Khabib vs ferguson ufc

Эту пару преследует какой-то злой рок — их бой трижды срывался.

Вчера все ММА-сообщество было ошарашено новостью про отмену боя Хабиба Нурмагомедова с Тони Фергюсоном, который должен был возглавить турнир UFC Этот поединок пытались организовать уже четыре раза, и по словам Даны Уайта, пятого раза не будет. предлагает вспомнить хронологию событий, которые привели к тому, что бой Хабиба с Фергюсоном стал уже понятием нарицательным. Предыстория. Перед тем, как окунуться в историю отношений Хабиба и Тони, стоит отметить, что перед знакомством «Эль-Кукуя» с Нурмагомедовым, у него не было никаких проблем ни с весом, ни с травмами, ни с болезнями. UFC Хабиб Нурмагомедов Тони Фергюсон. Похоже, все идет к тому, что Хабиб Нурмагомедов наконец-то проведет бой против Тони Фергюсона. Эту пару преследует какой-то злой рок – их бой трижды срывался. Хочется надеяться, что четвертая попытка будет удачной. Дубль один. Впервые бой Нурмагомедова с Фергюсоном был запланирован на декабрь года. К тому времени россиянин из-за травм коленей, что дважды приводило к отмене боя с «Ковбоем» Серроне, не выходил в октагон около полутора лет, и чтобы вернуть себе статус претендента №1 ему необходимо было побеждать сильного соперника. Фергюсон в э. Нажми КЛАСС, если видео понравилось и КЛАСС если хочешь больше таких видео. Подписывайся на канал, каждый день новых видео, о всем самом интересном из мира единоборств не пропусти.

Хочется надеяться, что четвертая попытка будет удачной. Дубль один Впервые бой Нурмагомедова с Фергюсоном был запланирован на декабрь года. Фергюсон в этом плане был идеальным оппонентом. Однако в конце октября Хабиб снялся с турнира TUF 22 Finale, сославшись на перелом ребра на тренировке.

Фергюсону нашли другого соперника и на том турнире он победил сдачей сильного бразильца Эдсона Барбозу. Дубль два Вторая попытка также не увенчалась успехом. В марте Фергюсон надеялся отомстить Майклу Джонсону за единственное поражение в UFC, но Джонсон получил травму и на апрель Тони получил в соперники по 5-раундовому бою Хабиба. За 11 дней до турнира UFC on FOX 19 Фергюсон откланялся и сообщил, что пока не сможет ступить в восьмиугольник из-за проблемы с легким.

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  1. Conor will do his thing! Will be back ! Rematch khabib vs Conor in Russia!!! Not Affraid!

  2. Ferguson is for sure best equipped but were never gonna see it unless its at bellator 475

  3. Connor certainly does not want to meet Khabib! !!!! That would be his end !

  4. Tony dont give a fuck . Tony will fight anybody . I think Tony takes it.

  5. Conor should be out of ufc/mma peareat, and life goes on, he should be striped of all belts, for just hiding from Tony, and first on his list, was to fight Floyd and gut his ass beat.

  6. Conor will KO that bum Khabib as soon as he shoots for double leg.
    Tony would submit them both though.

  7. Conor touches a guy they fall just look at his fights he came up short against khabib but look what he did to Nate Diaz in the second fight, Conor is a fighter who learns from his mistakes remember that and the Diaz 2 fight was proof of that

  8. well i guess we have seen ajaj 🙂 great videos , cant wait to see the Khabib — Tony

  9. In my opinion Connor should have to defend both titles ever other champion has had to defend their title and not hide like he does

  10. Conor will return and he will fight against the winner of khabib n Ferguson. Most likely he is going to face khabib and he will make it look easy. End of story.

  11. May i know where can i find the sweetdream soundtrack u have used for this vid

    1. Pig69 Check the description! Its used in the a wrinkle in time trailer!

  12. Ferguson is the most versatile between the 3. Thats why his style matches up with both, generally speaking. I dont care how unorthodox folks think McGregor is, Tonys got more in his arsenal.

  13. Its funny that connor wanted to fight edgar at ufc 222 but when they offered khabib or ferguson he declined … That tells me connor is a puss and i know most of you connor fans would disagree but what the fook do tou guya know anyways

  14. Khabib will wins,And McGregor where TF you at boi? And in Russia or not khabib will murder McGregor.. McGregor be at ringside so khabib would call you out so you can step in the octagon and see khabib man to man.

  15. this stupid cocky cononr said they need a fucking army to get this belt from him haha he forgot what nate dized did to him when he forced him to lay on he belly and tapped out like a bitch

  16. khabib will beat tony tony will beat conor conor will beat khabib . its like this game in rock paper and scissors. khabib will beat tony and then they gona make big super fight in russia and conor going to win . became the GOAT but still . im tony team

  17. You cant run any more man youre in check ….. thats not how that works. In fact that is literally the opposite of how that works.

  18. I want to watch this fight!!! Going to be the best fight of the year.

  19. this video is amazing and I been watching UFC for 16 years and I have never been more pumped up to see a UFC card!!!!!!!!! Im with Tony 1000000000000%

  20. Should have just gone WWE on this shit and make it a triple threat match lol

  21. I really love both tony and khabib. It’s gonna be really sad if one of them losses😭

  22. Holy fucking shit this edit was by far the sickest promo I have seen. The editing was so great, it almost felt like a Jason Statham movie. Great work.

  23. Conor ain’t doing Shit. Both Ferguson and Khabib will destroy him. Nate beat him for fucks sake

  24. Ferguson will smoke khabib thats why khabib always pulls out against Tony. 100 percent fact. Check the records.

    1. What do you mean he always pulls out against Tony?? Do watch MMA? Or are you a new to it?
      They both pulled out twice against each other due to their injuries!

  25. I like khabib, but im not sure he can fight tony in ground fighting, tony is so good in ground fighting, but i hope khabib will win by KO and face conor for the next fight, so far i know no one KO tony before

  26. Khabib vs Conor = Khabib
    Khabib vs Tony = ?
    Tony vs Conor = ?
    I hope the other 2 fights happen 🙌

  27. Every damn time I see Dana open his mouth I want to slap him. What happened to Khabib and McGregor in Russia. All made up bullshit. From him and Connor.

  28. This is the only match I can except. Fuck conor. Fuck gsp. And fuck the ufc if they dont do it.

  29. Get training from bear
    N become like this beast
    The..eagle khabib
    That trailor is fuc****awesome man

  30. Now its Max vs Khabib    ,,Imagine if Max wins,, Then Conor wants Max  :-0h My!


  32. The real question is when will Khabib move up to welterweight division, where he belongs.

  33. i really love your editing something really spacial if u can pleaseeeeeeeeeeee send me a privet message of which editor do you use

  34. The true fighter that have fight with khabib is conor… Tony only complementary that storyline more interesting

    1. @AXIOM FILMS yess the second one that one of the best one man always gets me hyped for training. Thanks heaps bro

  35. thse sad part is: When Khabib gets the belt, nobody is gonna ask for a title shot

  36. Irish only 6 millions , Russian only 150 millions , but Muslims are 1.5 billion and they support you khabib

  37. McGregor would outbox both of them but they have way better wrestling/grappling/conditioning

  38. AAAbsolutely Epic Promo!! Really awesome movie gallery mate. where can I contact you please? If you could drop me a DM on Insta to @thedatingcompanion, Id really love to connect! Cheers

  39. Why is pussy Mcgregor in this video this is about Tony and Khabib, then Brendan talking like he has words of wisdom. Tony will beat both of these men. Mcgregor called out Frankie lol…whatever chump…

  40. Khabib beat danas nephew mctapper into submission! Tony v.s khabib is the fight!

  41. Conor do not fight khabib until now because he dont know how to handle khabib…I think after conor get solution how to handle khabib he will fight khabib.

  42. Lol Tony is in trouble.If you watched the Kevin Lee fight….#Khabib💪

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