Mcgregor vs khabib after fight

Конор Макгрегор онлайн на Android андройде в хорошем качестве у нас на сайте, поделитесь с друзьями этой страницей.

Конор Макгрегор : Возбужденные предстоящим шоу зрители Абсолютного бойцовского чемпионата уже готовы встретить своих кумиров. Совсем скоро непревзойденный российский боец Хабиб Нурмагомедов должен начать сражение с отличным ирландским спортсменом Конором Макгрегором.

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Ведущие шоу напоминают о невероятных достижениях борцов, их профессиональной мощи, а также непревзойденной харизме, что mcgregor vs khabib after fight подтверждают сами соперники, пытаясь для начала сразить друг mcgregor vs khabib after fight психологически — одним лишь взглядом. Женский бой на разогреве никак не может затмить долгожданную схватку знаменитых Нурмагомедова и Макгрегора. Тем не менее Мишель Уотерсон и Фелис Херриг показывают интересный поединок, который заканчивается безоговорочной победой первой участницы.

Следующими на октагон выходят талантливые бойцы Александр Волков и Деррик Льюис.

UFC бой Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs. Конор Макгрегор смотреть онлайн ()

Их битва шокирует многих, так как почти в последний момент чернокожий боец обходит соперника. Наконец свершилась мечта фанатов, и в зал вышли Нурмагомедов с Макгрегором. Яростный бой, казалось бы, закончился безоговорочной победой Хабиба..

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  1. Ive got Irish blood in me but I wanted this guy to win, hes a genuine champion you can respect. Connor is drug abusing piece of shit, a loud mouth drunk.

  2. Khabib is a amazing fighter and such a humble guy, well deserved win against that Irish prick.

    1. Dude dont use his nationality. There are many honorable respectful Irish. We need to respect one another and not let a fool like that drunk Conor reperesent the Great Irish people. Peace.

  3. Look MashaALLAH all comments in favor of KHABIB,because he truly follows the teachings of Islam,so he who does that ALLAH makes him respectful even among the enemies.
    Embrace Islam for your own benefits leave your ego and pride away as they are your worst enemies yet they robs your peace respect and everything you know off

  4. Guys this is all about Caucasian country and tradition they are very strong persons in this country everything is respect,cause if you dont respect someone he can beat your ass,and the family special fathers and grandfathers ar most respected people by the family and society they cant excuse you if you talking some shit about family,they can kill you so conor get way to long in his trash talking I am from post soviet union coutry so I know what is mean to be dagestan for all trash words on press conferences conor payed with his loose,if would be rematch in September conor is used to be beaten another one time

  5. He looks like this is the pre fight press conference. Did he fight on play station. So rested.

  6. Im Irish & McGregor does not represent me. He is a vile, horrible man. Khabib is a true gentleman.

  7. I ain’t gonna lie I like Conor bit he had that coming he was humble all he did was call him a chicken and Conor was all fuck your father fuck your religion and ya trashed talked him during the fight WTF But it’s Khabib fault nah bro that’s messed up

  8. Everybody says khabib a Muslim!!!
    Come on people,,,😑 hes a Russian Gangsta 👍…. product of USSR ✌️

  9. Khabib is the type of guy to wonder why people STILL talk about something that just happened 10 minutes ago

  10. Trash talk all u want. Say u gonna beat the dog crap outta someone. Say u gonna kill them. But leave family, religions and nations outta it. Thats not right. not condoning what khabib did at all, but a man has a limit.

  11. Khabib is a A1 savage mctapper ain’t really with the shit like khabib

  12. I never liked Wahhabi, but have grown font of him. You are a true champion my friend.

  13. McGregor fans who discovered him 4 years ago: “He DiDn’T lOsE”. Against Floyd: “He DiDn’T lOsE”

  14. Pure Muslim character… Humble honest and down to earth… Really love him … I wish people saw Muslim as khabib nt jst violent terrorists who actually have no religion

  15. Khabib is just such a stand up respectful dude and he’s what I believe in so much real Gs/badasses move in silence and don’t do much talking just f ya up hahahah he straight BAMF!!!!!

  16. I like how all his worried about is how his dad is going to smash him when he gets home

  17. HABIB : you can not talk about…you can not talk about…you can not talk about…you can not talk about — someone should teach him the concept of the free speech. 🙂 you CAN TALK WHATEVER YOU WANT ITS A FREE WORLD. not an islamic hell as in the islamic states.

  18. I dont see any toxicity in the comments here.. McGregor fans rlly cried that night

  19. Fuck this fool, one two three fuck this fool. Conor is The Only Champ Champ and the best fighter. #ConorWonTheWar

  20. Conor was talking too much as he always do…He always show huge aggressiveness ..consider on his size he should have put his head a little lower..Well Done Khabib…Best Champion.

  21. Wow so humble if Conor was up there he would be a cocky motherfucker talking a lot of shit

  22. Media didn’t change MMA. Dana’s fat ass allowed the UFC to become the shit show that it has become. Khabib is a real man and a true representative of the sport. We need more like him and less like Conor’s dumb ass.

  23. Dana says UFC is a real sport….then how about you enforce rules in and out of the ring for everyone…Conor grabbed the cage (multiple times), grabbed his gloves (many times), and illegal knees to the head and NOT ONE POINT DEDUCTION. How are you gonna call yourself a sport when you allow a fighter in a championship title fight to break many rules and not even lose points. Its like running down the court without dribbling in the NBA and just allowing it to go on.

  24. Lol just realized he didnt even give a fuck about the questions just said what he wanted to say and skedaddled

  25. Im from Ireland and I respect khabib and Dagistan. I would like to see khabib go up a weight division like McGregor and challenge for another title.

  26. Now i understand y khabib slap 1 of concer pupil at 1st place. B4 da beef dey had

  27. Khabibs face when he told everyone I know my father is gonna smash me when I get home

  28. I half expected Conor McGregor to come up behind this guy with a chair and hit him mid sentence, then the wwe logo pops up near the corner of the screen.

     And we would all be reminded, again, that we are never safe.

  29. Alhamdulilah !!! Khabib you are best role model !!! A lot of love from 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿

  30. There’s a difference between talking shit before a match and busting the bus, there’s another to claim the high road the whole time he was doing that then after you win to try to fight his camp and then your camp jump the cage and try to punch the guy you just beat

  31. I really like him it’s funny I was huge Conor fan but he’s been going over line lately which kinda been turning me off going in I still liked him but then I listen to both talk in press conference I khabib won me over I started to like em more and more especially more and more connor talked I didn’t really like it and he was turning me off he’s changed to much like yes he always been like that to extent but lately especially after Floyd and not being punished for shit he does especially bus he could of killed someone and he just doesn’t get it and it’s sad khabib May of jus buried him Connor better be ready if he gets rematch n he dumb cause he keep poking the bear trying get rematch in process khabib going punish your ass again and next time he may toy wit ya and make ya go all 5 till he makes em tap or KO”d he may get Ronda rowsey’d and like I said I like Connor still do to extent not what he becoming is turning me off slightly he better be wise my new boy the “fan” boy as he called him may really finish his career for good khabib will fuck Connor up again I believe like that whole fight he dominated it was sad to watch almost

  32. I dont know why if some people talking bad about khabib he is so humble a champ undefeated he is a nice guys and had a big respect to his Father family and his fans.

  33. We love u bro, u r the real champ, corner is a Flithy mother fucker asshole bastad

  34. The fact that we all love fighters cursing and disrespecting each other shows how low and depravred we all have become as a society. We all need to show better character because we will pass it on to our children. Much respect to Khabib.

  35. Fuck off mate.
    If I want to criticize religion or someones shitty country I will.
    Islam is a fucking joke. And Russia is also a fucking joke.
    Christianity is also on that list of absolute piss takes.
    We have freedom in Scotland and the rest of the normal world, if we want to disrespect your shit then we fucking will!
    Come to Scotland and try give that attitude here. Youll be ripped to shreds in seconds boy.

    1. Wow, you just ruined my opinion of Scotland being one of the best countries on earth

  36. Khabib is right this sport is about respect not trash talking, no nonsense this sport should be way more than that

  37. Yo wtf? What about Connor did he get an ass whooping from his father??? Everyone knows Connor deserves an ass whooping from his father as well, khabib is a humble guy and he gets an ass whooping from his dad? While Connor is a deranged asshole and his dad doesnt whoops his ass? WTF

  38. Very proud of Khabib! Thanks to him to have defeat the poor Mac Gregor. Mg can go now play Pokémon with his big mouth……

  39. I paid 60.00 USD to watch a FIGHT. Conor LOST the FIGHT after he said that he was not going to 🤷‍♀️ So, therefore, how can he be taken seriously? He can’t. Conor Mcgregor no longer puts fear in to people after he lost this fight. The fear that he put in to Eddie, Nate, Aldo, etc no longer exist. Conor does not scare people anymore.

    1. I dont really think he put fear i people he messed with their heads to the point they forgot their game plan and just came to fight where as he followed it backfired with Khabib and i think he didnt really get into Nates head in my opinion. Thanks mate

  40. I’m a Muslim raised in a similar way that khabib was raised. When we say alhamdullah that dose not mean it’s a dig on other faiths or exclusion of fans from other faiths, it’s just a way for him ( us Muslims) to acknowledge our gods blessings. Just think about this khabib has friends like brothers from other faiths like dc and luck and others. Muslims are very exclusive opposite to what media wants you to think

  41. As he said why are people talking about his jumping off the cage when connor with his 40 goons hurts people like michael chiesa and others ???? Any connor fan has got answer to this question? Because this is just getting me irritated

  42. So I think it’s ok to say anything you want to sell a fight… But it’s also ok for the talked about to whoop your ass for saying it…

  43. I don’t think he understands that In a fight after you win everything is settled the fight was over . If he’s saying it’s a respect sport than show respect after the fight cmon now

  44. Throwing a chair could kill few peoples hahah but thats just what muslim are doing. Theyre not logical and objective, only talk about something advantageous for them and dun allow any others to discuss about what they do wrong

  45. You dont have to be sorry. Connor Dana and the media tried to bully you. The way they attacked religion, culture, and your father, was not nice of them. This sport like all the other is still about respect. Respect should always be maintained which you did whilst Connor said rubbish about you and Dana just enjoyed it all. You are a truly humble fighter and we respect and support you. May Allah protect you and give you more success in Shaa Allah. Ameen

  46. great guy, inspiring example for a great great fighter, no bling bling, reduced to the essentiel and also he is very friendly and a super nice guy autside the cage

  47. conor talks alot of shit for entertainment & views, but i guess khabib isnt all about that, he just fights with pride & respect

  48. this is a respectful sport

  49. I love you brother khabib and we have to understand 2 things from this clip 1- only khabib father can hit him and 2 _ dont send your location to khabib 😁 love from Palestine

  50. His religion , his nation and country and his family is very important for him and hes willing to die for it

  51. You cant buy respect with cash. Khabib got my respect 🙂 Conor needs to Man the Fuck Up !

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