Conor vs khabib main event

Conor McGregor. Noah K. With 10 octagon appearances each, Nurmagomedov and McGregor have already made a permanent mark on the UFC record books.

Nate Diaz Storms Out After Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov Set For UFC 229 Main Event

Former heavyweight champ Andrei Arlovski was the first. Nurmagomedov is one of three fighters in UFC history to earn 10 consecutive octagon victories to start a career with the organization. Anderson Silva and Royce Gracie also accomplished the feat.

Nurmagomedov defends Nurmagomedov absorbs just 1. The day layoff is the longest of his more than year career. Daniel Cormier also accomplished the feat.

UFC | Khabib vs McGregor | UFC

Khabib is marching forward with his hands down which seems ill advised and McGregor landed plenty of decent shots though the Dagestani replied with a few of his own. Khabib goes for a takedown butt McGregor blocks it but then eats a big right hand. Khabib looks a bit tired now and McGregor starts to land his shots. He throws an uppercut and then a left hand lands flush.

UFC Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov Promo (TrashTalk/Lifestyle/Hig.. UFC Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov Promo (TrashTalk/Lifestyle/Hig.

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  1. Tommorow night i will smash your boy guys… khabib still the best fight ever..

  2. Mcrapist got smashed like potato , he got smashed by so many men … The humiliation for bad mouthed

  3. Retarded islamic apes incoming to shit about their shitty islamic pride. Something like bravo Khabib muslim warrior or muslim power or alhamdulilah..
    Nobody cares about your intolerant religion of the fake prophet and pedophile — peace be upon him.

  4. when you call this video HD… your like a lying sack of shit in saying thatright?

  5. UFC = Violencia pro mercantilista

    PRIDE siempre fue mejor promotor de este hermoso deporte, y no la UFC

  6. Guys no forget that left is a double barrel shotgun 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  8. Connor scum got what he deserves. Should got bitten even more, no respect no mercy.

  9. Its Conors fault everybody khabib is a very respectful fighter but Conor is too much.

  10. It’s almost like the guy recording this knew it was gonna happen 🤔

  11. As a Hungarian, I am proud that an Avar (White Hun) warrior has defeated the Irish clown!

  12. Khabib would be a hell of a pitcher, do y’all not see how he chunks that mouth guard? Very impressive, especially coming from a country where baseball isn’t very big

  13. Now looking back, Khabib deserved what he got because as soon as he won there was just anger and aggressiveness. No matter what Conor had done, he could have kept it inside. Insulting someones religion, family or whatever, doesnt make any of this right. I honestly wouldnt have cared. Conor should have had the fight taken away from him when he assaulted the bus. Let grown people realize there are consequences to their actions, jeez.

  14. I would do anything to enter that ring and beat conor his ass…son of a bitch conor

  15. This has nothing to do with muslim vs. christian, east vs. west or Russia vs. Ireland. Connor McGregor behaved like a piece of shit insulting everyone and got punished in the end.

  16. Kkk magregor tomou um cacete kkkkk kkkkk
    E ainda apanhou o treinador kkkk

  17. I’d love to see Khabib and his terrorist friends try this against the Diaz corner. They’d getting their asses whooped 😂😂😂


  19. Conor got his shit talking ass beat…love how kabib stood up and let him know his bitch ass just got served

  20. I dont like trashtalk Conor ,u lost the match ,u deserve it ,u are rude arrogant an idiot guy ,khabib knock out u Im very happy ,see you next time still dare to trashtalk or not

  21. How many times do people need to be reminded. Russians don’t fCK about

  22. That gest of khabib ita not alowed only for terorist people…. Fuck connor fuck khabib 🖕🖕🖕

  23. disgraceful behavior, unacceptable!, this gives the great sport a bad reputation…
    he won beautifully, i dont understand hes behavior, he lowered him self…

  24. 1st of all, why did his parents name him dana? Unless hes a tranny.

  25. I thought Conor was a pussy but respect for Conor because once Khabib jumped the cage Conor went after but they stopped him lmao. I love Khabib but for this chaos scene not cool.

  26. I was watching this mother fucker and they think they are only strong now but khabib end this 😂😂💔

  27. just dont fuck with a Muslim, Russian, Boxer its a deadly combination
    this guy is beating them in their home !! inside and outside the ring !!

  28. Notice how Khabib’s men had a chance to attack Conor from behind. They didn’t. They climbed over the Octagon and then ran around so they can fight him face to face.

  29. Irish cant fuck with us Russians we will kill all and the pussy dick loving USA cant burn in hell

  30. Gregor apanhou de todo mundo, junto com o treinador.. dois frangos. Kkkkkkkk

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