Khabib vs pettis full fight

Дальше Конор МакГрегор со своей бандой пытается сорвать турнир, напав на автобус с бойцами и поранив двоих.

Бесплатно скачать Mp3 Ufc Anthony Pettis Versus Khabib Nurmagomedov Full Fight Breakdown By Paulie G. Размер: MB, Длительность: 4 мин и 8 сек, Битрейт: Kbps. RFC 3 lightweight title fight khabib nurmagomedov vs anthony pettis. Время Дата | Видачок. Советуем посмотреть: Фука 1 сезон 2 серия. Попадец 1 сезон 3 серия. Смертельный улов Бухта дьявола 6 серия. Теги: lightweight, title, fight, khabib, nurmagomedov, anthony, pettis. «У Хабиба очень высокий уровень ведения борьбы. Он является отличным бойцом, но в тренировочном лагере я тоже уделял много времени этому элементу. Однако поединок с ним не должен скатиться к одной борьбе», — приводит слова Порье ТАСС. Напомним, что поединок Хабиба Нурмагомедова и Дастина Порье станет главным событием турнира UFC , который состоится 7 сентября в Абу-Даби. А ко-мейн ивенте вечера зрителей ждет противостояние топовых легковесов Эдсона Барбозы и Пола Фелдера. Читайте также: Рой Джонс дал прогноз на бой Хабиба Нурмагомедова с.

И вот теперь врачи не допускают Макса Холлоуэйя до боя. Это самый скандальный турнир на нашей памяти. Но да ладно, наше дело прогнозы и в этой статье khabib vs pettis full fight на бой Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Энтони Петтис. Он вместе с шайкой отморозков стал раскачивать и закидывать всем, что попадалось под руку автобус, где находились бойцы турнира.

Tony Ferguson vs. Anthony Pettis Full Fight UFC 229

Одно из разбитых окон повредило Кьесу и он вынужден был сняться с турнира.

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  1. We should send that commentator in ring so that he would know if those punches are power full or not

    IAQUINTA — R.E.S.P.E.C.T —

  3. Khabib is good but overhyped. Lots of holes in his game and cant even lock an RNC. Cant see why he is a top guy. Very medium level all at its best, what he brings, imo.

    1. @Szilárd — Sid Hegyi dude its clear u dont know shit about this sport… just sthu

    2. Szilard — And by the way, Kron Gracie is a featherweight. Khabib would throw him out of the octagon with one hand… You dont know shit mate…

    3. Szilard — Hahaha !!! Tony got outwrestled by Danny Castillo ! WTF are you on about ? Pettis had Tony on his back… You would never see Pettis on top of Khabib. No FUCKING way !

    4. Khabib is the best wrestler in the lightweight division. Hes not a jiu Jitsu specialist but he still submitted Michael Johnson (who outstruck Tony Ferguson), submitted a former Olympic wrestler (Kamal Shalorus), and outgrappled a 3rd degree black belt in Jiu Jitsu (Dos Anjos). Hes a top guy because no one has been able to stop his gameplan. Thats why…  Imagine a guy whos so good at what he does and who does the same shit every fight but cant be stopped no matter whos in front of him…  Look at what Al Iaquinta and Dos Anjos have done to Kevin Lee (who pretends to b a way better wrestler than Khabib… LOL ! )… Plus, Khabib fought world class strikers like McGregor and Barboza, and they didnt do shit to him… Not so bad for a medium level fighter… Either you dont know shit, or you dont watch the fights… Look at the stats, look at the numbers and tell me Whens the last time Khabibs been outstriked in a fight…

  4. The fight clock is brought to you by model OHHHHHHH, you couldn’t hear it here and you certainly wont ever hear it again…

    1. I cant stand this crap. Honestly this fight was entertaining for about 5 mins in all, he a lay down champ

    2. Ive wrestled and done jiu jitsu since I was a kid, and I can respect the floor game, but I shouldnt have to skip through 19nminutes to find some entertaining fighting

  5. Khabib was watching Muhammad Ali boxing matches while weight cut before this fight. He said this is why he boxes with Al. Because he enjoyed it.

    1. Marathon Flow lmao conor “won” that round because khabib wanted to knock him out on his feet, even though he literally could capitalize on a million takedown opportunities in that round

    2. @Kaleel Rahman lol it was an overhand buddy and Conor got back up and won the next round

  6. I love grappling. Im all about it. Ive been doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for a while but Im sorry khabib fights like a total bitch. Straight up pussy. An embarrassment to UFC and mixed martial arts in general. The worst kind of fucking grappler…just wants to fucking lay on top of you. Fucking lame

  7. He feels like a LHW because he pretty much is he walks around at 200 and just cuts a ridiculous amount of weight to get to 155…. He really shouldnt be able to cut so much when hes so big i think the commission should be able to cut in honestly its just ridiculous what some of these guys do just to have a little advantage

    1. Daniel Dimino yeah. look at everybody he fights when they step in the cage. he’s always bigger. khabib is really like a welter weight. there’s a reason why he has missed weight before

    2. Thats what Im saying. Then they wanna act all hard. Like, no mf, fight at your weight, then act hard!

  8. 0:40 very good defensive wrestler Barbosa lol.. what a dumb ass commentator..

  9. Ill be glad when someone knocks this hugger out. I believe Cowboy would be a good match up for Khabib. Tony is the one I want to see against him though. Als arms are too short, khabib is jabbing the shot out of him. Dustin may do good against Khabib.

    1. Bahhahaha al’s reach is bigger than khabibs khabibs reach is only 70 inches dummy

    2. Hugger? Lol Stfu you little pussy. Khabib has finished 17 fights. If you werent a completely uneducated fuckwit, you would know that he prioritizes positioning over anything else, and thats why he holds sometimes. Other fighters are less patient, and thats why nobody else is 27-0. Cry about it, kid. BTW — I love Cerrone but Khabib wins that fight 9/10 times.

  10. The Russians are masters at developing performance enhancing drugs which are undetectable. Which is why they now save urine/blood samples for years. They can test your blood/urine years later and strip you of titles after the fact. Russian olympic competitors in the early 2000s were stripped of their gold medals because their samples tested positive for drugs that were undetectable in the early 2000s. Wouldnt surprise me if they find Nurmagomedev uses drugs as well.

  11. God I cant wait till my boy Dustin gets a hold of this dude. If he had this much trouble against a bum like this hes in for a world of hurt against THE Diamond.

    1. @Jacob Ramsey if I was a Khabib dick rider I would use a fight from years ago to make my point and over look the spectacular fights hes had since then. Life must be really bad for you. Need a hug? The comment wasnt left for or against you. Why did you respond?

    2. Steven Craig your “boy” Porier got worked by Mcgregor. khabib dominates McNuggets.

    3. Steven Craig a bum? That’s exactly why he challenged for a world title (apart from the whole weight issue but ygm). Iaquinta ain’t a bum.

  12. I really think McGregor will beat this guy up in the rematch just like he did to Nate Diaz

    1. The difference is that he messed Nate up in the first fight as well. Against Khabib he couldnt do shit. And that likely wont change anytime soon

  13. Im fare from an expert but I dont think khabibs striking is that bad he landed several nice one twos and mixed in some kicks to. His jab isnt great but he still land it a lot more then Al did. That been said Joe Rogan is right about his chin

  14. Al did a great job, i think he and Tibau were the toughest test for Khabib until now. I am expecting Porier to be even more dangerous, looking forward to UFC 242!

  15. And khabib really isnt the best lb for lb fighter on the planet… Jon Bones Jones is the best not khabib

  16. Khabibs cardio is awesome!!! He is the DON of the UFC . . Greetings from Serbia!

  17. he pressure by Khabib is fking ridiculous.. once hes on u.. he doesnt fking get off

  18. khabib looks lone those gorilla human soldiers Stalin wanted to create

  19. You all know Khabib could have finished this fight within round 2. Khabib learned that he could take down Laquinta anytime he wanted to but he did not want to hurt Laquinta too badly so he went sparring mode against him.

    1. He could have beat him but he wanted to test out his standing.. it was nothing to do with having mercy. His standup wasnt great though

  20. What if I told you only one person got dropped in khabib vs Conor and it wasn’t khabib

  21. Al is great but its like Khabib was treating this like a sparring session.

  22. Look at all of Khabib dick riders in the comments 😂😂😂😂😂
    When Khabib says send location yall reply in my ass 😂😂😂😂

  23. IAL QUINTA IS REAL GANGSTA! i wanna fight your chicken 😂😂😂 love Khabib 👆👆👆

  24. Iaquinta did rlly well!! I think what’s gonna help u unlock the khabib puzzle is getting a ton of muscle and doin hangboard training for ur fingers(how climbers train), and running a lot for cardio,,, khabib mails people meaning constant pressure, really strong, and wrist control with tight grip,, al looks stronger then khabib in this fight but not as good technique,, I wonder who will be the first to beat khabib professionally and how they’ll do it cuz this is the closest I’ve seen yet!

    1. As far as martial arts training goes I have no fuckin clue wat I’m talkin bout haha

  25. The fact that khabib does so much wrong and has such bad defense sometimes and is still undefeated really says alot about khabib as a fighter

    1. Khabib has a very good chin, never seen him woble and hes been landed big shots in the head.

    2. Its like Deontay Wilder in Boxing. These guys are so good at what they do (wrestling/knocking people out), that everything else is irrelevant…

    1. Zain 429 I’m 6’1 x military but these little
      Guys would hurt me bad I’ll stick with fishing and hunting

    2. Jason Nester trust me bro I whould not fare any better that being the reason why I play ping pong for a sport and not mma

  26. Joe “I mean , they’re ok punches but not that great” Rohan

  27. Khabib

    Best MMA fighter of all time…but…

    He will be knocked out due to his ego

    Khabib has to stick to wrestling

    Khabib is a great stand up fighter but.. there are better

    What there is no better is khabibs ground and pound and wrestling

    Hence stick to that only

    Dont try to show your great stand up ( which U are)

    But if U will lose in anyway will be getting clipped on standup)

    Im impressed by khabibs standup with Conner .. but fuxkin dangerous strategy… Look what happened to Aldo

    Khabib needed to save ego and just do the takedown as soon as he could

    Yeh there are somethings to prove but if khabib got knocked out….hmmmm

    Well did he lose ?

    He shot never do stand up

    He needs to ground it asap

    Or one day an upcoming fighter will clip him

    And khabibs jaw wont last forever the

  28. But I don’t think Al is that good at all. He had absolutely no stand up and khabib dominated on the ground what did Al teach us Joe lol he smoked too much weed before this fight

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  30. Animals shouldnt be allowed to fight humans especially bears with wings.

  31. Laquenta is better than conor…he fight like a man ..atleast he didnt tap

    1. @Robert Edgar We got different view they all good entertainer. It just that I want the best fighter, but I respect on your opinion.

    2. Amzari Black yea time will tell that wrestling isn’t everything when your slow af

    3. Amzari Black loser that can entertain lmao there pound for pound fighters and khabib doesn’t deserve that title . Al iquinta, Nate diaz, cerrone, all of them are way more entertaining then a bear sitting on a man and punching for 40 mins of my life

  32. I dont understand why so many say Al did great in this fight. He got outclassed every round. Even standup. I like Al but Khabib dominated from start to finish.

    1. @Catfish true. But Khabib is known as a Mauler more than anything. He finished a lot of guys but he mainly mauls his opponents and Als face was a mess after the fight. Al is a tough sob but not even close to Khabibs level.

  33. Iaquinta fought really good, props to him. Fighting against a one-ear-having-bear its not easy.

  34. people really overrated al’s performance here lmao. “ hE weNt 5 rOunDs wIth kHabIb “ fuck outta here lol

  35. Am I watching the same fight as these commentators? They are a joke need to be fired.

  36. They had to talk him down because they wanted to act like Conor was still a threat lmao. Such disrespect. 126-16 in the forth round. UFC is a fucking circus. Talk up TJ Dillashaw so much. Gets his ass kicked. Talk up McGregor, gets dominated in every way. Talk up Ronda Rousy and she get obliterated by Nunes. Instead of talking up Nunes, Cyborg is the best of the best. Nunes moves up and slaughters her and she is already forgotten. Now all I am hearing is Ronda and Gabi Garcia. Oh and let someone who tests positive for steroids fight anyway. We will just move the whole fucking event to do it! It is a circus act, and a clear disrespect to everyones intelligence -.-

  37. Idc what none of yall say.
    Khabib is gay af.
    No other MAN would willingly run himself all over another man for a whole 5 rounds but thats what he does.
    The proof is in the pudding.
    Khabib likes the Kha-D

    1. AI PLAYER what’s the point of watching mma if you’re gonna hate on wrestling? Go watch boxing ya fuckin fruit

    2. AI PLAYER Let me guess, the high school wrestler beat your ass as a kid and your psychologist told you that wrestling is gay as a coping mechanism. Gotcha

    3. I like Conor too bro but still can’t hate on khabib the man mauls people in there I was salty too win he beat Conor fam no worries

  38. Came here after Brendan Schaub said Khabib got tired in this fight and I didn’t see khabib get tired once

  39. I Stopped hating on wrestlers…not excited like a good stand up fight or something special but very dominant …. 😴 💤 💤 💤

  40. We have alot of UFC martial artists experts in the comments. News Flash, you dont need to be Mike Tyson on the feet to win a fight. Khabib is the best at what he does. Disagree all you want, but his record and Als face shows otherwise. He is a mauler. Ppl complain about him keeping his chin exposed, yet he has never gotten knocked out. So that shows it works for him. Alot of keyboard warriors out here with no knowledge about the fight game. Not everyone have to be a boxer. Obviously being a wrestler has kept him undefeated

    1. @dearjohnny what kind of nonsense r u talking about in this match khabib was 154.5 and Al was 155

    2. Khabib is what DC at LHW.. cuts weight to fight smaller guys.. couldnt finish Tibau! mauling 145 strikers.. put him against his own size wrestlers like GSP, Colby etc..

  41. Kahbib such a boring fighter to watch. Good as he is. Joe was right in his comments tho. Kahbib is not the striker that Conor was. Problem is that Conor is not the striker he was either. He was not himself in the last fight at all. Seems to have lost the hunger. Money and lifestyle seems to have taken its toll.

    1. Conor never had a strong ground game or strong defensive ground game. Khabib just exposed him. Connor has been ducking Tony for YEAAAAARS.

  42. Khabib was training for max and the last moment he was told to fight al Quinta that was unfair.. but as the eagle said give me 30 min and some water I will fight anybody doesnt matter.

    1. @dearjohnny you are wrong.
      Al was training for Paul Felder, he should fight against him the same day on the same card.

    1. Id really like to se dustin win this fight, in saying that id like to see kahbib stand with dustin like he has done with Connor and al iaquianta. Because dustin has some heavy hands. Would be very interesting to see, also dustins ground game is very good. Alot better then al and connor so hes gonna stand a better chance when kahbib do take him down. Im just hoping it lives up to the hype. And he puts a loss under kahbibs stats.

    2. I hope Khabib is gonna take that win. He improved his boxing between the Al iaquianta fight and Conor fight so im really hyped to see at which level he is now to show it in 2 weeks.
      For me Dustin is alongside with Tony the most well rounded fighter (Black belt BJJ, crispy boxing & good wrestling) in his division his boxing is the best in his division too thats the reason why Dustin is an absolut threat

    3. TheDarkSide It’s a tough one- Poirier is a good well rounded fighter- but Khabib Mauls EVERYBODY- saying that maybe he is due a loss. You never know in this sport, I personally just want to see a fight worthy of a championship

  43. Khabib always drag you the end of the cage drop you down and beat the shit of out of you..

  44. There is no “smashing” in khabib’s style, it’s a lot of grabbing and holding, I’m all for wrestling if you use it like Velasquez but this is crap

  45. When the video first started I thought it was clipped from a UFC video game.

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