Khabib vs edson barboza

Но Барбоза — нелёгкий соперник, поэтому мы настроены очень решительно.

Прямая трансляция боя Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Эдсон Барбоза и других поединков UFC 219

Для меня главное, чтобы после боя рефери поднял мою руку. После первого же тейкдауна стало понятно, Эдсону придется не сладко. Тони Фергюсон должен стать настоящим чемпионом, — заключил Нурмагомедов.

Думаю, это неплохой результат. Честно говоря, очень взволнован этим боем.

Хабиб получает 50 тысяч долларов от UFC. Итоги боя в онлайне «Матч ТВ»

За это выступление Нурмагомедова наградил бонусом Perfomance of the Night, которая включает в себя дополнительные Если я знаю, что могу соперника перевести в партер, переехать, то буду делать. С руководством UFC мы всё уже обговаривали. Если ты проводишь такие бои пару раз в год, пропуская в голову по 50 и более ударов, то это большой урон здоровью. И я даже не знаю, когда он будет это делать.

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Мне очень понравилось, как в khabib vs edson barboza ситуации повёл себя Жорж Сен-Пьер. Например, Альварес и Гейтжи. В это время, как в Khabib vs edson barboza так и в Дагестане команда Хабиба устраивала общий сбор и коллективный просмотр с привлечением федеральных СМИ. А пока у меня нет пояса..

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  1. Khabib’s style reminds me of how I use to play title mode on UFC undisputed 2010 and 3 on PlayStation 3. I always went with a high level wrestler such as Cain Velasquez, Rashad Evans, Dan Henderson, Brock, GSP, Matt Hughes, Chael Sonnen and Tito Ortiz. My game plan was effective and simple. I went for the takedown every time and would ground and pound my opponent until I either win by tko or submission. It worked every time. That’s exactly what Khabib does which is really impressive for real life. 27-0 😮 just says a lot about his style

    1. Ok like every wrestler ever hasnt used that gameplan. You were ahead of your time in 2010 Khabib should owe you a percentage of all his earnings for coming up with such brilliant strategy.

  2. why khabib always punch for the head, i mean body blow punch (like in boxing which harder to do cause the boxing defending stand cover the stomach, unlike when khabib mauled people where the stomach are wide open) will give more pain and damage on their inside organs and they become more fragile to attack later, is it illegal to do in UFC??

    1. Tabka Mohamed you are absolutely allowed hit to the body on the ground 😂😂😂

  3. Fun Fact: Barboza only got paid $70,000 in that fight. Jeezzz I feel even worse for him now. Poor dude.

    1. Yea you’d have to pay me like 10 mil. And I’d tap out right when it started. Khabib ain’t the greatest stand up fighter by any means but it’s still probably 30x better than mine lol. He wouldn’t even have to take me down. Tbh idk how fighter can withstand so many punches like holy shit

    2. Id take a mauling by khabib for 70,000 Id be able to buy a wheelchair and a straw to eat with

  4. Omg he can fuck people with smile and respect .. Only Conner fuck him with anger and trying to kill him 😂

    1. Montana

      I’m not a mma fan, but khabib destroyes everyone in front of him, this guy wrestled bears when he was a kid man. He is not like the Americans or Europeans, he is from the mountains my friend. It has nothing to do with mma fan it is just the truth. Nobody will dare to say that this guy will make any chance. 27/0 baby never lost even a round !

    2. @Montana you are such a fucking cry baby. Im gonna come back to this comment after the fight to make sure you know Dustin got fucking destroyed.

    3. @Barking Shark he said Conor destroyed Dustin and Khabib destroyed Conor. So thats why Poirier has no fucking chance, if that were the case Vegas wouldnt take bets on it. He is a fucking moron mma fan and there are thousands of them and I cannot stand them. This is how I treat all of them.

    1. Its UFC not boxing , within the rules . Its they are true fighters why cant they escape ? Lol

  5. And Conor McGregor chose KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV as his comeback opponent?

  6. I wouldnt exactly call any of thesemauling. HAHAHA. Mauling is what Jon Jones does to his opponents. This is hugging

    1. you clearly have no fighting experience. Anybody with half a brain would rather get knocked out cold (like Jon Jones opponents) then get repeatedly hit in the face for 3/5 rounds straight. The overall damage one knockout does to you is minimal if its by a person in your weight class. Concussion is the worst case scenario.

      A mauling by a person like Khabib however can legitimately cause permanent disfiguration and is way, way, WAYYYY more painful simply because youre awake and aware of each punch that lands on you. Khabibs punches arent strong enough to put you to sleep and there lies the difficulty of it. Mauling is torture, knockout is a quick 1 second ordeal. Getting knocked out is your own bodys response to saving you a whole lot of pain.

      A good analogy would be that of a viper and anaconda. Would you rather get bit by the worlds most poisonous viper and die within 1 minute no pain? or would you rather get constricted by an anaconda for a longer duration of time, crushing every bone in your body until the anaconda finally feels your heart stop beating before it commences swallowing you whole? the answer is obvious come on mate

    2. @c im not saying ya boy khabib aint a beast because he definitely is. but our american boy jon jones is the goat in the ufc

    3. B. Madina uh, yeah, try looking at his opponents faces after his face. You can clearly see it looks like he did way more than hug them.

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