Khabib nurmagomedov vs al iaquinta live

UFC 223 results, highlights from Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Al Iaquinta fight card in Brooklyn

Joanna Jedrzejczyk via unanimous decision, Renato Moicano def. Thanks for stopping by. Namajunas used a devastating left that dropped Jedrzejczyk in their first fight and the Colorado-based champ finished her khabib nurmagomedov vs al iaquinta live a series of lefts in a decisive first-round victory.

Iaquinta, who was scheduled to fight Paul Felder, got the nod. My leafs might change color, but my roots are the same.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Эл Яквинта. Полное видео боя за чемпионский пояс UFC

Although Jedrzejczyk outstruck «Thug» Rose, Namajunas landed more solid shots and countered as well as she has in her career. But the backstage melee McGregor allegedly instigated because of his anger toward Nurmagomedov instead has forced the removal of three fights because of injuries from the attack.

Kyle Bochniak via unanimous decision, Chris Gruetzemacher def. White has said the box-office titan who last fought at UFC should return to the promotion this year. But Holloway was unable to reach the weight limit for the bout Friday and was ruled out by the UFC medical team.

Plus, Rose Namajunas put on perhaps the most complete performance of her career, scoring a unanimous decision victory over former pound champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk to retain her title. Iaquinta will not be crowned the champ with a victory.

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    1. jamesnm21 did you not see firas said gsp could do 155 earlier today?

    1. Anyone that goes 5 rounds with Khabib deserves respect, and a platform.

  1. So, are we gonna see JJ in the WWE now just like the has-been named Rhonda?

    1. Robert Francis after rousey lost she didn’t talk about her loss. She didn’t talk to anybody. Joanna answered questions right away and still said shes gonna fight the best.

  2. Khabib needs to stop. GSP will literally wipe the floor with him. Huge skill difference here buddy. Khabib is an elite grappler but he will get DESTROYED by GSP even at 35-36 years old.

    1. Thats a super heavy 185 GSP that was gassed. If they fight at 155 GSP will be good to go for 5 rounds. He was the king of 5 rounders at 170.

    2. VitalYFZ na bro…itll be a good fight…n yea thats the difference..look at the bisping..he was gaaaassed after round 2

  3. Rose easily won the fight she got the better of all exchanges….Khabib did what he had to do with an easy win, not the usual win…..of course he was effected by all the opponent changes

  4. i lost hope to see Khabib and Tony fight. Now Khabib says that Tony has to win another fight before they fight. Tonys body keeps getting wear and tear.

    1. He doesnt speak english properly, thats not his fault…

    2. He’s smart enough to make 500 million on an hour notice . When’s that last time you made 10 grand ?

  5. Haha khabib was just training…could’ve rag dolled AI for the entire 5 rounds..

    1. Earnest12235 bro..he was just experimenting …n maybe did that to try n lure mcchickem

    2. people are pretending those failed takedowns by khabib were ironic, he was just kidding lol!

    3. people definitely do toy around, it doesnt go well for most Anderson Silva being biggest example. I think Khabib got tired, if I recall he didnt land a take down in the 3rd and 4th after trying several times.

  6. Nice lies J. Good luck believing in all that bullcrap youve just spilled out.

  7. Al Laquinta.. hes a real Brooklyn gangster not a Burgerking… LOL.. I like this Khabib…


    1. Abu Ziyad, all you need to do is look it up. Remember not to type in all caps when you do buddy.

    2. Artem “long reach” Lobov U gotta be the dumbest fuckin idiot ever! Show me a fkn video where it shows when Conor enters the arena or STFU!!

    3. Abu Ziyad, it’s literally on camera, look it up dumbass.

    4. Artem “long reach” Lobov So Conor got to the arena after khabib boarded the bus?? U really fkn believe that??? Smfh!!!

    5. Abu Ziyad, I don’t condone either side. But this comment is straight up stupid. He was already on the bus, look into stuff before running your mouth buddy.

  9. I think yall are idiots and dick riding Khabib. Really, Khabib is a BEAST? My ass lmao. Only against these fucking no names. Lets get real even for the fucking belt he fought a no one. It wouldve been cool if he fought Tony or Max (w/o a camp mind you) but AL?? Lmao. Stop. Johnson? Trash. Dos Anjos? Trash. Barboza? Trash. Horcher? TRASH!!!

  10. Congratulations Khabib !!! Conor was just trying to steal the spot light. I think he is fearful of you. thats is why he got on a plain and flew from ireland with his boys to attack you before the fight. I was a big Conor fan till he pulled that shit. FOOK HIM NOW!!

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