Mcgregor vs khabib aftermath

UFC 229: Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs. Конор Макгрегор (2018) онлайн

Glad Khabib won the fight. Fight me. Author — Shinsuke Nakamura I agree with khabib, for remind and respect others ufc player. Author — black rose Khabib behave after the fight was a shame! Conor, Head up and stay away from drugs, than you can choose between, going on MMA, or doing thomething else.

Breaking Aftermath Of Conor Mcgregor Vs Khabib Nurmagomedov Fight Ufc Mma

Come back to your feet, Khabib did not beat you in this fight, you do, bevore this fight even starts. Good traction and Peace to Conor! Khabib, you are strong and your Groundgame is great. Author — Conor had it coming after the bus incident. Author — Matt ulino good job khabib, they smart to insult end mocking, end now cry.

Бой: Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs. Конор Макгрегор онлайн ()

Round 2 he got him but he did not destroy him by any means once again Connor got to his feet and laughed at him at the end of the round. Than round 3 Connor WON yes khabib has officially lost his first round and 4 khabib just cheaped him out with a choke hold cuz he was to scared to go on haha! Joe rogan announced it like a moron Connor did well against all his cheap attacks. If that pussy stands up and fights like a man he will lose..

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  1. khabib the lion wanted to hunt down all the dogs… its so satisfying to watch this. khabib the real champ, good human being.

  2. Conor only Hard in front of camera . Khabib and his team came to smash him and his team , John kavanagh also deserved a slap but was spared

  3. fcuking biased analysis… not a singlw word u said about Khabibs post match press conference.

  4. lol dana white is like conor didnt want to press charges conor is the one who started it and punched abubakr

  5. 4:42 is Zubaira tuhugov..get your facts straight…islam was all the time outside the cage since he went and hit Dillon Dennis! The guy in red is not Zubaira my dear….its another Russian from their closed entourage circle! (check the close cage side footage 4:58 youll see that the guy in red is not Zubaira…and you can CLEARLY see that the guy in dark grey/black tshirt & black pants is Zubaira).
    so a recap…the guys inside the ring are (Abu Bakar ) who was hit on the top of the cage by Mcgregor….Zubaira (dark grey tshit and black pants)…and another russion from the entourage.

  6. To conners team : guys dont ever say bad things about the religion, family and Nation you idiots you all deserve it. And congratulations to the champion Khabib you are the King . ❤🇦🇫 🇦🇫

  7. Good Habib… Thats consequence if any people no respect with religion.

  8. احمد الله انني مسلم الله أكبر الله أكبر الله أكبر الله

  9. McGregor is lucky to be left alive by Khabib. An arrogant person like McGregor deserved more punishment than this.

  10. Wtf is this sport. You shit talk your oponent, you trows shit on their bus. You should be pernamently banned out of the official ring. But yea money.

  11. Conor had it coming 😈
    In hinduism we say what goes around comes arounds karma is real. Conor got served his karma by khabib on a big silver platter.

    1. You mean by Khabibs teammates? Khabib attacked Dillon and later pretended it was because of Conor.

  12. In my humble opinion Khabib is a true muslim. He is asked: Wy you did what you did(wanted to fucking kill the guy, responded with violence to words). He answers basically: What does it matter, look at conor, he is a bit of a prick too. Typical fucking sneaky oriental shit. Lives in fucking california, had been for seven years, and still couldnt speak english for shit… What is this?
    Conor did not presas charges, saved him probably tens of thousands of dolars in legal fees and the fucking Ahmed is still trashtalking…

  13. If Conner and kabib had a MMA fight that would be awesome bc Conner would kill him

  14. i hate looser…only looser idolizing looser. Bravo Khabin you are strong, the strongest off all

  15. I’m gonna laugh when everyone sees that khabib is nothing but a pussy that will not stand up and really brawl. I hope when he gets beat, that it’s on the ground and horribly bad.

  16. October 5TH 2018 — Khabib: I wanna say thank you, to all Irish fans all over the world, because of you guys this fight is going to happen! Tomorrow night im going to SMASH your boy guys, im gonna SMASH your boy guys, IM GONNA SMASH YOUR BOY GUYS!!! thank you thank you!!!

  17. talking about religion WTF TRASHTALK . if you still respect connor omg you must check your brain and shoul

  18. Love you my Muslim brother recpect & love from Pakistan🇵🇰❤️☪️my Allah bless you❤️

  19. Dilin looks fucjing gay … Fuck u dilin u did all that shit u ticket dump bitch

  20. So Conor finally decided to retire after this embarrassment but I was your fan but cocaine turn you nuts !
    Khabib 👍🏻Wish you best 7sept ❤️

    1. Khabib a warrior and pious wish him best of luck next fight with Ferguson and knock him out

    2. King of drug (CMG) he almost have everything (maybe).. thats why he burn his life

  21. That was less not satisfied…Connors whole team must be smashed badly

  22. Khabib the real hero ❤.
    Defending his father ❤.
    What a Fighter 🤗

  23. Conor lol yours team is stupid fuck yourself.. khabib is king mma 👑💪

  24. The dirty smelly Drunken Irish who Fucks his own Mother got humiliated and His pal with blonde hair got humiliated, Fuck You Dana you Racist cause your White buddy got eaten alive. When the last War comes we are going to slaughter you ALL 🤣😂🤣😂

  25. Its ridiculous for Conor to get a big payday fighting against Mayweather, which should take his career to the next level, and hes throwing chairs at buses and starting petty small-time shit like a thug. I dont get it.

  26. MMA isnt my usual thing (poker is) but I love the UFC and I ENJOY doing deep dive investigations and breaking things down. I was watching the fight the other night, stunned at what I just saw, and I had to figure out what in the hell just happened. I checked around online but I couldnt really find anything out there so I decided to take a deep dive into this and see what I could find out there. I think that I managed to put this together in a good way and hopefully it can answer some questions and also allow you to see some angles of what went down that you might not have noticed. I found a ton of videos posted to YT/Twitter/IG and went through them all to find different angles of each event. I had to watch back some of the videos multiple times to pick up on all the things I missed out on the first few times. Its pretty wild how much we miss out on during our first initial watching of almost anything.

    Hopefully everyone enjoys and thanks for watching.

    1. 2 Kool make More I dont even care whats its about U make it interesting and very in depth👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    2. 7:51 interpretation: We no have freedom of speech. I make him pay dearly like my government make me pay when say thing not agree!

    3. UFC is just losing more and more that Sport nature that once had and it is becoming more of a circus thanks to these morons, if they want to entertain people they should move to the WWE business just like Lesnar did.

  27. They both ought to be ashamed… *sigh Great, now I gotta find a new favorite to watch…

  28. Concor thinks that he is only the king of the ring , his attitute was over flown from the ring so he got punished by khabib and teach him lesson ..

  29. Dana White sided n praise the brutally dog Conor Mc Gregor who dont know the meaning of respect.

  30. Khabib should be stripped of his belt and banned for life.. period..

  31. Wat happen is that conor is a punk washed up dude that is done and gets his ass kicked and chocked every fight ur done conor

  32. where are your buddies know Conndom? not one of them can handle a good street fight….if you fight me with a balled up fist you lose….i use ridgehand, flathand, second row knuckles in your throat.

  33. Connor got what he deserved. Making fun of ones family, religion and attacking the bus. Bully got bullied. Karma baby!

  34. Khabib is awesome Connor talks trash about his family his religion, attacked his bus Dana is a snowflake who hoped khabib would loose surprise he didn’t, Connor first to thro punches at khabib a corner then gets punched from behind bad but certainly called for why thro punches lol

  35. Assalam Alikum Khabib Im your new fan from hong Kong and I love the way you responded from interview to the ring. Hats off Khabib and happy that you teach McGregor a lesson to be a man and dont talk about family lol and yes about Islam Im gonna read more about it.

  36. Dude screaminh Khaaaabib kKahaaabib duing the mele is the one to blame. His warrior shout gave Khabib extra stamina.

    1. October 5TH 2018 — Khabib: I wanna say thank you, to all Irish fans all over the world, because of you guys this fight is going to happen! Tomorrow night im going to SMASH your boy guys, im gonna SMASH your boy guys, IM GONNA SMASH YOUR BOY GUYS!!! thank you thank you!!!

  37. As Russian I can tell you that Conor team tried sociologically break Habib thats why they tried to insult Habib vs his dead, religion and etc

    But you can’t fuck around vs that sh*t vs Muslim Caucasian people
    They are fucken tough
    They’re born to fight

  38. A pero hay el pelos pintados que parece que le cago un pájaro estaba provocando a khabib

  39. Ohh khabib you are so respectfull person
    Then why after you won you again shout to mc Gregor

  40. Khabib, in this country, You CAN talk trash. And no, you cant jump on the cage, even if someone talks about your religion. You shoulda been arrested, just as Conner shoulda for attacking a bus. Yes, you could kick my ass on the street, but in this country, I woulda kicked your ass in court. Youre an elevated uneducated thug. No respect.

  41. See Conor was also charged in Miami Florida for strong arm robbery too. Punk ass Conor!!!!!!!!!!

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