Max vs khabib

Учитывая, как Нурмагомедов сгоняет вес, можно предположить, что max vs khabib между ними составит килограмм. Поставить на его победу можно по коэффициенту 1.

UFC Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs Макс Холлоуэй – Онлайн Video

Были опасения, что из-за неожиданной смены соперника Хабиб не успеет сделать вес, однако на произошедшем сегодня взвешивании спортсмен показал полную готовность к бою, уложившись в необходимые параметры!

Потому что он будет пытаться нокаутировать меня на глазах у моей команды, моих друзей, семьи. Но за день до поединка снялся из-за экстренной весогонки во внесореновательный период он весит в районе 80 килограммов. Olivier Aubin-Mercier Alex Caceres vs.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs Конор Макгрегор Полный бой смотреть онлайн онлайн в хорошем качестве HD

Это была Пасха, первое апреля, было сложно сказать людям, что я буду драться, никто не верил. В США бой можно посмотреть вечером 7 апреля, в России же трансляция доступна только утром 8 апреля из-за существенной разницы во времени.

Глава UFC Дана Уайт назвал случившийся инцидент самой отвратительной вещью, случавшейся в истории организации. За свою max vs khabib Макс провел 22 боя, в 19 из которых одержал победу, досрочно выиграв девять ..

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  1. Max got lucky.. There is mo way in the world max would beat khabib lol no fucking way

  2. Khabib might be talented but his fights are boring like nobody goes oh khabibs fighting lets buy payperview cos everyone knows all hes Gunna do is hug for 5 rounds

  3. Khabib is right tho, he says that its stupid of Max to go drinking and havin a vacation instead of getting ready for a toouughhh fight with a guy who only do wrestling..
    Come on guys, those of us who have trained after a weekend of partyin we know its a bad idea.

  4. I am a fan of khabib. But max talks true. Love the fight game! Not the individual.

  5. I think khabib will give max a worse beating had this fight actually happen.

    1. @Black bitches want white pornstars no shit. you are a nigga. You are ashamed for yourself. Your owner allows you to comment?

  6. Atlast mcgregor trashtalk tradition will be change to more friendly one on one trashtalk,more like a debat a little but a friendly one without involving those who dont enter the cage

  7. He looks tough ..
    Not like the other one.. i forgot his name..
    Was it McDonalds?

    1. No fool. first name McTapper middle name burger king and last name McChicken

  8. This is how I like it to be, they’re both talking a little trash but still enjoying each other and being respectful it’s a shame this fight never happened maybe in the future

  9. We are from Indonesia support and Love love ya habib Khabib ..always the best from the best

  10. Khabib got a point still too much chillin iz wat fcks u up and then u wanna take five rounds with a Monster credit due Max !!!

  11. If khabib is still khabib Max is going to get his ass kicked all night long. Khabib was cheated by the UFC. If hes still the fighter he once was.. . forget about it guys its not match….if khabib hasnt been fighting or has moral weakness due to being punished by UFC ….then only then Max has a chance…. Its almost as if the UFC is setting Khabib to lose

    1. looking at maxs fight with ortega i start to believe theres chance khabib loses

  12. Listening to khabib tash talk is brilliant straight to the point innocent man but in that cage you are getting thumps

  13. Stop toking trash. Max ran away. This is what happen when talking go trash. Why he didnt fight with khabib? Tony and max keep making excuses for nothing. Because they know he will make them down in the ring. Or put their neck got choked. Why they scared of him? Talk trash like connor and got baptised. Khabib never said no. He keep saying bring them all.. lol. Be real man not chicken. He said im gona smash him and he did it. Looooool. Looooove to see more.

  14. I honestly think that max hollaway would win max or tony Ferguson are the only two people I see beating him

  15. Khabib was saying that aside from not being in the best fighting shape, maxs fighting style is tailor made for khabib. And max was saying that regardless of what anyone says, if he was given an opportunity to fight the BEST, he will never pass it up

  16. Khabib will kill max…pray for max😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  17. Max vs khabib is come to be a match the new featherweight champion is khabib because he won many matches no loses.

  18. Khabib Za Poopoo did not say all that, he does not even speak English.

  19. You guys see khabib is respecting max. He is talking good things about max. But max keep talking about himself. This is the big difference between humble and ignorant. Max didnt say single word about khabib while khabib is saying max is great guy.

    1. Fatcs. Khabib is nice guy and the greatest because his action and respect. While all others ufc fighters talking trash

  20. That was some good trash talk , they both respected each other and talked about their fight style and each other , not about each other’s family or religion or background

  21. The man who can beat khabib is not born yet… Muhammad Ali wrestle with alligator, khabib wrestle with bear
    ..u all make me laugh if this jabroni can beat khabib…..if u wanna lose ur money be fool bet
    With this jabroni

  22. If u want to be the best,u must be ready 100%,most of the fighters when they become rich they party alots,fame can make u lost focus Max…think back where ur roots are,thats will give u motivation back

  23. Max is a great fighter, the way he handled Ortega was tough to watch but Khabib is a different animal, I don’t even see Tony being able to stand against his ground n pound + constant pressure, enough example with the Barbosa fight.

  24. Both have good personalities and have lots of respect for each other

  25. Good for Max Halloway,

    he cancelled the fight. Cant imagine the fight since I saw Khabib fighting with Jhonson, Connor, Al Aquainta, Barboza, man the list goes on…

  26. I don’t think it’s a good match up for Holloway. He’s lengthy and skinny. Throws a lot of punches. But khan in can taken down any man so Holloway gonna be in for a long day.

  27. Алхамдулилох хабиб хабиб иншолох

  28. Khabib always talks shit about drinking cause hes a Muslim. But… If he had a little drink maybe he could take off his wifes towel.

  29. *there’s something deadly about the way Khabib talks* it’s just the vibe he gives off 😂 legend

    1. I say the same thing bro 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  30. What a great fight it could have been? I really want to see this in the future now.

  31. Nah. This aint gonna be a tough fight. Khabib vs Tyron or Khabib vs GSP would be better.

    1. You saw what usman did to tyron. Khabib would smother him for 5 rounds

  32. Khabib giving advice to his opponent about not training hard enough 😂

  33. Khabib was hitting him with straight facts which is why Max decided to start yelling cus he had no answers. Khabib was right, Maxs whole gameplan is to overwhelm opponents with pressure and volumn and get them tired. Thats not going to work against Khabib.

  34. I remember when mma fighters hardly talk and just fight. Now a days theyre soft asf nothing but candy asses

  35. Smh tony and max pulled out. We gonna have Dustin vs khabib, and then tony khabib

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