Khabib vs edson barboza full fight

Nurmagomedov has Barboza stacked up.

Khabib vs edson barboza full fight

He transitions into half guard. Ground and pound from Nurmagomedov. More ground and pound and Barboza momentarily gives up his back, he manages to get Nurmagomedov back into his half guard. Nurmagomedov all over Barboza. Nurmagomedov postures up and lands another big punch. MMA Fighting scores the roundNurmagomedov.

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Round 2: Nurmagomedov with the kicks to start the second round.

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    1. fawad wazir cant wait for them to fight will be incredible 👍🏻

    2. Smart answer.Now thats a good fight.Fuck cant wait.But dont think for second that Ferguson is gonna get a easy win,this will be one of the best fight in ufc history.Am a khabib and tony fan but man cant decide who has the edge.

    3. fawad wazir tony ferguson obviously is the best, has the belt for a reason

    4. Its like i have seen u in all the comments in other videos hating on khabib.Tell me who is a good fighter in 155 so i know and for fuck sakes dont say conor.

  1. I dont think Khabib can go the distance. Barboza had more energy in the 3rd. if it was gonna go 5 round Khabib wouldnt make it


    1. hahahaha nice, I was with you, Francis looked like a monster and then……

    2. John Collins yea, and like the man in orthapaedic shoes, i stand corrected.

    3. Keefe Brown you were right on the money. All he had was power in there no other card to play

  2. When Khabib mauls connor the stans are gonna say connor has $100 million and is traveling the world fuckin bad bitches he wasnt focused while khabib still wants to fight and get cte like a fooking dumb ass! Or something very stupid along those lines.

  3. Khabib just recklessly came forward against Barboza. If he tries that with McGregor, McGregor will fuck his ass up!

    1. SickKent Pfff 😂😂😂 Conor hasnt no chance. He got fked up by a 40yrs old Floyd. What a bitch

  4. Next level grappling i want him to vs maia at 170 just to see how good he really is against a jiu jitsu guy

  5. Ronda Rousey is a shinning example of a person breaking in a fight..when Holly punched her in the face fucking HARD u see Ronda change from a tough girl into a cupcake..shed never been hit like that and gave up instantly when it happend so Hooly walk over her like a stone

  6. Im not trying to hate on Khabib, but are we 1000% hes never done steroids? All Russian athletes should have that shadow of doubt on them now.

    1. sean14sc we would know by now ..hes just a raised monster with his father in like a militia grappling wrestling camp

    2. Noneofurbusiness, it’s not just Americans. The Brazilians have been popped repeatedly

  7. Edson can be skittish at times but he certainly brought his balls that night. But like Joe said, the beating was almost inevitable. Still, I respect Edson for not quitting and it was awesome how he kept firing off those wheel kicks in the third round and under that much pressure.

  8. If Conor received the ass whooping that Barboza got, he would probably be tapping to strikes. Conor doesnt like taking excess damage.

    1. @Flynner no youre kind of just a fucking dim wit dude 😂 nothing is worth potential long term brain damage.

    2. @Leg3ndKilla687
      Haha yeah before the fight they all were talking about connors left hand but after that fight i saw just a normal human being. When they overrate a fighter there will always be a shock after his loss..

    1. David Erber max holloway’s style is the same and conor. countered him will in the first fight i think it would happen again i want to to see him fight diaz a 3rd time

    2. yeah, Khabib hasnt seen power like Conor McGregor, but more importantly is precision or accuracy of punches. But Conor will need to take a page out of Khabibs book and apply smothering pressure on Khabib, and Connor will win if that happens. However, if Khabib applies the pressure like he usually does and makes it a ground and pound fight, itll be up to the referee to decide if Connor can defend himself. So, im staying neutral not going to give a prediction. But, truthfully, i want to see Connor McGregor vs Max Holloway. They are so similar in styles and both terrorizing. The First time they fought they just began, but now theyve both elevated their games to world class. I think Max Holloway would beat Connor McGregor in a decision, it would be like that michael johnson justin gaethe fight

    3. about the Choking out part yes lol but i do think Conor will beat him via dominant KO in the first round

  9. Hes not. You will see once he loses hes gonna lose back and forth.

    1. Valentino Diaz we saw few things. His takedowns can be stuffed, his punches avoided and he can be controlled on the feet. Its not neccessary to kill him to defeat him. In fact i think if him and Conor run it back I see more likely Conor winning via decision than by knockout

    2. Future UFC champion but the problem is, he going to lose a fight. You have to kill him for stop him. He is a different monster.

  10. Jesus dude I looked it up khabib has the longest active winning streak in the history of mma in the toughest weight division even if he loses whenever that happens he is arguably one the best to ever do it

    1. The number of wins is not everything. toughest weight division ever?

      Vusal Bayramov (0-0). Retired 2-5 after two years.
      Magomedov (0-4) Retired 4-6.
      Ramazan Kurbanismailov (1-0) Currently 5-3-2
      Shamil Abdulkerimov (2-0). Retired 4-3.
      Said Akhmed (0-0). First first round TKO and has not fought since. He ended his ‘career’ 0-1…. was this guy someone they literally just dragged in off the street?
      Eldar Eldarov (1-0). Eldarov has earned some credibility though, winning seven straight fights since losing to Nurmagomedov, taking his record to 8-1.
      Shahbulat Shamhalaev (2-0). Even though he only had two fights under his belt at the time Shamhalaev went on to be decent and is today in Bellator with a 12-3 record.
      Ali Bagov (2-1) One must question why a seven-fight streaking Khabib was paired against such a new opponent coming off a loss.
      Vitaliy Ostrovskiy was (3-3) with two of his victories coming against an opponent with 28 losses (20 by submission) and the other against a fighter with a 1-2 record. Went on to lose six of his next seven fights and seven of eleven overall before retiring with an 8-11 record.

      Alexander Agafonov (4-1). Retired shortly after with a record of 5-3 having competed for almost two years.
      Said Khalilov (12-9) The defeat to Nurmagomedov was the second in the five-fight losing streak that ended Khalilov’s career.

      (Why the fuck did he fight these bums seriously?)
      Ashot Shahinyan (0-2). The Armenian went 0-2 in his next two contests before picking up the first win of his career. After the victory he could happily retire with a record of 1-5.

      Kadzhik Abadzhyan (1-1). It was the second defeat of what turned out to be a six-fight losing streak for Abadzhyan, who eventually finished with a 3-6 overall record.
      Hamiz Mamedov (0-3). Retired in 2014 8-4.
      Vadim Sandulitsky (0-0). Yes at a *15 win streak(!)* he met a guy making his debut. Needless to say it ended in the first round. Imagine making your debut against khabib…at least that something to tell EVERYONE.

      Arymarcel Santos (28-22). Last fight before joining UFC. Santos 51st fight even though in his 20s. (man likes to fight). This crazy guy is still competing AFAIK with a record of 41-36. Khabib got the stoppage and it was just another loss for the Brazilian.

      After this, there is that fight with Tibau which Tony keeps going on about and everyone says he lost.

  11. The only chance conor is gonna win or stay alive is to stay away from his wrestling… Snipe his ass early or get fucked

  12. Cool thing about Khabib is that fighters can’t study his fights, they are all the same, his opponents were experts in different styles but got to use none of it. So you can’t really see where you can improve your stand up against Khabib by looking, for example, at Barbozas mistakes, because they weren’t any, he literally didn’t fight.

  13. his opponents are fool they waste their energy to running away from his dominance why they dont let him dominate and save their energy for later rounds iam sure he will fall at the end but its impossible to bit him down at first 3-4 round..👍🏻

    1. Google 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball!….

      Next time youre bored and need a good laugh! I love Flat Earth videos: some of my favorite entertainment!

  14. If I were Khabib, assuming I beat Tony, I would hire a camera crew, go to McGregors house at 4am, stand 1 meter from his property line and blast my national anthem, wake Conors family up and post it online. Fight guaranteed 90 days later

    1. A year later and Khabib destroyed Conor and hasnt had the fight with Tony yet

  15. Ill give Barboza credit he never truly gave up and his face got mashed…. Theres nothing pretty about khabib style hes just a slow mauling Bear Pit Bull that will eventually grind you down to hamburger…. I think we all know Connor doesnt want any of that… And Im a huge Connor fan!


    1. Future UFC champion Are you back yet?, I mean he did gas out after swinging at an old man with his straw weight power🤣

    2. @Future UFC champion Lol i forgot that i commented this and no fool, Conor wont do sht.

    3. Future UFC champion the little bitch has more retirements than title defence lol

  16. Habibi is good and that was a beatdown but TFerg would have done the same if not quicker. TFerg choked Barboza out and Barboza hasnt done much since that. People are just overreacting about this guys potential. Lets see what he can do against TFerg before we crown him the best of all time.

    1. well, we found the casual fan, right here, named Thor, someone get his casual card to him on his way out the door.

  17. Conor would be in a lot of trouble and physically dominated and he doesnt want to hurt his image by loosing badly. so it wont happen. Conor is not a fighting champion.

  18. Khabib has beaten 1 top 10 guy who flops whenever he gets a half decent opponent.

    Conor has beaten Holloway, Aldo, Alvarez, Mendes, Poirier and Diaz. With the exception of Nate, hes brutalised every one of them.

    If reading that gets you angry, why? Its just facts.

    Conors performance against Eddie was more impressive than khabib against barboza, he finished him in 2.

    Khabib is a bad match up for conor, obviously. But people need to calm down and get off the khabib hype train before either Tony or conor derails it.

    Khabib isnt bad, but his only challenge hes faced is Tony, and he fucked up their last meeting because of Ill discipline.

    Why is he idolised?

    1. Micheal Johnson Defeated Tony,Edson and Dustin Porier who is all in the top 5 PFP Lightweight rankings so hows he a bum??

      Conor tapped like a bitch 3x and your saying khabib prolly tapped in training wtf?? how the fuck u know he tapped in training when he his coach said he never even lost a round of sparring.

      You lost the argument your boy Mcnuggets LOSS 3x where Khabib never lossed before. Conor even loses to Kevin Lee if they fight and thats FACTS. He only fights midgets and old washed up fighters like Eddie Jose Dennis Siver all out of there prime.

      27-0 #KhabibTime

    2. Spence Mumin firstly, dont call me a faggot you little virgin. Try having a grown up conversation.

      Secondly, Michael Johnson is dog shite, dos anjos lost to alvarez (who conor kod) and barboza isnt elite as hes proven time and time again. Hes got no big names on his resume.

      And saying someone tapped like a bitch is just retarded. Youve clearly never done bjj before, so dont even comment shit like that. I guarantee you khabib has tapped in training before, does that make him a bitch? No? So youre point is invalid. GSP, DJ, Cruz, Cormier have all lost fights before, theyre still in contention for p4p number 1.

      Just because you like khabib doesnt mean conor isnt good. You just think it makes you sound edgy to claim conors a bitch.

      If (and thats a big if) khabib beats Tony, then you can claim hes the best. Until then, hes just another guy whos never faced a proper challenge and has missed and dodged fights time and time again.

    3. Conor Mcnuggets tapped out 3 times like a bitch compare that to undefeated and never lost a round Khabib Nurmagomedov. He Beat Dos Anjos, Barboza, MJ and Tony come April 7th.
      Trust me once Khabib beats Tony I dare your faggot ass to say Conor has better resume lmaoo. #KHABIBTIME 27-0

  19. Khabib is number 1.
    Tony Ferguson is his only challenge.
    Thats the real fight I would pay over $100 PPV.
    Both are masters in there own styles, I would really like to see best out of 3 as one fight might not be enough.
    Both Khabib and Tony would beat shit out of Nate Diaz (Im a Diaz brother fan).

    1. jay rego mate did you see what rory mcdonald did to nate? Khabib will be making nate do backflips

    2. Im not saying nate would for sure win but you never count out one of the Diaz brothers.

    3. lol You Accept that nate would fuck both Those clowns up maybe a little hard time with Khabib that’s about it

    4. jay rego Khabib and Tony would smash the shit outta Nate, accept it he aint high level like them

  20. Who wants to watch Khabib tho when he eventually does make weight he sits on top of his opponent and punches him it’s awful to watch whether it’s Khabib or somebody else it’s boring as fuck Conor V Diaz 2 great fight to watch Conor V Alvarez great to watch Khabib against anybody I wouldn’t pay €1 to see it prefer Tony or even Kevin Lee to fight for the title

  21. Im a huge Conor fan, but unless he can put Khabib away early Aldo-style, hell be lucky to make it out of the first round, assuming Khabib doesnt decide to stand with him to prove a point or something

    1. @Gaboxxy He didnt stay standing like he said. Hes so boring and only connected because he faked a shoot.

    2. Well, he decided to do exactly that, did pretty well and landed the biggest shot of the fight…

  22. Conor cant handle khabibs wrestling, unless he catches him early in the fight khabib will take the W

    1. usman Ahmed lol. I was close. Well he did kinda tap to strikes in a way. “”It’s only business””. That’s a beg for mercy.

    2. Leg3ndKilla687 9 months ago Casey Jones I think Khabib would eat his left. Conor has One punch to do it or hes Gonna be tortured till he taps to strikes

    3. so yeahh…about that catching him early …now you see that he does need too or he gets dominated and he did

  23. Mauled him but couldnt finish him. How can people be raving about a performance when it didnt end in a KO or submission?

    1. UnPoeteMaudit hey kid, Khabib already said he is going to fight all the 3 rounds to bring his condition back into active. Watch his interviews before the fights

    2. UnPoeteMaudit, it is called killing gradually. Which will affect your entire career. Khabib wanted to fight all 3 rounds if you haven’t got a short memory he had already made it clear before the fight that he wants to fight 3 rounds

  24. Rogan and dana always promote the wrong fighter … now i c nganou situation again … rogan didnt shut up for many weeks on the horse power that guy has and he got fucked inside …. now the same shit rogan promoting bears and dagistan and shit but he will be fucked inside and ur eyes will be wtf again

  25. Whenever khabib wins, its always about how great and impressed people are with the guy who loses. Lol

  26. There are few fights i would pay to watch but the top 3 lightweights are awesome right now ..Khabib vs Tony is an amazing fight !

  27. the trujillo fight is the perfect example i think, the guy gave up for all the ragdoll khabib was putting on him.

  28. Khabib is totally flawed. He relies on his ground game. Conor will dismantle him by the 2nd round. I think this guy is a one trick pony and Conor will expose him. I dont rate Khabib that much

    1. Dismantle him by round 2 lol, Connor got dismantled 1st, second, third and tapped like a bitch on the fourth

  29. Khabib is suspect to getting caught with a strike. BUT if he can get the enemy down, no fucking chance.

    1. And the Michael Johnson strike, didnt even rock him, it was only clean….wtf are you on about

    2. He got hit once by Michael Johnson, literally that was the only time he got caught clean lol and he hasn’t even rocked and now he’s suspect?

    3. if he can get the enemy down? who hasnt he taken down? LOL how do Conors nuts taste?

  30. Crazy Conor is the only guy who can beat him . And that doesnt mean he will but can . Conor will pick him apart the first 3 minutes Khabiib will put Connor in danger the Last 2 minutes. Conor Hurts him in the second and finishes him early in the third. That my prediction.

  31. I got Connor. Even if khabib takes him down he never finishes. 5 rounds is five times Connor can strike. Two division champions dont get there by being scrubs. Everyone is going for khabib bc its the typical what have you done for me lately mindset. Khabib just had a good fight so hes on everyones mind


  32. Khabib is the most overrated fighter on the planet. No boxing skills, bad footwork, lounges with the head down all the time. Hes brave, has great conditioning, great takedowns and hes good at maintaining a full mount. Well see how he can handle Mcgregors punching power, speed, accuracy, timing, unorthodox style and mental warfare.

  33. I’m really glad they spoke about barboza like this, I was thinking the same thing. He got owned but he never gave up and he didn’t get broken. His career is definitely not over, he will grow stronger

  34. Conor McGregor — I slaughter your pets and wear them as coats. And I only wear them once.

    1. 😂😂😂 but I wont sign the contract to fight you because I dont have enough money to afford medical bills after the ferocious beating I will get. Vacate and survive there is no other way out of it pumacssy.

    2. I know who that is wait…………………….o yes remembered sir Mc chicken/Mctapper.He has a puncher chance against a guy who can destroy him in so many different ways.

  35. i believe that conor couldn’t beat khabib because although he has great standup khabib will keep coming forward and go straight for the takedown and submit him

  36. I wanna see khabib vs Woodley, and it will be an easier cut for khabib

    1. Yung Wells God I hope Jon Jones retires before Saduleav and Snyder make their way into mma.

    2. Woodley just got beat by a D2 wrestler. Totally man handled. But some of you think he can hang with a world class grappler like Khabib lmao

    3. Jr Dennison Thats what I said. Size isnt relevant when your grappling game is a strong as Khabibs.

  37. Connor if you see this comment please come back and show them who is the king know everyone loves khabib like bunch of fcking virgins

    1. Drug Banjo 😂😂😂 your king is hiding shitless. Got tkoed by a 40yrs old Floyd, tapped to a no: 8th ranked Nate Diaz. Never defends the title. What a bitch 😂😂

  38. This fight wont happen because McGregor does NOT have the balls to fight Khabib even if he was offered $50million. He is shit scared, all the thrash talk is all an act and he has been caught out. He is losing his fan base and not long he will be forgotten. A true Irish blood does not duck a fight, please dont buy his rhetoric — SHAME ON YOU McGregor.

  39. Best fighter in the UFC. That he has not yet received a title shot is #1 BULLSHIT!

    1. Orb Switzer He could take me down I would get up within seconds. UFC needs new techniques as they are behind the times and Khabib is an example of this

  40. Speaking of integrity and popularity, i don´t think that Conor in his current cocky and selfish way has any significant relevance whatsoever. Dude is off for at least one year, giving MMA fans absolutely nothing to weight his own value. Khabib on the other side, is just a true warrior who only wants to fight and give us what we deserve = a damn good fight! I really believe that Conor will be almost forgotten if he doesn´t get his ass back in the Octagon and defend that title. Especially not against Khabib. But then again i can´t blame him for that. Nobody wants to get brutalized.

  41. If khabib cleans lightweight and woodley reigns at welter that’s a hell of a interneting fight

  42. I dont think Connor will be back….. He thinks hes bigger than the UFC and the sport and is demanding a very unbalanced purse. If hes smart hell be fighting like cowboy and getting his coin in while he can….


  43. Khabib Is Next Level! — but he couldnt finish an opponent he dominated non-stop for 3 rounds. Say what you like, but at least McGregor has a tendency to finish his opponents. Im sure Ill receive lots of hateful replies from Conor haters.

    1. Kurt Cocaine just watch the Khabibs Interviews before the fight, every time he said he wants to fight all 3 rounds with Barboza. He likes to torture his opponents

    2. Khabib has never lost a round. What are you saying? Connor got fucked up by Diaz and Floyd

    3. But Khabib told before the fight he wanted to go all three rounds and he did.

    4. 😂😂😂 this is number 1 bullshit. Because khabib knows he can fight for 25 minutes. Khabib will do the same with Conor (if Connor doesnt tap) because after first round Connor will be breathing out of every hole in his body.

  44. Dude imagine if someone didn’t see this fight or knew who khabib was and hearing this story. That’ll make anyone curious to see who khabib is 🤔

  45. You know youre a badass when people congratulate your opponent for losing well.

    1. @Future UFC champion
      The eagle fried and ate the chicken and threw the bones to dogs like you lol

    2. @Future UFC champion conor is punching drunk old men in bars nowadays.. that’s his talent or get mauled on the canvas.. I know it sets a fire under your ass but suck it up!

    3. @Future UFC champion
      I thought when the left lands its bedtime. 😂😂😂
      What a load of shit. He had no power, 0, against mayweather and khabib. Not because he is losing intrest, but because mayweather is a far better boxer and khabib is a far better fighter.

      That was Mcgregor at his best. He was massive before the fight, he was fast and prepared. He done amazing with the first takedown. Wanna know what happened? He gassed. Dont make excuses, the loud mouth couldnt shut up before the fight and got mauled. He shouldve kept quiet. But all he wants is money, and for some reason all the conor fans think thats a good thing.

  46. I’m sure Barboza can come back from this, he showed a lot of heart during that fight.

    1. Barboza is a great fighter. I hope he fight with Khabib again. Sorry for my shit english 🙏

    2. Le Grand Fromage He did show a lot of heart! However, he got dominated the entire fight! He almost caught Khabib twice with a big strike but didn’t. I was impressed that Barbosa actually got up twice while Khabib has him down. Incredible heart, but got dominated soo….

    1. @jay rego will they just fought 3 weeks ago guess what happened

    2. We all know it, but we still wanna see the look in his face once the bear gets its first paw on him!

  47. *Khabib* = Russian 💊💉💊💉
    *P.S.* Nobody fucking knows who Barboza is. Stop trying to sell us the bullshit that hes a great fighter


    2. Anybody who follows MMA knows who Barboza is. And the guy is a beast. But Khabib is a freak of nature

    3. Wolf So a nation of 150 MILLION people has shown a history of cheating in the Olympics, therefore ALL 150 million of them are cheaters? Thats one of the most idiotic arguments Ive ever heard. We know UFC has a very rigorous testing program, which is why fighters get popped constantly. Has Khabib been popped? No. Therefore he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

      Also lets not forget he is a DEVOUT Muslim. I am from Dearborn, MI and have known many Muslims. Sure, there are many half-assed Muslims who drink and shit. However, Im here to tell you that serious Muslims like Khabib who observe the Pillars, e.g. Ramadan (which entails fasting from EVERYTHING through daylight hours for a WHOLE MONTH, including water!), are VERY serious, comparable to Mormons. I wouldnt be surprised if Khabib has been straight-edge for life.

      In conclusion, you are #1 Bullshit! And are basically an anti-Soviet bigot.

    4. Nautilus1972.There is no reason to tell these haters here because they are on the Mc chicken dickriding team here.They only see his trash talking and thats all they care abt.Tony vs khabib now thats a good fight,mc tapper has a punchers chance but thats it.In the other categories he doesnt stand a chance against Khabib.

    5. Nobody knows who Barboza is. Hahahahahaha.. Oh Conor Stans are hilarious lol..

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