Khabibs team,
    So actually Conor was involved in this fight!!

  20. Hey Joe if you saw the video, conor punched khabins guy first! It was sad all that happened though.

  21. This racist idiot Dana has no clue about provocation. You can provoke anyone, thats why there are laws against it. Khabib was provoked the entire fight and his camp by Dillon lick-balls all night. He kept calling him a Muslim Rat. Can he call a black opponent by the N word during a fight? No. Would Dana be ok with that, NO. But he is ok with a Hispanic calling Khabib Muslim Rat all night long. Dana dickhead is nothing more than an instigating, anti Muslim bigot. Just like his scumbag hero Trump. BTW, he is the worst CEO in the country. Which CEO in the country besides Trump advocates for Racism, Islamophobia and sheer bias. Thank God we have Dana. Conor is no better. He acted like a clown for two months and said the worst things you can say to anyone to provoke and sell tickets. His son saw his conduct, how embarrassing? Is your son proud of your behavior Conner? MMA is a respect sport, this isnt WWF. Good job Dana dickhead.

  22. Look at tony, his face tell you that he wanted to be part of that match…

  23. Hes a man! Ive been to prison and ill come get you too. Fence or no fence!

  24. Khabib says : Tommorrow night i am gonna smash your boy, and he did! He is Not a sayer how conor he is a maker!!

  25. Hey.. Blue lips, blue lips 😂 😂 😂 blue lips yourself mc chicken 🐔

  26. Kevin lee your good fighter and you seem like a cool guy but stop running your mouth khabib will humble you . And now that I think about it tony already humbled you. Don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash but it’s seems you haven’t learned your lesson yet so . And didn’t you get beat by ros dos Anjos a guy tony and khabib already beat. lee your. Joke😂😂😂

  27. Someone make it clean for tony that’s it not khabib who’s making sport dirty but it’s Connor …let’s say put tony and khabib in a cage and teach tony to speak the truth

  28. All these dumbass conor fans saying He said its only kisses are retarded. He clearly pronounces the word BUSINESS

  29. Khabib 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

    1. It’s the “Jew tactic”. They Cry out in pain, as if they are the victim, while they stab you in the back. And since western media and economic system is all run by Jew elites this is what you get.

  30. I wouldn’t accept a apology from McGregor. Khabib should never be punished for the after fight events. This was started long before the fight with Connor. I think the UFC wants to get rid of Khabib. He’s on another level and it’s going to be hard to find competition for him. I’m actually a fan of the Diaz brothers. Still you got to give Khabib his do.

  31. Thats when a shit talker gets his ass kick. Now hes a victim. Bullshit.

  32. Süß wie alle große fresse haben, sollen sie doch mal mit khabib in käfig steigen, die werden auseinander genommen😂 Its Khabib Time!! He is the fucking Champ💪

  33. Grande Khabib Respect!!!! Mc Gregor is a fucking drunk bitch. Karma immediately!!!

  34. 4:46 this guy needs a plastic surgery fo those ears before saying Im the champion

  35. Wat does he mean jumping over the cage like a monkey, if u trash talk be ready to get kicked in your mouth too

  36. Oh well they attacked him after he got beaten so what he shoulda rethought that bus thing

  37. Are you high? Slow down the footage! Connor said…… Fighting business and nothing else! He played khabib and none of khabibs fans can except it. Connor will continue to fuck with khabib until he gets his rematch. #diazbrotherswouldkilleitherofthem

  38. Dana white is a straight up racist cause his boy got whooped if khabib was a Christian which allah ( SWT ) didn’t made him Alhamdulillaah khabib is a true Muslim Allahu Akbar ( god is most great ) Subhannallaah ( god is perfect ) let’s go khabib

  39. Why this stupid Rogan keep mentioning on Khabib jumping into Conor crowd?
    Does he not count or mention how many times Conor talk shit on Khabibs father, wife, religion etc?
    If Rogan can say Conor did to get high tickets sales, Khabib been doing the same for their 2nd match.
    Fucking stupid commentator

  40. Kevin Lee Want to Fight Khabib. Please Dana White Make it happen. I will put Money on Khabib to beat this guy up. Khabib Baby <3

  41. Hey! Dana.. U should have been controlling your boy before any of this could happened…

  42. clown mcgregor and his girlfriend dillon-a denis want a figh with KHABIB AND HIS TEAM, they get what they are looking for and now they are crying …..

  43. mother fuker conner got the beating of hes life.dillion davis a pussy,bothem him and dillion are peadofiles

  44. But are we not paying ppv to benefit fighters for the sacrifices and risks of life for entertainment?? You shouldn’t
    Boast about freeloading everyone is capable but is it moral

  45. my question is: how come when Paul daily punched the guy after the fight he got a ban. but when khabib and his team punch 2 differnt people, they dont get banned? seems bias

  46. Back here watching this🤷‍♂️i dont know why but damn Miesha Tate and Paige Vanzant look awesome 👏👏🔥🔥

  47. Listen at the 3:49 minute what this guy said. That we really do coke. Hahaha.

  48. Dana white should respect other people’s religions he let conor trash talk and let conor get away with everything and now after the brawl Dana the biggest bitch white blamed khabib it’s not khabib it’s conor and his corner


  50. Tony doesnt want to fight conor he know conor is a fake champ and a cowards rats he want Khabib.

  51. Mcgregor should look what kind his enemys before he throws his trash talk to them

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