Khabib nurmagomedov barboza

На этом турнире были интересные бои, среди которых был бой между Хабибом Нурмагомедовым и Эдсоном Барбозой.

Может кто-то не будет со мной согласен, но я назову этот бой — боем в одну калитку.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Edson Barboza Full Fight Video

Хабиб реально доминировал как в партере, так потом и в стойке, хоть Эдсона и можно назвать лучшим ударником весовой категории. Эдсон поделился своими впечатлениями после этого боя, дав интервью. Он сказал, что не особо доволен этим выступлением, оно и понятно. Эдсон хочет пересмотреть этот бой, однако утверждает, что этот поединок был войной, настоящей войной.

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  1. Brutal, hard to find watch, I know I sound like a pussy but not even sure this should be legal, Habib different level, Barbosa, massive respect, huge heart.

  2. Respect to Barboza but you could tell after that first round he understood what he was up against and the fear absolutely set in.

  3. Balboza is amazing on feet but khabib is good on feet to but he understand he need to take him down and then the punishment start😌

  4. khabib is good with grappling and short distance.. he also always cover his body from sudden attack, thats why i really respect him… props to Barboza too for his good position of striking people with this kicks

  5. Barboza started off with absolute pressure until got a hold of his technique than it was total domination for khabib.

  6. Khabib is a combination of bear and anaconda once he gripped you it’s hard to losen up.

  7. Dear Khabib You are really a legend I have no words to describe you.
    Dear Barboza your fighting skills striking and defense is amazing but your were fighting with eagle. couldnt really keep watching as I sow how exhausted you became after the second round.

  8. Khabib has amazing defence as well as offence. No wonder he got 27 win streak and hes undefeated chmapion of UFC.

  9. All this fighters should really learn how to fight on the ground, if u can beat khabib on the ground, u won the fight bro

    1. Yeah but most of them trained all of their life to get as good at boxing and kicking as they are right know while khabib learned how to grapple his whole life. Im pretty sure most of the fighters careers would be over by the time they spent as much time grappling as khabib did. Learning how to defend is the only way to prepare for fight against khabib and conor tried to but it still was not enough.

    2. Khabibs dominance on the ground is unprecidented. His opponent must learn how to keep the fight up , standing. Once you go to the ground, youre done

  10. Respect for barboza. He already fucked up on 1s round, still fighting like a real man

  11. Khabib try flying knee is really weirdo funny its not really a flying knee its just a frog jump

    1. bhunep neppoho lol u really does know nothing about being a grappler

    1. Barboza took way more damage than Conor though that was his point, Conor defended sort of well but Khabib is just relentless and too good.

    2. no mcgregor dis very Well.
      im khabib fan but mcgregor dis really Well . je did not get si damage than barboza.
      however khabib z tough fighter than conor

  12. I fucking hate khabib style.He is not an ultimate fighter,he only stay in his zone of comfort.

  13. Khabib is the best wrestler I have ever seen in the Octago. nobody controls and dominates people like he does. Jon Jones is close but nobody can touch Khabib

    1. @Percy Brown thats true , but tell me one thing and it may clear the doubt . See the fight between juiced up Tibeau and khabib and then see the first fight between jones and DC . DC is atleast twice as strong as juiced up tibeau and khabib just finished the match with unanimous decision. Thats because tibeau was drugged and strong, so against greater strength khabib just wins the match where as Jones finished DC in the first fight before the fight got over. You still think khabib can maul a good middle weight let alone a light heavy weight. Honestly tell me , do you think khabib can maul romero , he might get on top but Romero is just going to stand up and push him away.

    2. @subhadeep maulick Jon Jones is the GOAT. Hes my #1 fighter. But we are talking about Wrestling. No one does it like Khabib

    3. O yeah , name one guy that khabib has tkoed with caliber of say yoel Romero , anderson silva, DC , jones , kamaru usman etc …. Tell me one opponent khabib has defeated who is better than the guys mentioned above ?

    4. subhadeep maulick jon jones is also great but even jon can’t beat khabib

  14. God hes relentless….no matter what u do u end up against the cage on your ass

  15. I respect barboza. He fights like a real fighter and refuse to surrender even he got face smashed in order to earn the title. He is so much better opponent times 10 than conor who taps right away bcuz afraid of getting face smashed

  16. The people that say Khabib is a boring fighter are the same people who look at works of Art and call it boring because they lack the knowledge to understand what theyre seeing. Khabib is a delight to watch.

    1. He throws em down , makes them helpless by tying them up while beating the shit out of them. Hardly boring. In this particular fight his standup was awesome too.

    2. those are the fans of street fight sucker punches. Completely oblivious of the meaning of MMA.

    3. Man my thoughts exactly!!! Grappling and wrestling IS part of MMA-people who just want striking have tons of options, boxing, kickboxing, etc.

  17. Wow you gotta give it to barboza he never quit or stopped trying, lot of heart he has

  18. #champ #time #khabib #is #best #fighter #light #weight #in #the #world #edson barboza

  19. What most people dont understand is that khabib is the Best Boxer, kicker and wrestler ever. He only goes into wrestling because it is what he is best at.

    1. He gets tagged plenty. Been wobbled a couple of times as well in the ufc.

    2. @adam wei watch his stand up against barboza and Connor. Only 2 examples. He dominated both in stand up and grappling. Barboza didnt even Hit khabib at all

    3. Not true at all. His grappling indeed is amongst the best. His stand up… not so much.

    1. he said I see your face .. meaning you are not covering your face as you should be

    1. Khabib is wrestler, and the most of his muscles is on his legs and hes slow , thats why he stands still like an iron man

    2. Achmad Syarif I don’t think it went heel to chin, so it didn’t have knock out potential, and khabib moves his head and catches it on his arm to cushion the blow. Spinning heel kicks require near perfect precision or it doesn’t do much.

  20. I have watching all of barboza kick, its destroyer. In this time hold on

  21. Does Khabib know I stifle watching his opponents trying to get a breather? He doesnt allow them to breathe.

  22. That knee that Barboza launched in the third round couldve caused a very different outcome. It was well executed but the Eagle never lets his guard down. It takes two to make an amazing match!!

    1. Barboza knew after the first time he was in for an asswhopping of a lifetime. Cant blame him

  23. But how can Ali the manenger be manager for khabib and zabit he have been a terrorist like conor say i go Google FBI arrest him 8 years ago and no all forgot, its about money..

    1. he was a felon and in jail but later worked as an informant for the FBI against terrorist groups in virginia.

  24. This was one of the most incredible fights for Khabib, non stop pressure, and the punishment he dealt out in just the first round. Jesus.
    (Props to Barboza for being a warrior-but he looked pretty shaken after that first round).

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