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По национальности аварец [7] [8] [9]. С детства тренировался под руководством своего отца, Абдулманапа Нурмагомедова. По состоянию на год Нурмагомедов является студентом третьего курса Российского экономического университета имени Г.

Американцами сразу был отмечен очень высокий уровень борцовской подготовки Нурмагомедова [12]. На протяжении всех трёх раундов россиянин доминировал и выиграл единогласным решением судей [12].

UFC Lightweight Champ Khabib Nurmagomedov in photos. 10 months ago. UFC The Scorecard. Stats & Records. Fight Win Streak.  Cheer Khabib Nurmagomedov in style. Shop for him latest apparel from the official UFC store. Visit the store. Полное имя: Хабиб Нурмагомедов (Khabib Nurmagomedov) Прозвище: Орел (The Eagle) Страна: Россия Дата рождения: Рост: см Весовая категория: Легкая Рекорд: СМОТРЕТЬ ВСЕ. Хабиб Нурмагомедов. Khabib Nurmagomedov ().

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  1. I believe Tony is very under appreciated & will go down in MMA history as tha best unorthodox fighter ever. I’m pickin him 2 stop Tha Eagle when they finally meet…if they finally meet

  2. I think Khabib will take round one, Then I see Tony pressuring Khabib and winning rounds two & three slicing khabib up then I think this will lead to Khabib attempting a desperate takedown only to end up in a D’arce choke.

  3. This is just your dream to tony beat Khabib, but inst true, so reflect good next time

  4. Tony is flexible but too weak, he gets close to Khabib, he is done.

  5. I believe tony can beat khabib absolutely he can myaan there is no doubt ✊✊✊😎😎😈

  6. 90% is mental all the fighters are scared of Khabib. Tony Ferguson is mental. His fights are blood bathes. His blood his opponents . His style is so unorthodox . He throws kicks ,spinning elbows , and just crazy shit. This will be hard for Khabibto deal with. Tony is not afraid of him or anyone. He is the boogey man !

  7. Gotta say I love your videos, I hope we can have a duel if we ever come across each other, a butt naked oiled up bjj match, no holds barred if u know wat I mean, DOPE vdos man!

  8. Its so funny looking at all the casuals speaking about tony not having a chance! It would not be easy for him bt common he is tony!

  9. Here is a reason bcoz tony has 3 losses and khabib has no losses I think this is enough to explain

  10. make the fight happen, TONNY is the real deal . i bet, khabib cant even beat diaz, what more of tony that guy is a freak,

  11. Khabib will win by decision. I think Ferguson will put tons of pressure on him though. I also think hell do better than McGregor on the ground. In the end though, Khabibs superior wrestling skills and strength will win him the decision.

  12. No no l say no ,oh Habib is smash Tony ,is gonna make hamble Tony when Tony is full Habib is gonna make hangry bad

  13. Lol loser tony.. hahaha ..easy win khabib….28.0 haha lol tony

  14. The reason why nobody takes Khabib to the deep end as so say, is because he is too good in his field. Fergus is not as good as Khabib is therefore most of his opponents take him to the deep end.

  15. أَشْهَدُ أَنَّ عَلِیّاً وَلِیُّ اللَّهِ PAKISTANI:

    The EAGLE KHABIB iz real fighter. he win inshallah

  16. Excellent analysis coupled with a pleasant voice. This will be an amazing fight and personally I hope that El Cucuy defeats The Eagle. It will probably be up to the judges…

  17. lol these people dont know about tonys cardio dude NEVER gets tired he can go for over 6 hours in the words of Eddie bravo

    1. @Abdiaziz IbrahimHe slowed down a lot against Al Iaquinta who barely did shit the entire fight. The first round of his career which he lost was to a slow and tired McTapper. Tony is also a way more complete fighter with the same amount of experience but has faced people with the same style (pressure grappling) such as Kevin Lee. Khabib, on the other hand, has never faced anyone like Tony. Tony can definitely win; people sleep on him way too much.

  18. Alhamdulillah khabib is the best alhamdulillah

  19. Tony really has brilliant weird game the place when fighter think tony is vulnerable at is where he is best at khabib has a game of shooting for the leg throw the fighter at the end of cage make him tired and smash i dont think khabib gonna do that with tony may be he can catch his leg but i cant imagine of of making his hold continuous because of weird brilliant move tony has and the outstanding cardio tony has an i bet for a fact that khabib is trying to ignore him because of that

  20. INN SHA ALLAH khabib will destroy Tony will win khabib have support of ALLAH ALMIGHTY

  21. Just I can say Habib is the best ever and ever long live Habib The Eagle 🦅.

    1. From what i see and observe all the ufc fighting tony has alot of improvement way of fight seen he was young he is bringing a new way style of fighting he train alot with a large message movement No dults about it he is damn good fighter now.. BUT let talk about khabib the undefeated chmpion He was train to be a fighter since he was a very2 young boy bear is his sparing partner imagine a young boy? He was born to be a fighter his father as we all know is not like our father tony father background He us a decipline rusian army, man tell me how strick it is??

    2. Tony? Who? Who? Does he fight well? No way wid khabib. Better to rethink rather than fight wid khabib

  22. I dont think this wil happen cos Khabib always prove me wrong. I was wrong and lose the bet when Khabib fight Barboza, Iaquinta, Johnson and Mcgregor.

  23. He has described it in the best way possible! Tony has perfect cardio, strikes better, ground game perfect, can submit him too… Its not khabib who has to be stopped its him mark my words!

  24. Wait for the fight like the rest of us smh no shit talking now. Like they did with mcnugget

  25. Ma man you sound when you say khabib slowed down in the 3rd against conor. because the plan was to tire conor out and knock him out but he took the easy way and tapped him out in the forth

  26. when normal person gonna down Tony its nothing if khabib down Tony . He totally fuckup .

  27. I suggest better Tony to fight Mc Gregor first. If he win then he deserve to fight Khabib next. .

  28. Here in the jungle the one only king

    only khabib


    Allah is with him

    Allah huakbar ☝️☝️☝️

  29. Khabib will beat ferguson because he has alot stamina and also he is very younger than ferguson khabib has no weakness but tony has because when you see tony fighting in the corner he gets pressureized and khabib does not this is a big weakness of ferguson the only thing khabib has to do to push tony in the corner and then take him down after that tony will easily lose

    1. No doupt tony is a tough opponent for khabib but khabib is something special a kind of fighter who has no weakness this is the reason that he is still undefeated and tony is not that special because he has 3 losses so it means that he has weakness or he is not complete fighter like khabib

  30. Khabib will retire before he fights Ferguson this time.he knows he dont have a chance. His dad knows too..Satan worshippers.

  31. I like Tony Ferguson but come on hes been knocked down multiple times against Kevin Lee and Anthony pettis khabib has never been hurt or knocked down khabib will remain undeafted and retire undeafted

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