Mcgregor vs khabib favorite

На протяжении нескольких лет обсуждалась возможность этого противостояния, и все же понадобилось целых 4 года, чтобы бой наконец был объявлен официально. За это время между оппонентами только сильнее разгоралась вражда. Хотя начиналось все еще в году весьма безобидно: с совместного фото и уважения друг к другу. Зарождение не самых приятных отношений между бойцами произошло в году. Немного позже, Хабиб должен был драться с лучшим другом Конора — Артемом Лобовым, но травмировался.

Примерно в это же время, Макгрегор побеждает Альдо и становится чемпионом в полулегком весе. Начинаются обсуждения о возможности проведения боя между бойцами, но не ясно, mcgregor vs khabib favorite какой весовой категории. Хабиб снова травмируется и соперником Конора становится Нейт Диас.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов открылся фаворитом в поединке против Конора МакГрегора

МакГрегор терпит поражение. Параллельно его тренер, в твитерре, высказывает предположение, mcgregor vs khabib favorite Хабиб не хочет драться летом из-за Рамадана. Естественно это не очень понравилось Нурмагомедову, он попросил быть осторожнее, говоря о вере. Последней каплей стало видео, на котором Артем Лобов говорит, что Хабиб снимается с боев по любому случаю, тогда как Конор дерется даже несмотря на травмы.

Спустя год, Хабиб встречает Лобова и неуважительно обращается. Как только Макгрегор это узнал, он тут же напал на автобус, где находился Хабиб и другие бойцы.

Нурмагомедов не вышел, но после этого выложил в сеть видео, в котором назначает Конору встречу.

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  1. Sad to see a strong man fuxxed like this, which proves Khabib is the real predator.

  2. Two things which I like the most about khabib are humbleness and decentness. May elevate him in his life and progress him by leaps and bound

  3. Kindly do not post racist comments below. This video is about MMA and it has nothing to do with religion.

    1. gcoffey223 there is no help for this guy. Hes completely lost in this world.

    2. CONOR MCGREGORS RETARDED FAGGOT SON there are Jones fanboys, DC fanboys, soon Adesanya fanboys, there have been Anderson Silva fanboys for a long time. Speaking of casuals it seems like you are one of them and im not even talking about the nonsense u wrote in the first comment

    3. @gcoffey223
      im 33 hrs and im white, half polish half italian, its not my opinion, its how ufc works at usa and europe, lesnar, sonen, ronda, conor, colby, daren till, theres no fanboys of black ufc fighters, and all of them are casuals

      That is your opinion and I bet you see race everywhere. I hope you are young so at least you have that as an excuse.

  4. Conor handed khabib the win by being a dick by thinking it was going to be a walk in the park n drinking way too much of his whiskey 🥃
    Conor needs to go back to martial art 101

  5. every time asshole conor fight with khabib he must loss the fight………. no way to break my brother KHABIB

  6. I got it khabib will always be the winner when it comes on wrestle No matter how good your striking is wrestler always beat a striker that is the truth facts?

  7. What went wrong? Simple, conor mcgregor did not fight khabib, he fought Allah! As you can see during the weigh in, khabib point himself and shakes his hand and say, no, no, no, its not me but its Allah as he point his hand above! And yes, conor mcgregor submitted himself to Allah!!


  9. Well in my opinion corner is overconfident and thats the thing which dug him in the grave…..

  10. 2 years off hurt connor bad drink and drugs took their he wasnt bouncing back and forth on his toes very flat footed all that said khabib won easily and would do again

  11. You upload a great video and your explain is much better than everyone

  12. McGregor certainly gassed out as you can see in his face the exhaustion after all the grappling throughout the first round so I agree that was a huge factor in this fight.
    Your stamina is extremely important especially vs a monster like Khabib but I dont understand why that was the fight to make after 2 years out of the octagon.? The power in his the left hand isnt quite as important as the accuracy & timing hes been known for so you add that, his endurance or lack thereof, & top it off with the fact that the majority of his focus was on his defense to avoid the takedowns. Had he took another fight before this one, I can see McGregor beating Khabib, especially if Khabib stands up with him like he did in this bout. Who knows, McGregor seemed to be off throughout the face off & the press conference but with that being said I would like to see them run it back after they get a couple fights elsewhere…

  13. Bahut achcha kiyan Khabib is MADARCHOD kutte ko suki auqat dikha di.
    MADARCHOD Islam ke bare me ghalat bol raha tha.

  14. Lets be real, Khabibs style is not entertaining, its boring. McGregor has a more dynamic and fun style. Staying the whole fight hugging each other on the ground its a waste of time.
    Im just saying that its boring, not that its not useful, I mean, grappling and submissions exist and Khabib dominated them making him a more solid fighter than McGregor

  15. Mcgregor talked a lot of trash in order to get into Khabibs head. It is an effective way of casting doubt in a person and weve seen it in the fight against Aldo and others too. When youre able to cast doubt and fear into your opponent, its as if they already lost before the fight.

    Now the problem was that Khabib was way to resilient and had too much confidence so Mcgregor couldnt get into his head. As a result, the trash talking backfired on Mcgregor and as history followed, he had to swallow his words lol. Khabib was and is the better man by far.

  16. Habib got fired up because of Conor’s unnecessary insults. Conor felt sorry for all his uncalled-for insults. The result of the fight is expected.

  17. Belive it or not khabib is better then Conar.Khabib never drink in his life like Jesus he even have same beard as Jesus.

  18. No matter how good you are,theres always someone better than you. Thats MMA

  19. Before the fight
    Conor — Its fooking good to be back

    After the fight
    Conor — I regret to be fooking back,now im retired

    Fooking tap machines

  20. We know what went wrong khabib took him down and man handled him from there

  21. Corner is still the king baqi khabib di Mao nu tuwa pe tudha 👑👑👑king corner🎂🎂🎂

  22. Nothing went wrong. Everything went exactly as he planned…yet he still fell short. Khabib simply too good for him.

  23. Full domination everywhere! Fighting obviously is different then trashtalk LOL

  24. Hehehe sad for mc chicken 🐔 blue lipss, blue lips 😂 😂 😂 funny.. now he have blue lips

  25. wesky is the problem….for conor
    for kabib he is a practicing Muslim bro humbled …focused…each victory says thanks to ALLA that means you give me agift and i will keep it to grow …never relays on his own power but the one whome gave it to him

  26. no one can against khabib right now in feather and light weight NO ONE

  27. The conclusion is conor has NO standard at all to competed Khabib strength and skill that why he got the worst beating up of the year and fast tapping in mma history. A fake champ got expose that night a cowards Irish rats cheating while begging still got neck crank and tappout..

  28. imagine 2 years off and comesback to challenge the current champion with undefeated record, crazy. whiskey whiskey whiskey

  29. its had shows everything conor had NO standard at all to competed khabib strength and skills conor get easily gassout poor strikings poor on ground games too..

  30. I am also a MMA fighter plz upload khabib skill and of Mcgregor too.

  31. Khabib‼️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐♥️♥️♥️♥️

  32. Even if Conor was at his absolute best that night he still would have gotten his ass whooped!

    Simple fact: Khabib is a better fighter.

    Khabib could have made a ton of mistakes that night and still whooped this bitch ass Irish leprechaun’s ass

  33. Khabib was Khabib and Conor was Conor. Thats what went wrong. Khabib is 200 levels above Conor. Conor may have a left KO hand but it doesnt always work. Almost failed to work in BOTH Diaz fights. Second one was almost Diaz. So yeah. Conor should be out of picture. Khabib is on the way to Dustin and Tony and then it will determine if he is really GOAT in LW

  34. Nothing went wrong… he just fought a boring fighter who wrestles u to death 💀..:: I rather watch Conner any day win or lose then watch a boring wrestler

  35. Overconfidence is the reason of conor loss….And confidence is the reason of khabib win .

  36. Conor is Bully Every body know that.Its does not matter he tap out like chicken.

  37. Habib is the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Conor just an idiot fighter 🤣

  38. He got fuckin chewed up and spat out is what happened. Schooled by a superior fighter. Simple

  39. What happened is that Connors skill set didnt match up with his big ass mouth SIMPLE AS THAT END OF DISCUSSION!

  40. Grande Khabib, Respect!!! Martial Arts are martial for a motive…. Connor gave a big gift to Khabib 😂😂 Idiota

  41. Connors only chance in this fight was his stand up game but he was out boxed and as soon as he was taken to the ground it was game over……

  42. What ever I’m always a fan of Conor. Just my assumption is that he was not so well prepared to step into the octagon after such a long gap, wish he had focused more in the game. And to those who are talking about his trash talk, thank Conor that ufc is getting more recognition because of his style and his trash talks!

  43. respect khabib from Australia … connor no match for khabib not worthy of rematch

  44. Hahahaha hmmm 🤔 interesting lol 😂 what I enjoy 😉 more was when McGregor was getting beaten the shit out of khabib was like let’s talk now huh let’s talk now a real world class professional fighter & a true Muslim Allahu Akbar ( god is most great ) Alhamdulillaah

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