Khabib vs johnson

Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs Майкл Джонсон | UFC

Прошлой ночью прошел поединок Хабиб Нурмагомедов Майкл Джонсон, который побудил не спать многих. Но те кто не смогли посмотреть трансляцию могут посмотреть полное видео боя онлайн.

Я для вас приготовил запись в высоком качестве, получше чем показывал канал БоецТВ. Собственно о поединке можно сказать что оба бойца были непростыми.

Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov returns to the Octagon to face interim champion Dustin Poirier on Saturday, September 7 at 2pm ET/11am PT live from. В преддверии титульного боя, — за пояс чемпиона UFC между Хабибом Нурмагомедовым и Максом Холлоуэй, предлагаем вашему вниманию поединок прошедший в рамках UFC Россиянин Хабиб Нурмагомедов встречается в октагоне с известным американцем Майклом Джонсоном. Джессика Андрадэ vs Роуз Намаюнас. авг. 26, Дастин Порье vs Джастин Гэтжи. авг. 26, UFC Хабиб vs Порье — Чемпион против чемпиона. авг. 26, UFC Хабиб vs Порье — Чемпион может быть только один. авг. 26, UFC Взлеты и падения.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов отлично владеет борьбой и имеет явное преимущество в партере. Майкл Джонсон известен своими хорошими показателями в стойке.

Нурмагомедов выжидал момент для сближения и изредка наносил удары. К середине боя Майкл набрал 26 значимых ударов против 3 Хабиба.

хабиб нурмагомедов vs Майкл Джонсон

Далее Хабибу удается сблизиться и не долго задумываясь перевести бой в партер.

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    1. allah bless him and may he drown in sweet virgin pussy after he passes to heaven allahuakbar

  1. Reporter: khabib, who is your toughest opponent so far?
    Khabib:ummm, I think I smashed everyone opponent. But I guess its the bear who was tough.
    Bear: OMG!! Bro u almost killed me u aint playing game.

  2. Who would win in next fight between khabib and Dustin ? Suggest your pick

    1. There is not question for that fight, you already know the answer

  3. Ground and pound. Nasty punches from up top.
    Khabib doesnt give you any space. Its just another level of pressure.
    Barbozas absorbed some big punches.
    OH MAN! Big punch.
    Barbozas already swelling up in one of his eyes. Full mount.
    Barbozas just already overwhelmed. Did you see the look in his face? Hes just getting swarmed. OH. OH. OH.
    Barbozas in big big trouble. Aw look hes getting mauled!
    The look in Barbozas face says it all. Hes overwhelmed here.
    He is just getting mauled. Ughhh!
    Barboza looks severely compromised. He needed help to get to his feet. In my opinion he looks done.
    Non stop abuse. Doesnt ever want to be your friend or be nice to you. No hugging afterward.
    The movement of Barboza is severely compromised. He just cant move right. His legs have given out from under him.
    He got beat on so bad in that first round. He probably has no idea whats going on right now.
    The pressure is just relentless.
    The pressure is incredible.
    Barbozas still in it to win it though. Hes trying. Hes just getting mauled.
    Barbozas almost out here. Gotta keep driving… He just doesnt have it in him. Look at his face. Hes so overwhelmed.
    This could be the beginning of the end. Khabib is gonna pull his arm out. Flatten him out. And smash him.
    And you see the look on Barbozas face. He knows it. He knows where its going.
    Hes in desperation mode.
    Look at Barbozas face!
    Yeah Barboza just cant keep him off.
    That seems to be the look on everyones face after the first round with this guy.
    You just dont want to see any of your fighters taking this much damage.
    Its just. Its just non-stop punches. Ugh.

  4. lol UFC gives me 1 hour rest and I can fight the next best fighter… God level. Mostly because I believe it.

  5. This is so exciting to see the guy getting beat up and cant do anything but try to survive but for some its boring.
    Barbosa woke up after 7 days asking where i am where i am?

  6. Khabib has cardio and chin … Dustin, Dustin just call in sick for your own legacy, because ones that BEAR be on top of you, there is not way youll get up…

  7. when khabib take you down to ground never waste your energy he always exust you and take advantage…iam sure he plays like brok lesner iam sure if you wanna win khabib increase your stamina, (be like water let him do whatever he want,and when he done then break him, he is not strong mantally🙃

    1. @HEART OF A WARRIOR this is fact bro otherwise no one win khabib👍🏽👍🏻

    2. Ok couch , are you done? Anything else?lol how many fight you got?

  8. I’m glad Dustin thinks he has a chance. He’s a good fighter, but khabib will smash him

  9. Disgusting, suffocating pressure. People say Khabib has no cardio. Khabib is next level

    1. @morning star you the only one thats needs to shut the fuck here basement boy. Who do you think you are talking all that shit on your keyboard shield?

    2. @Xavier Pegasus you are comparing looser with an undefeated terminator

    3. @morning star 1. Covington. 2. Ferguson. 3. Usman. 4. Khabib. 5. Jones

  10. this was brutal. the way he took that beating was way more admirable to me

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