Khabib vs daniel cormier

Обходитесь без проблем? Он опережает график сгонки веса и уже абсолютно готов ментально.

UFC 223: Khabib vs. Iaquinta (2018)

Могу сказать, что вы увидите лучшего Хабиба относительно его последнего выступления октябрь года, бой против экс-чемпиона в двух дивизионах ирландца Конора Макгрегора — победа Нурмагомедова сабмишном в 4-м раунде. Уверен в этом на сто процентов. Также по нему ударила смерть отца Даниэля от рака через семь дней после боя DC.

Вся наша команда тяжело переживает этот момент. Если у кого-нибудь что-то пойдёт не по плану, это будет очень плохо для морального состояния Хабиба и всей команды.

Чемпион UFC в тяжелой весовой категории Даниэль Кормье надел маску из про-рестлинга Кейна Веласкеса и напал на Хабиба Нурмагомедова в зале AKA. Ему на помощь пришли братья.Хабиб Нурмагомедов и Даниэль Кормье провели бой в стиле про-рестлинга.  Чемпион UFC в тяжелой весовой категории надел маску из про-рестлинга и напал на в зале AKA. Ему на помощь пришли братья. Начало на отметке Хабиб Нурмагомедов. Даниэль Кормье. Кейн Веласкес. Khabib Nurmagamedov vs. Daniel Cormier (EA sports UFC 3) — CPU vs. CPU Bruce Lee (EA Sports UFC 3) More like this , Khabib Nurmagomedov FUNNY MOMENTS | New Compilation. Khabib Nurmagomedov ahead of Conor McGregor Fight | Funny Moments Compilation & some Daniel Cormier moments. More like this   Daniel Cormier talks about brawl after Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Conor McGregor mmajyt, mmajv, MMAjunkie, mma, UFC, fighting, interviews, news, More like this , Khabib Nurmagomedov drops by to talk all things MMA | UFC Tonight. Jimmy Smith and Daniel Cormier preview the UFC main event between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Al Iaquinta. Subscribe [ ] Похожее видео.

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  1. Can we have a reality TV show with DC & Khabib, McGregor & Faber, Garbrandt & Cruz, Ngannou & Cain, Colby & Masvidal etc. would be hilarious.

  2. The brotherhood at AKA must be on T-V , just to show the world how good friendship is !

  3. This nigga said he gunna slide in the shower slithering after khabib 😅 DC funny asf

  4. Any producer can make a brilliant movie with this 2 guyz what a friendship

  5. 05 on Khabibs shoulder means Dagestan region in Russia
    05 — Republic of Dagestan

    1. RofLLmao why dont you actually come and fight me and have that same mouth

  6. The way Khabib laughs when DC says “You wear your own shirt?” Is so pure

  7. After watching stipe knockout dc I think cain was always slightly better has way better cardio wrestling would cancel each other but cain has any better ground and pound but dc has more power standup with his fist I just favor cain for his cardio

  8. Rush Hour if it was about MMA, with Cormier screaming at Khabib “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH”

  9. Eh eh eh eh…. you luv khabib!? Huh? You luv khabib?! You wear your own shirt so you kuv khabib!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 These guys make my tummy hurt man.😂😂😂🤙🏼🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  10. You cant denie the band these 2 have for each other.. it really became a family thing rather then aka partners

  11. khabib i can tell fancies his chances vrs dc, i can see it in his demeanour, animal lol

  12. Javier !!! Coach! You gotta open up a AKA in Canada Coach. Except call that location CKA Canadian Kickboxing Academy. So much talent we got here that would love that. Come on coach make it happen boss 👊💯😎

  13. when you with Khabib.. you speak like Khabib or you getting choked out 😂

  14. I want to know what all of khabibs Muslim. Fans feels about khabib openly gambling with DC?

  15. Americans: you riding with me right? /you ride or die

    Khabib: We In same car or no?

  16. I dont speak english but when khabib speak english i understand si esay

  17. Khabib after beating Conor
    Now he has the biggest head in entire world
    lol beat Ferguson first before you get my respect

  18. Give the world what they want and show us DC vs Khabib wrestling!!!!!

  19. what a romance! they love each other one kissy kissy bang bang. muslim gay ass.


  21. Lightweight champion, heavyweight champion. Little brother, big brother.

  22. “Wait wait listen listen WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN!?!?” 😂They don’t wrestle together! Khabib straight takes him down. Kinda interested in seeing these guys wrestle for real.

  23. fuck DC fuck Ali n Khabitch one is poking eyes the other is a rat n the third is a borins ass khabitch

  24. I hope Kabib knows there ARE Irish American,from Nj that are Catholic that LOVE HIM!!!
    Kabib is awesome,humble,a GREAT Role Model for the youth&mid aged,and is just an All round Class Act person,Fighter,&Real Champ!!!Hope he Stays undefeated throughout his career!

    1. Gotta love Khabib. He loves his fans no matter where their from or what religion they follow. We need that. To many scum in this earth tearing fellow human beings apart. Peace

  25. Khabibs got such a likable personality so humble , love the videos. May you stay undisputed till retirement our 🦅 ameeen.

  26. These guys together are soo dangeros if one of em snaps he can kill you in minutes

  27. In my opinion, Khabib should be an action movie star after he being a champ in MMA, just like Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). Who knows? I see some talent on him to be an action actor like Jason Statham.

  28. islamic funded terrorist drug users all fucking morons !!!!!their day will come for disrespecting AMERICAN FREE SPEECH LAWS!!!! dispicable boring wrestlers who cannotstand up fight if they tried!

  29. Imagine if khabib and DC got injured horsing around. Thats two champs out of their fights.

  30. ali turns up and its shut down, camera man even hates him, and khabib if im not correct, wasnt to bothered that he showed up,
    camera man knows not to have any ali

  31. I train at your Thailand camp, hope to one day make it to the mecca of AKA!

  32. Haha I love them fucking with Khabib. Khabibs that guy that takes everything serious and plays his part by pretending to get mad. Then admits its just for fun and laughs. Lol How great.


  34. These are the most sincere and genuine friendships in life. As a guy I have some friends/brothers like this, where they jumped into fight for me against 15 people knowing we would all get beat up. Thats brotherhood.

  35. Ali Abdelasleeze needs to catch a serious beating. That guy is a terrorist and a scumbag and all the Muslim fighters hang out with him, they should be condemning him.

  36. That broken English is money 😹😹😹😹😹👍👍👍👍

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