Khabib vs tony odds

Хабиб Нурмагомедов – Тони Фергюсон UFC: дата боя, прогнозы, результаты

The southpaw tries to push a suffocating pace, averaging 5. The former champ is coming off a two-year layoff from the cage. Of course, he had his massive boxing match with Floyd Mayweather last year, but ring rust is a thing and his cardio has already been questioned.

The Dagestan native has outstruck his opponents by an average The orthodox fighter has a tremendous 70 percent significant strike defense, absorbing just 1. Much of these strikes came via a swarming ground and pound. His main attack is his elite-level wrestling. He averages 5. This was on full display when he took on Abel Trujillo at UFC when Trujillo was dragged to the ground 21 times through their three-round bout.

How will McGregor and Khabib play out? McGregor has tremendous footwork and will have to play the matador role as the charging bull of Khabib seeks to take him down. El Cucuy has freakish cardio in which he pushes the pace either on the feet or on the mat, seeking the submission or raining down a vicious ground and pound. Ferguson has outstruck his opponents by double digits five times during his current streak.

UFC 209 Odds: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson Preview and Prediction

Ferguson averages 5. The year-old is extremely creative in his standup game, throwing strikes from many different angles, including using the cage to jump off of. Similar to Ferguson, Pettis has a deadly ground game that has earned him four submission victories inside the Octagon and he averages 1.

However, a win for Pettis puts him back in the conversation to reclaim the title he lost over three years ago. El Cucuy has so many different weapons to get his opponents out of the cage, but most importantly his cardio is such that he can mentally defeat his foes with his all-out pressure. Pettis can be dangerous backing up, by throwing some spinning attacks that he has found success in. I anticipate a great battle with two creative fighters that will surely entertain and set the table for the main event.

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  1. Kevin Lee almost got him with an infection and Lee has half the skills of Khabib so…

  2. Paige gets so much shit. Yeah shes a ditsy blonde but she still fights hard and seems like a genuine / good person

  3. Paige VanZant has the best ANALysis. I could spend an entire day ANALyzing with her.

  4. Yooooo this guy Jan looks like Stipe, at first i was like why the fuck is Stipe talking like that LOOOOL

  5. Head, shoulders, knees and toes. What are those? K.O.s! I cant wait to see this fight!

  6. Why is the chick from ridiculousness picking fights west coast Chanel #5?

  7. Werdum pickin Khabib against Tony The Negativ Energy Fergusson. No surprise there!

  8. oh oooo toni . To your face big problem coming. Ask Mike Tyson he will do vazelin to your face . 😂😂😂

  9. If you think tony is loosing that fight you are stupid and I could beat you up

  10. Tony is maybe has a weird/strange style for You guys…but that is just his style, Tony fights like that, He is not why they are saying khabib knows what is gonna do, also Tony knows

  11. Tony has to come in with the perfect game plan and execute it perfectly.

    Khabib just needs to stay away from the tira misu

    i know who my moneys on

  12. Terrion Ware got robbed against that Frenchie!! that shit aint right!

  13. im really amazed by people saying Khabib is the best figther they have ever seen or he is the far more superior figther besides his grappling, what does he does better than Tony??? that is just nonsense. no disrespect to Khabib tho.

  14. Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that will use all of the people betting against him as fuel. Tony has fought All of the top light weights and found a way to win. If the fight goes into the third round, Tony wins this fight.

  15. All the previous fighter that fight khabib are very strong people so I would say fergusen is no different and they all lost

  16. did he just say tony doesnt have knockout power. get the fook outta here.

  17. I have a feeling Khabib is going to get him down the first few rounds, but Tony is going to come back and win the later rounds. Round 3 is up in the air, but 1 and 2 to Khabib 4 and 5 to Tony

  18. Tony has neverbeen stopped in the ufc and never has looked tired, the guy had his troubles, but alwayscome back.. Khabib will have his hands full..

    Kevin Lee would be the toughest fight for khabib, I saw that kevin lee fight vs mustafa malafaev and there you saw kevin s great wrestling

  19. Paige was getting wet while just talkin about khabib. 😂😂

  20. Khabibs ground&pound is a juggernaut….corner and cannonball him continuously

  21. Doesnt matter who wins, theyre just fighting to be Conors next victim.

  22. I dont know, I can really imagine how Tony knocks Khabib out with some crazy elbow shit when he shoots for a takedown. Tony takes risks and he has zero fear and he is a legit BJJ black belt with many subs on his record. On the other side. Khabib just mauled Barboza and he showd no weakness except that he is a bit stiff in stand up.

  23. Everyone saying tonys bottom game is gonna get khabib… LOL. Not gonna happen. Khabib has heart unless every fighter furgeson fought. Kevin Lee has no heart and easily gave up that choke. Khabibs not stupid. Hes insanely strong and furgeson will realize that.

  24. and obviously im young bahahahah! you love yourself girl. and sheve seen one khabibs match and he is the best fighter ever . aw man she cracks me up :))

  25. If Kevin Lee could mount Tony and almost finish the fight from top control (full fkn mount) in the first round…. WITH STAPH…… what is the flying FK do you think Khabib is about to do?!??!

  26. The egale will strike and tare is pray apart and there fighting in Brooklyn.

  27. I hope khabib wins tony shit talking is rediculus. Wouldnt mind seeing connor flat line tony eather

  28. Everyone thinks khabib is just going to dominate Ferguson but you guys have to know that fergusons fights are never pretty. He thrives off messy dirty fights even when hes losing he always comes back to win. I got Ferguson by upset

    1. Alexis Rodriguez Tony might cut him the fuck up with elbows from the bottom, throwing up crazy submissions keeping khabib tight to his body and not doing big damage. Khabib is very static and not much movement on the feet but what he did to barboza was an amazing game plan to make up for this.
      Against Tony I dont think this would work because he has no problem fighting close he invites it, so any rushes in from khabib will be met with some savage elbows and strikes from unpredictable places that will hit a lot.
      They both have amazing cardio though so I dont see one wearing the other down.
      When Tony got mounted by Kevin Lee he was great at avoiding big damage and even laughed at him which frustrated Kevin, so I dont think khabibs wrestling is gonna work as well on him as it has on others.

      Its hard to tell but Im leaning towards Tony with this one. Both of them would make brilliant champs tho very entertaining. Tony by upset as well with some snap jitsu shit.

  29. Khabib cannot lose because of Allah. The only way khabib can lose is if there is no Allah. As-salamu alaykum

  30. if anyone is gonna beat khabib its tony. Tony has the heart and cardio needed aswell as the bottom game that can reduce the amount of damage khabib can inflict.also weve only see khabib go 3 rounds so if tony requires alot of energy to control the championship rounds can go tonys way. This probably the most fascinating matchup that lightweight has ever had with the 2 fighters that sustain the most pressure facing each other.

  31. Look up Jessa Roahds and tell me she doesnt look like PVZ.

  32. UFC 223: Ferguson vs. Khabib Prediction time stamps

    Fabricio Werdum 0:08

    Terrion Ware 0:21

    Jan Blachowicz 0:59

    Jimi Manuwa 1:15

    Michael Bisping 1:30

    Peter Sobotta 2:22

    John Phillips 2:49

    Tom Duquesnoy 2:57

    Dan Hardy 3:07

    Paige VanZant 3:59

  33. Yes Bisping, his competition is totally shit. RDA, Johnson and Barboza are totally shit opponents. Will you call Tony shit when he beats Tony also? There will be no one left to beat him in the division after this.

  34. Same thing happened on the Aldo-Mcgregor fight, and it happened a few months later in the Eddie-Conor fight, and guess what? Mcnuggets finessed all these predictions

  35. With jujitsu khabib definitely won’t put tony away. Khabib rarely finishes his opponents on the higher levels

  36. A lots being made of the fact that Kevin Lee mounted Tony and got off some ground and pound…no one seems to remember how badly TF cut him up with elbows from the bottom.

  37. what a cringe response from Paige, should not have a shit to say about prediction haha

  38. Remember. Tony Ferguson is a motherfucker. He has his filthy deathrumental moments where he gets away with shit. Two examples.
    Against RDA the eyepoke changed the entire fight in my opinion.
    Against Barboza the headkick on the ground would have rattled the fuck out of Barboza and definitley effected the fight too.
    Khabib is beast but Tony is a motherfucker.

  39. Khabib will MAAUL him!! Anyone who picks Tony doesnt know anything about MMA! Tony got full mounted by Kevin Lee! Lol, Enough said!

  40. Paige what a dumb dumb bitch! Never watched a Khabib fight??
    I mean WTF bitch!? Its your god damn sport! You learn A LOT by watching other elite fighters and taking a few moves from them!
    No wonder why she sucks! *pun intended*

  41. again, Dan hardy with the best insight. i HATE those fighters who picks based on yeah you know his my boy, so im gonna go for him to win . Fuck those useless predictions

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