Conor vs khabib program

В ко-мейн ивенте шоу в клетку выйдут экс-чемпион UFC в фунтах Энтони Петтис и бывший обладатель временного пояса в этой же категории Тони Фергюсон.

Конор VS Хабиб

Отдельно необходимо отметить участие в данном турнире российских бойцов Александра Волкова и Яны Куницкой, противостоять которым будут американский панчер Деррик Льюис и шведка Лина Лансберг соответственно. Конор МакГрегор возвращается в октагон за поясом в легкой весовой категории и намерен в очередной раз подтвердить свой звездный статус. За время отсутствия в ММА «Notorious» успел провести кросс-поединок с Флойдом Мейвезером и заработать неприличную сумму денег.

Злые языки утверждали, что МакГрегор никогда не вернется и давным-давно употребляет наркотики и алкоголь, однако текущая физическая форма ирландца заставляет усомниться в таких высказываниях критиков.

бой хабиба нурмагомедова и конора макгрегора

Хабиб Нурмагомедов наконец-то добился своей цели и 7 апреля этого года стал чемпионом UFC в легком весе. Правда этот успех был достигнут не в противостоянии с Тони Фергюсоном, который должен был стать соперником «Орла» в борьбе за вакантный титул, а в бою со скромным Элом Яквинтой, вышедшим на замену в последний момент.

Теперь у Нурмагомедова есть прекрасный шанс доказать всем, что его чемпионство не случайность, а результат таланта, мастерства и упорных тренировок. Участники со-главного события UFC также имеют свои цели и хорошие перспективы стать следующим претендентом на золото в легком весе, особенно это касается Тони Фергюсона. Как утверждает сам «Эль Кукуй», победа над Энтони Петтисом гарантирует ему борьбу за титул, однако для этого нужно еще взять верх над «Showtime».

Хабиб Нурмагомедов – Конор Макгрегор: смотреть полный бой — Чемпионат

Не стоит забывать тот факт, что Фергюсон возвращается после тяжелой травмы колена и никому неизвестно, как это повреждение и последовавшая за ним операция отразились на возможностях Тони. Что касается Петтиса, то успех в этом поединке может вернуть его в большую игру и стать началом нового этапа профессиональной карьеры. Начало трансляции 7 октября в по московскому времени. Прямой эфир покажет телеканал «Матч!

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  1. He is so fast Here And in the Fight He was Like Frozen
    Cant wait for Comeback

  2. Everyone says he looks like old Connor here, but when he lost they said he just wasn’t the same…
    Always excuses

  3. I would like to tell u guys now, I saw none of this in the actual fight. Nada

  4. Thats the worst pad work and worst defense from a fightwr look how connor throws punches and lives him self open for counters must train difrent in Ireland ur defense stinks Connor Mc greagor

  5. Looked good. He can be a major problem for everyone in lw exept for Khabib. I hope he will be back.

  6. Legacy is very important for pussy khabib. He will not risk losing by moving up to welterweight and challenge the WW champ. Hed rather play safe and not fight stronger guys. xD
    Khabib is the real chicken.

  7. connor if ur reading this, i just wanna say ur a fucking beast, u lost to khabib but am sure u know exactly where u went wrong, i was surprised ur gameplan was focused on defense against khabib, i was confident u would try use ur strengths against his but hey LOVE u bro, hopefully ill swing by ur house when am UFC champ

  8. 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🐩🐩🐩

  9. Hows he throwing kicks if his foot was broken 3weeks out? He looks fine, what a filthy liar, looking for excuses

    1. Jam it’s a broken foot mate not leg. It’s not as limiting as you think. It wasn’t a excuse either

  10. 💪Give me some whiskey 🍺🍺🍺😲👊💥😥👊💥😤👊💥😖👊💥💫💫💫🏳🏳🏳

  11. Funny how he moves differently when fighting Khabib yet this seems more fluid,fast & nimble.

    1. Rez dwan yep, bad game-plan by the coach, Conor in his regular chance would’ve had a better chance imo, trained only wrestling defence with flat footed stance, got clipped by khabib because of it, Conor’s whole thing has always been offence, technical striking. Up until the Diaz fight and may weather.

  12. It’s so satisfying to read the comments of those who predicted that Khabib will get KO‘d by McTapper 😂😂😂
    (Btw he knocked down McGregor) 😬

    1. Imagine thinking that “McTapper” is even funny. Not even biased, just honest. Shit has been said so much.

    1. @Debbie Downer conor is in the right weight class. Khabib Isnt fighting a 170 because the likes of ben askren, woodley and usman would maul him easily. Thats the only reason he is staying at 155. He has seizures through the weight cut and Is still staying down there
      In his natural weigh division he would get mauled so cuts all that weight. Weight bully!
      so hahahahaha to you too bitch

    2. Debbie Downer there’s no way in hell that McGregor weighs 180+ pounds you moron. Secondly I never said that khabib was a weight bully I said that his punch had more effect than Mendes as he weighs more. It’s simple stupid.

    3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omfg you lot 😂😂😂 😂😂😂 Khabib is weight bully yet Conor has never knocked out anyone bigger than him and walks around at 180+ and his best record is at 45 😳😳😳

      Secondly, the reason he looks great here and shit on fight night is because these are mits. This is rehearsed daily and implemented in his muscle memory. But a fight is dynamic, unexpected and the opponent is trying to actually fuck you up. Big difference.

  13. Oh weird how i commented on this video stating khabib is gonna stomp his face in with punches and all you guys said was khabib has no heart nothing…. Weird howbi was right and you werent??? Lol crazy how some people know exactly what there talking about

  14. @11:14 conor said im gna take his head off TRUST ME. LOL khabib took your head by making you tap!. what a fool

  15. Thats some broken foot. You can see his movement hampered… What a joke

    1. L he didn’t even get the chance to. Either way, he hasn’t moved like that since his bout with Aldo so give me a break.

    2. @L Youre clearly a newbie casual who started watching MMA when Conor vs Nate fought 😂 You cant analyze how somebody moves, their speed, footwork and fluidity in 10 secs thats not how it works lol Plus what kind of retarded hops forward 😂😂 Conors footwork is one of his selling point because he uses with counter strike but Khabib didnt get baited on Conors striking and moved back around the corner so he can let Conor throw couple strikes then shoot for the takedown. Injury is just an excuses excuses and excuses, he was not injured, Conor was in the best shape of his life he did not gas out at all.
      Why would he go forward against the most notorious grappler in the world? Because Khabib got inside Conors head, intimidated him and frustrated him thats why he could not be patient and follow up to his usual plan and the only way he has a chance beating Khabib was striking so either way even if Conor had good plan, Khabib was not up for any striking at all in first round.

    3. James Franko in the opening 10 secs he literally WALKS to him flat footed, please help me understand why he would do that with the most notorious grappler the world has ever seen apart from being injured?

    4. @L well he couldnt cuz khabib went straight for the takedown 15 sec in nobody can move fluidly and lightly after wrestling for 10 mins straight.
      No hes not the goat and he will never beat Khabib, its impossible. The goat in the lower division is Khabib.
      You can bow and bend over 90 degrees and pray for Conor kissing his hand all you want but he got completely fucked in khabibs fight.

    5. James Franko Mcgregor is without a doubt the goat of mma, he will prove that when he beats khabib in the rematch

  16. The broken foot he said was right before the fight. So, after this. It’s just strange how he didn’t look to good physically. I think that’s what played a factor.

    1. His movement looked on point here and he looked swolen but on fight night he was looking small and stuck in the mud like he says.

  17. Where are you all now who were saying that Kebab is gonna sleep etc.? Where the fuck are you know motherfuckers?

  18. you should have gave the fuck about his wrestling thats y he fuck u up with wrestling lol

  19. Still can’t wait to see Conor fight again. His pull counter is perfect he mast that punch

  20. I honestly thought and I guess I am in the small minority, thought Conor looked slow compared to when he was preparing for Diaz 2nd fight or Alvarez.

  21. Why did they put gimme the loot at the start of the workout😂

  22. Conor looked badass in the open workouts. He had me fooled even and looked what happened Khabib beat him standing and on the ground

  23. You are a fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hit a old man just for show. I dont care. You are weak as fuck and you know it

    1. madaraizuna Khabib is just as much of a bully as Conor is. You wouldn’t say he was bullying Artem, one of the nicest guys in MMA?
      The truth is both are god awful and bad role models for the sport. You may not like the truth but it is what it is.

    2. End my Suffering Youre severely retarded if you even compare a humble saint like Khabib to a thug like Conor

    3. Turk and Azer Brothers for ever Khabib isn’t much different from Conor in that aspect :/

    4. No, he disrespecting certain groups and people. Thats nlt called a glod personality

  24. All of them fuckers know shit about mma. Khabib beat him. Take it loosers drink some whysky and sing something while getting smashed by few caucasian dudes HAHAHAH YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS

  25. Looks like he took the open workout more serious then the fight. Conor will never win in the UFC again, mark my words.

  26. He looked bigger here then in the actual fight . And dam that knee he practiced slighty missed khabib in the 1st Round lol .

    1. Best Ever !! Its because of his tight shirt shirts in overall can make you look fatter or more leaner or bigger

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