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Хабиб Нурмагомедов – Тони Фергюсон: самый ожидаемый бой в UFC

But a rash of injuries have sidelined the undefeated Russian, putting his title aspirations on hold. Yes, the same dos Anjos who has now the champion and winner of five in a row over elite opponents.

That win seemed to validate the massive hype that Nurmagomedov was receiving. Watch any of his fights and his immense speed and strength immediately pops out at you.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов – Тони Фергюсон UFC: дата боя, прогнозы, результаты

But what makes him terrifying is a powerful wrestling game that nobody has been able to stop. In 22 pro fights, Nurmagomedov has never lost. This guy is an absolute beast, and he can reintroduce himself to the world on a major network card. One does not rack up seven straight wins in a loaded lightweight division without serious talent.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson: Fight Odds and Prediction

He never stops throwing strikes, and they come from everywhere. That applies to his grappling as well. In his last fight against Edson Barboza, Ferguson was literally somersaulting into the Brazilian and trying to grab his limbs. And Ferguson is one of the most creative, dangerous fighters in the lightweight division. Real-time money lines, totals, props and money line are all available now..

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  1. Keep dreaming MMA fans!this fight only happens in your head while your counting sheep.

  2. Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to walk into Burger king and walk out with mc nuggets

  3. *Great breakdown* good job man !
    I think khabib wins by *decision* or a 2nd round *TKO* .

  4. Anyone who bothers being taken down by Khabib wont be winning.. they cant even throw a punch with confidence! close distance or reply to Khabib punch because they know Khabib will throw a punch and then level change.. only another good wrestler or strong guy like woodley would beat him..

  5. I feel like Khabib would dominate in the first few rounds but he would get injured on the ground by Ferguson and then in possibly round 4 get finished mostly likely by TKO. I don’t think Khabib will get KOd but I feel like Khabib would end up getting cut rly bad. Khabib could also win but I can’t see Khabib finishing Ferguson.
    Either way a great fight and respect to both!

  6. Its really unfortunate that Im always missing your uploads man… University and shit.. :/ Great content as always, I really enjoy watching you breakdowns <3

  7. and idk about khabib being powerful if look back at that conor fight when he dropped him i think it was because he was off balance because it seemed to do nothing conor had his senses to go back to the cage he knew khabib was going to throw a flying knee

  8. Khabib will win, coz… this is his time. He has captured tony by the pressure he gave to tony from conor fight. Tony must think twice before the fight!

  9. Big Mouth never wins….. Khabib is a business man and he knows how to deal with the big mouth guys. Wait until the end. Best of luck.

  10. I just don’t think anyone can withstand khabib on the ground. Khabib will overpower him and them smash tony when he’s on his back

  11. Khabib is nothing but his trust on one ALLAH ..wins him inshaaALLAH۔

  12. honestly i think tony is one of the easiest opponents for khabib i got khabib taking tony down eventually mounting hi and just pounding him until gives khabib a submission oppertunity or he tkos him dont know which round but thats how i see it

  13. Great breakdown, I also see Khabib winning, with decision but lets face it all other fighters suck fighting off their back, Tony is at least a last hope in that department and his stamina I believe is the greatest of all.

  14. Look Mathew, you have your opinion, and I have my opinion, lets leave it that, keep your chin-up stay strong, and take care, thankyou

  15. Khabib kill him because Khabib never stop to fight. Till dieeeeee

  16. Its going to be a bloody Russian rat thats gets chocked out! Jon DC heavy weight! Lets go!

  17. How does khabib react to getting cut up, plus tony likes to catch guys in submissions once hes hurt them

  18. Massive fan of Khabib and the biggest fan of Tony Ferguson. I Just pray the fight finally happens and the better man wins🙏🏻 Fight for the LW Goat

  19. Khabib will murder Ferguson, Khabib is just on a whole other level, he is not only way more skilled, has a way better grappling, and he is way stronger than Ferguson , Khabib just has a mental toughness that no one has, he has an unbreakable will, and he simply will not loose. He represents Dagestan, arguably one of the toughest places in earth, and, his father will not let him loose. Khabib will smash Ferguson. Ferguson gets droped easily, he is sloppy, and has becomed cocky. Khabib is 27-0, and he will be 28-0, Khabib is something else, he will remain the undefeated, undisputed lightweight champion of the world.

    1. Macho al 1000 porciento When they do fight we will come back to this conversation and talk about the fight. Have a good day my friend

    2. @Ben Schofield Thank you! You are full of MMA knowledge to. I dont agree with you saying Tony wins, but I apreciate the fact that you argumented.

    3. Macho al 1000 porciento BTW no one is wrong as they haven’t fought yet. We can only speculate. It’s social media no answer is to long. I enjoy interacting with people like you who are knowledgeable about mma. It’s great to have a debate about a great fight.

    4. Macho al 1000 porciento Tony’s boxing is also a lot better than khabibs. I think khabib is an amazing fighter but I want to see him face an ncaa wrestler before I call him the best grappler in the ufc.

  20. Khabib would have no choice but to stand and fight Ferguson.
    Ferguson has amazing bjj and his comfort zone is on his back khabib loves to put people on there back and beat the shit out of him if khabib brings Ferguson down khabib runs the risk of getting submitted.

  21. khabib wi win he have super body flaksibel toni can not punc hem this is just a baut time until khabib finis him wit grapl teknik

  22. Khabib is scared he wont fight Tony. This fight is never happening unfortunately.

  23. Khabib will win the fight because its khabib time. Khabib trust in Allah alone and this is the cause of his victory.

  24. khabib will bit easily because he is powerful person and idea also he have how to fight.

  25. saya dari Indonesia pengagum khabib nurmagregof, semoga ke Indonesia si khabib

  26. Weird how youre good st sounding like you know what youre talking about when in reality you for sure dont.

  27. Itll be a draw.
    1st round: 10-8 Khabib
    2nd round: 10-9 Tony
    3rd round: 10-9 Tony
    4th round: 10-9 khabib
    5th round: 10-9 tony

  28. Khabib fighting is very stable. He never loose his stability till fight ends

    1. Ferguson, better cardio, outstanding pace and Khabib slowed down against Iaquinta and Ferguson has a better tank in my opinion.

  29. Tony the type of guy to stop a taxi to ask him what time is it …

  30. So Mr Kenank if this fantasy match-up who would win?? Ben Askren V Khabib Nurmagomedov ????

  31. if the judge will be little late khabib will kill before submission lol

  32. Hey kenank you dont know much about stiking. Tony will hurt khabob and them sumbit him. Khabob looked pathetic against mcgregor who has 0 ground game and 0 stamina. He has no chance against Tony Ferguson

    1. U Seem to know alot about fighting.? Do u even fight yourself? If u didnt know conors Ground game was actually some of the Best khabib has encountered, and stamina. Do u even know How hard It is to be on the Buttom in a fight — conor was simply overwelmed But Tony is different, He likes to be on bottom Thats Where He makes the most dangerous.

  33. Where did you pull those ratings out of? 😅 Im not saying I dont agree with them, but what metric are we using here? Stats shouldnt be subjective.

  34. khabibs over rated the best figher hes fought is 11th ranked 3rd choice raging Al Tony will win

  35. *Tony vs Khabib will be when an unstoppable force meets the immovable object*

  36. Khabib gets tired too.. he takes rest but his opponents dont chase him with confidence cause they dont want to hug him.. they try to engage in boxing but Khabib runs till his breathing is back to normal…

  37. Habib faiter strong i like you becuse you faiter and fely fely fantastik..tenk .i fans from indonesian ..go go go habib

  38. I think khabibs stamina is underrated. He can go 5 rounds easily, he seemed a bit tired against conor because he was trying to beat him to a pulp. I feel like khabib will be more conservative against tony and will play his cards correctly against him like he has against all his other opponents.

  39. I Have To Stick With Tony But Khabib Has Showed Time And Time Again How Superior His Sambo Is

  40. Khabib os powerful…inshallah win by khabib…inshallah..Allah hu Akbar

  41. Khabib will take fergunson down problem is fergunson its very skilled in the ground, I believe khabib can control like 2/3 rounds on the floor but does not have hability to finish tony on the ground on the other hand fergunson can ko khabib or create and angle to search a submission on the ground so in my opinion 70/30 for fergunson given the opportunity to finish the fight on a decision for 5 rounds khabib have advantage on all 155 division

  42. Chances that Khabeeb wins coz Khabeeb wins against Johnson and Johnson wins against Tony Fergurson

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