Conor vs khabib live fight

Which is a good news for people around the world who can not afford to pay massive PPV fee in countries like US, Canada and Austrlian etc.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs Майкл Джонсон: Вспоминаем бой — Продолжительность: UFC Russia просмотров.  Full Fight | Rampage Jackson vs. Joey Beltran — Продолжительность: BellatorMMA 2 просмотров. Боя Флойд vs Хабиб еще не было, но у него уже есть история. Ее составил «Матч ТВ». Видео.  Президент промоутерской компании Fight Nights Global Камил Гаджиев считает, что чемпион UFC Хабиб Нурмагомедов и знаменитый боксер Флойд Мейвезер-младший не сумеют договорится о проведении боя. Президент промоутерской компании Fight Nights Global Камил Гаджиев считает, что чемпион UFC Хабиб Нурмагомедов и знаменитый боксер Флойд Мейвезер-младший не сумеют договорится о проведении боя. 16 октября Бокс/MMA. McGregor vs Khabib TV Coverage Details: UFC will be an PPV event and US viewers can purchase the PPV through their local cable providers or through BT Sports continue to broadcast all UFC events in the UK until end of the and they will have live coverage of McGregor vs Khabib on their regular channels (most likely non-PPV) however yet to be confirmed. The undercard fights begin at around pm ET / midnight uk time with the preliminary fights followed by number of undercard fights.  will be broadcasting the fight live in the Philippines both on TV and through their online platform. Which is a good news for people around the world who can not afford to pay massive PPV fee in countries like US, Canada and Austrlian etc.

But this UFC. TV online streaming package is geoblocked and only available to Philippines IP adress. TV in philippines from anywhere in the world. The Irishman is up against the fence again and is just being controlled on the ground. The third round is far more closely fought and remains a stand-up battle. Khabib is marching forward with his hands down which seems ill advised and McGregor landed plenty of decent shots though the Dagestani replied with a few of his own.

Khabib goes for a takedown butt McGregor blocks it but then eats a big right hand.

Live Conor Mcgregor Vs Khabib Nurmagomedov Full Fight Uff — Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Khabib looks a bit tired now and McGregor starts to land his shots.

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  1. Went dolo into a group of professional fighters. Khabib is really about that life..

    1. Michael Davis he would snap your tiny neck like a twig you little bitch

    2. @Michael Davis im sure u would have jumped there is u were on his place lmao fucking loser stop typing

    3. Michael Davis he lives in Dagestan. Plus he went to Russia’s World Cup matches in Saint Petersburg and Moscow without security. Dumbass.

    4. He got rocked like a bitch and ran for security. He’s not about that life. He can’t walk around in Moscow on his own without the fear of being killed. He’s a bitch

  2. Absolutely perfect… Thanks khabib for your victory! New win👊👊👊🇷🇺👌

  3. 3.15 commentator talking Bull shit …
    Get your head checked maan !

  4. her all ISIS sympathizer Khabib is bored Mcgregor again is funny ^^ I SHIT IN BUS REEMATCH 2019

  5. Connor and Khabib are both jerks. Khabib is more controlled, but you see his rage here…that’s what fuels him.

    1. Judge Dredd not really. He’ll never lose. Keep dreaming Connor’s fucking fanfic fuckboy.

  6. Lmao Danas boy got smashed, thats why he didnt want to put the belt on him..

  7. I rlly wanna see khabib enter bare knuckle fc, faggot cannot strike lol

  8. Nobody mentions that when kahbib jump in crowd danis beat his ass until people got inbetween

  9. Well Joe Rogan lets face the truth when conor pussy mcgregor attacked the bis with 30 irish pricks no one talks but when khabibs crew attacked conor then thats wrong well conors the biggest pussy ive seen in my life he got what he deserved when you piss of a beat thats what youll get and conor mcgregor you said its only bussiness not khabibs a bitch when i bring 30 of my muslim brothers on you lets see who wins the then youll scream like a little girls and that fat pussy dillon fanis when he got suckerpunched by rislan and Islam joe rogan your the biggest 2 faced i have seen

    1. @Umair Chaudhury are you high? Everyone talked about the bus incident when it happened but when khabib jumped the cage like a coward why would they mention the bus incident? Your such a casual

  10. McGregor disrespect Islam and Muslims and thats what happened to him

  11. McGregor lost fair and square, but what’s up with the pussy gang swinging on him from behind???

  12. Fucking hypocrites not professional but it sells media instigate everything and act like they have nothin to do wit it so they get paied

  13. damn conor did not go down a couple of khabib teamates hit him damn but khabib oooooohhhhh flying sidekick 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

    1. @Stacks ur stupid there is only one God which is Allah in arabic language. Bible quran torah came from one God which is Allah.

    2. Reality, Comedy & Entertainment yeah but you don’t know if it’s one god multiple gods if it’s a simulation everything is just speculation so you can’t say you know the answer either

    3. @Harambe who made this world is and example of who made the cell phone?? Now tell me without existance of intelligent force nothing can be made.

  14. Khabib is so humble all praises to Allah Kareem while McGregor is full of pride. Shame man.
    All glory, praise and pride goes to Allah

  15. This is why Russians are crackheads..this guy tried to fight a group of pro fighters and ended up getting punched and headlocked

    1. And Irish are drunks, whats your point. Mcgregor still got the cream beat out his ass, mcgregor is a soft cream puff. Lmao

    2. YoungRebel Gamer idiot he is Avar from daghestan stfu i know better then u

  16. Khabib jumped into a brickwall called Dillon Danis who smacked khabib upside his head and he scurried away like a little bitch ..same as when nate slapped him and why he wont fight nate ..Thats why nate is at welterweight fighting Pettis khabib only wants to fight cans like McGregor..He knows nate will beat the shit out of him and use his wrestling against him and choke him out the first takedown and will box his ears off on the feet

  17. Certain shit you dont say, he said it, and this came from it- Family, and Religious beliefs are deep-

    1. Benjamins cant buy victory mothafucka!! Real niggaz arnt about money that shit is for the fake world.

  18. yeah conot didnt deserve that lol let him get away with throwing a trolley through a bus window.


  20. Khabib and his team should be banned in any mma event hahahaha no sportsmanship

    1. Lol bruh what about McGregors bus incident? Or McGregors Elderweight division match at the Irish pub? STFU about sportsmanship 😂😂😂

  21. Listen to white folks conor respectful n shit after throwing shit at the bus mane the double standard 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️😏

  22. Who was that pussy who attack mcgregor from the back, what a fag lmao attacking from the back

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