Khabib nurmagomedov vs max holloway full fight

Хабиб пропускает очень мало ударов, так как большинство своего времени он проводит на полу, также не давая подняться оппоненту.

Max Holloway Vs Khabib Nurmagomedov Full Fight

Последний бой Нурмагомедов провел в конце года и единогласным решением судьей одержал верх над бразильцем Эдсоном Барбозой. Макс Холлоуэй на три года моложе своего оппонента и имеет на данный момент 66 кг веса.

Живет в США, там же тренируется. За свою карьеру Макс провел 22 боя, в 19 из которых одержал победу, досрочно выиграв девять. Однако также в трех поединках боец уступил, это произошло против Дастина Порье, Денниса Бермудеза и Конора Макгрегора.

Бой Хабиба Нурмагомедова и Макса Холлоуэя отменен! —

К плюсам Макса можно отнести отличную выносливость и боевую технику. Альварес вряд ли впоследствии был доволен, так как был бит Макгрегором. По этой же причине Хабиб так и не встретился с Конором. Холлоуэй действительно очень серьезный и собранный боец. Нурмагомедов тоже не отстает, это будет важнейший бой в карьере каждого из. Оба соперника относятся друг к другу с уважением, что очень похвально.

Трудно себе представить случай, когда Нурмагомедов — не фаворит.

Max holloway vs khabib nurmagomedov full fight

Именно так и происходит. Букмекеры сочли Хабиба соперников более достойным, нежели Макс, несмотря на его чемпионство. Коэффициент на победу россиянина — 1, Ставка на Макса возрастет в 5,10 раз в случае его победы.

Благодарим за понимание!.

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  1. Who’s here to watch Connor get his ass beat after hitting that old man?

  2. look at connarrrrrrr filthy ugly face,when khabib is fuking hes arsssss,i liking very much,connarrr trying very much to get up,but he cant,cuz the bear is on top of him,

  3. at 10.33 to 10.45.look at the ugly filthy pig face of connerrrrrrr,when khabib is on top of him,thats when connerrr realises what the hell I got myself into.look at hes filthy ugly face when khabib is punching him,connerrrrr is fake bastarrrrrr who talks too much but no action.but most irish do talk too much but no action.

  4. Can Mcgregor actually fight? Serious question. The guy fights like that one punk ass kid in school whos all talk but no fight. Hes a funny guy, Ill give em that.

    1. You were probably licking his ass when he became first double champ, and now you changed side because you people are hypocrites
      The guy is still a good fighter. In recent interview Conor said he was not really in that fight with his business going on etc… He was training a lot but when he got out of the gym it was like he completely forgot he had to be focus… Thats it, it happen to a lot of good fighter, doesnt mean they cant fight

      If he was really bad fighter he wouldnt be in the top 10, just think

  5. I bet conor is mastering his grapling/tackling jiu jitsu skill set. Cuz he really need to improve on those aspect besides cardio. Oneday… The beast will return more kinda reborn. Only true fans can see thiss.

  6. October 5TH 2018 — Khabib: I wanna say thank you, to all Irish fans all over the world, because of you guys this fight is going to happen! Tomorrow night im going to SMASH your boy guys, im gonna SMASH your boy guys, IM GONNA SMASH YOUR BOY GUYS!!! thank you thank you!!!

  7. Lol at the announcer. He tryna take 100 punches to the face hopefully he gasses out. Im dead lol

  8. Audio doesnt match video, it jumps around SO much, no wonder he covered clock… Full fight, pigs arse !

  9. MCGREGOR IS A BITCH. mauled by khabib, out boxed by, ya khabib. owned by diaz, his only W is a bitchmove against a defenseless elder

  10. MICKgregor you FUCKIN Irish BUG!! 😄 Choked out AGAIN?!?! 😁 🖕 I hope you fight Diaz again so you can get the Turkey Choke Out (3) 😊 BEE-YOOOOOOOTCH!!!!

  11. Im a Christian and living in the West. The way the commentators and the public reacts on Khabib reflects the todays arrogance of the West towards Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela and name it… Im happy that Khabib won and broke down Connor McClown. Bless you Khabib my bro, this is what the west needs, humble attitude and knowing its place

    1. Perfectly well said. I am Christian too, and have many great Muslim friends. We respect each other.

    2. @TSJ Abubakar gives him/them money for their (homeless men) push-ups in the video. Fake hero? You must be delusional, fella

    3. You are absolutely right. It aint about religions or races. Its bout bad vs good attitude.

  12. when cooner comes in weigh in,he thinks hes some sort of god ,theres one goD and we muslims call him ALLAH,THE ALMIGHTY,LIKE KHABIB SAYS TOMORROW IAM GONN SMASH HIM,BASTARRRRRR CONNNERRR,

  13. first round when khabib pins the ugly connerrr pig down,look at hes face,thats when he finds out ,who the real deal is,

  14. Supposedly the full fight, but editing is crap. Khabibs biggest punch?.. gone.

  15. Joe *Seeing Khabib standing right in front of Conor like this is Crazy* Rogan.

    You should see him face to face with a bear.

  16. If you’re not humble in this world, then the world will throw humbleness upon you. Mike Tyson.

  17. Conor goes after khabib with 30 people. Khabib goes out of the octagon to fight his 30 people alone. LOL

    1. @TSJ am sure it still hurt doesnt it … fucking idiot…lol lobov shouldnt have made those comments to begin with. he was at the wrong time wrong place. It just happen that his bitch ass was at the same event they r in… no way they planned it. Do suck on it wake up already.

    2. TSJ Because Lobov is the GOAT, Conor would need 100 people to do that to Lobov and Lobov would still kill all of the Irishmen…

    3. STFU Khabib and his team went 10 vs 1 against Lobov in a hotel, you fuckin casual

  18. Who was the one saying that he was trying to gas khabib out? That guy is so dumb 😂😂😂 , hey mc gregor the strategy is gonna be to be on your back the first 4 rounds and the fifth when he is tired you can knock him out

  19. What is this mess… showed the same part 3 times and then jump to another part

  20. Irish chicken got fried in an octagon Dagestani Style, the way I love it, slowly and deeply. Well done, Chef Khabib!!

  21. This is why Joey Diaz said I gotta go with that motherfucking Khalabeeb.

  22. I kept pretending that Khabib was that old man in the bar. Made the fight even better. GO OLD MAN GO!!!

  23. The other commentator: “ I think Connor is trying to gas out Khabib”
    Joe Rogan: “ No,,,,Mcgreggor is getting smashed on the face”.

    I like how the other guy is trying so hard to love Connor and giving him a false hope but the odds are out against him with Joe crushing the hope of Mcgreggor winning this fight. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    1. nge-tap aja udah lemes kyk gak da tenaga,.. mungkin udah smpt ngelihat malaikat maut di dpn mata, untung diselamatkan ref 😀

  24. look at the ugly body of conarrrrr,i liking very much when our brother khabib grabs hes ugly legs, and pinning him,,the commentator says ,the king is back.there is only ONE KING AND THAT IA ALLAH,this bastarrrr conarrrr insult khabib and our religion,

  25. Joe rogan was being hella funny at the stare down 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Why isnt he getting up? because hes exhausted and getting his face punched in Joe Rogan..Brilliant!

  27. Connor is a red chicken😂😂 he has no chance to fight khabib!!!

  28. Khabib hablas como si hubieses peleado como los hombres y lo unico que hiciste arriba fue una piña lo unico, porque practicamente corrias en lucha arriba huias de el,solo buscabas suelo para mi eres el campeon de los cobardes

  29. These fucking skips and disjointed audio is really fucking annoying.

  30. Khabib eagles out of the octagon — Drake starts waving Russian flag.

  31. To me as layman, it looks like conor got mounted or in layman terms, he got fucked.

  32. Why isnt he trying to get up? Because hes exhausted and hes getting his face punched in Hahaha!

  33. pride/soul outweighs money for real men…. bitch men who give up get wellfair

  34. Mans says he’s staying calm so he doesn’t waste his energy. Bruv he can’t get up

  35. Khabitch you are fighting like middle Asian fighters your attack only legs

  36. khabib got hands of stone just one hit and you gonne eat soup for the rest of your life

  37. Хабиб гавно он был говном и останится говном крыса бородатый

  38. Damn he did not want to let go. Luckily for Conor the ref was there.

  39. I will never tire of watching this bitch get what he deserves from Khabib.

    Fuck Connor Mc Gregor.

  40. Irish.. this is what generations of drinking, inbreeding and privilege produce. Bitchmade race.

  41. I just watched this fight again to check if any of conor’s excuses, claims and complaints in his latest interview is true… now I can confirmed conor is truely and idiot and a No.1 BULLSHIT…

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