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  1. “khabib has links to terrorists” fcuk off.Scuk off McTappers Dcik. Your boy got smashed for the same xenophobic, racist siht.

  2. Im Irish and used to be a BIG McGregor fan, BUT I am Also a Muslim and saw Conor behaving really disrespeccfuly towards Khabib, before he used to make me laugh but I think the money has gotten to his head and he is behaving like a child. He is a Married man with children and he is out drinking and partying with other women. Khabib is a proper nice Muslim brother and doesnt care about money because as Muslims we have our honour and dignity and you cannot disrespect our faith or family. I pray Allah guides Conor to stop and wake up to the reality of life. We ALL need to know the purpose of our life. Do you know the purpose of life????

  3. He wont get the belt ?. What about chicken conor has been doing before the match. Asshole like him should have been banned before he played this match. Breaking the bus, injuring the players? cursing Russia? Khabibs father? His religion?. Conor career is finished

  4. Geordie u dont understand y u not TALKING ABOUT HOW CONOR JUMPED THE BUS HUH?!?!?

  5. Khabib should have won with grace but Conor attacked a bus and injured people, as well as crossed the line multiples lines in the build up, so you cant say Khabib was as bad as Conor.

  6. In second round ..
    Blue shirt guy: this round feels long ,doesnt it?
    Grey tshirt: yeah

  7. CoRnOr — My FoOt WuZz a BaLlOuN — McGrEgOr 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. @santoryuuzoro how is he not? Get off khabib balls. Khabib just attacked mcgregor team and started everything that happened that night. He’s not going to compliment him after what he did is he? You fucking casual

  8. To the guy who called khabib a cunt now we know who is the true cunt that old men sucker punching motherfucker Conor the Irish cunt McGregor

  9. Right so your pal in the flat cap isnt racist at all lol must be sickening to see mcgregor tap again, save to say he should just fuck off to showtime and do some boxing because he has no place in the ufc he gives them the run around because he has the cash cow card around his skinny neck. But on to your pal calling khabib lol out of anger and hate because he knew your boy was getting thrown around like an empty tracksuit lol.

  10. “Submission wise dillon dallas is a level above khabib” -khabib submits Conor

  11. I can tell you the guy wearing that black and white strip shirt is a khabib fan. But he is pretending to be a mcgregor fan in front of those Irish men.😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. He wasnt pretending, he likes both fighters, hes just one of two people there that predicted khabib

  12. Im mean I like McGregor, but nothing gives me more pleasure than laughing at sad paddys

  13. Credit to the guy who said that if mctapper done it, they would have been OK with

  14. 3:08:56 that fatty McGregor dick rider cunt would get smashed even by Khabib’s granny lmao.
    Sit down and relax boi!

  15. 3:07:05 Hugwizzy when he rightly says Khabib was antagonised before this fight 😂😂 the salttt hahahah

  16. Im English and I was rooting for Khabib 100%. Fuck McGregor, big-headed Irish cunt.

  17. You are so bias😂 and it must suck to know that khabib kicked his ass and then drop kicked Dillon dannis. And Dannis started the fight because he started cursing at khabib

  18. That bitch wearing green said when trolley incident happened i thought this would exactly what i would do and now Khabib jumped he is asking for strip and calling him russian cunt. Hypocrisy at its best.

    1. @IV XX I accept your apology. Let’s just agree that both of them was in the wrong and what they did was stupid. 👌👍

    2. @Top Banana well youre right, I hold my hands up, I apologise for calling you an idiot 😏

      Yeah all that got hurt were minor injuries dude, different from glass cutting your head and glass going in your eyes whilst making the girls on the bus shook for real.

      The fight after fight was between drunken fans and was outside of the arena area, you cant say that was a direct link between the brawl because lets face it, whoever won there was gonna be salty fans trying to start shit.

    3. @IV XX who the fuck are you calling an idiot? You cannot have one conversation without you throwing the first insult you fucking pussy. Yes people did get hurt did you not see khabib cousin face? Or maybe dillion danis? No so pay attention. Also after it some fans were getting hurt after the brawl since there was a big fight afterwards.

    4. @Top Banana Conor legit injured people, no one got badly hurt during 229 brawl either.

      But hey they both fucktards for doing stupid shit.

    5. @Top Banana thats not a criminal charge idiot, thats the commission who handed a suspension. Conor went in front of a judge in a legit court.

  19. I just love watching this stuff back. The internet made these timeless.

  20. Hahaha fuckin hell first these guys real definition of hard line racists. Such pathetic people.

  21. These shmucks don’t understand wrestling… khabib played a beautiful game

  22. Here after months and wallah watching these Irish bimbos get all salty and mad is the funniest thing ever as well as the most satisfying.😂😭 Your chicken got mauled, slapped, rocked, dropped and choked like a bitch. All that big talk yet he achieved nothing. Rightfully got jumped as well, these Dagestani/Avari’s are real gangsters not fake ones like McNugget. And if you fuck around with there belief and values your dead, if this was on the street McNugget would’ve died. 27-0. Salaaaaam to all my people. Geordie nobody gives a fuck if you and your pissheads lost respect for Khabib😂 his the king undefeated. If McNugget did that you’d praise it.

  23. It sucks to watch these Conor dick riders. If you do live stream you should be neutral at least not show how you like his balls. Author even repeats Comor’s words. What a fuck…

  24. U are all fucking McGregor fanboys fact is McGregor is a losing bitch …and khabib is undefeated

  25. Bias fucks. When u keep pushing a man to the edge. Then u cry like bitches when he snaps. Fuck out of here

  26. Yaaallll just connor fans you don’t give a fuck about khabib saying credit to habib don’t chat shit true Geordi your a hater it’s okay if connor did the bus incident khabib showed that if you chat shit you get banged mate

  27. The amount of people on here defending absolutely everything Khabib did. I think his fight wasnt NEARLY as bad as what Conor did, but all of you act like his behaviour was completely justified just because Conor talked shit about Islam and Russia… oh wait, these Irish dudes are butthurt cunts 😂

  28. This is literally how retarded working class people are, Ive lost all respect for the lad man.. But whatever with Conors whole craic. Ive never watched a podcast because I already know what pure shite, drival it will be.

    1. Alex F that maybe ur experience, but in my city (Sydney Australia) working class people are unsophisticated, where as upper class are cultured, just my experience, it may differ to ur personal experience, none of us are right or wrong, we just have different experiences

    2. L Tttt — You dont see the irony in your comment? Your and the opening posters black and white and ultra simplistic conclusions that working class people are this and upper class people are that has no correlation to reality and is in itself a simpleton manner of thinking. I grew up and live in the most affluent part of my city and I concurrently grew up around some of the most idiotic and ignorant people that could ever possibly exist. Financially secure yet monstrously moronic.

    3. Emma Shalliker lol although I’m working class now, I was from a upper middle class family, when I was young.

      Working class people in general are such simpletons. Take me away from them, can’t handle even five minuets around them. HELP

  29. Basically a video of grown men being emotional because a guy they dont even know lost and his team got jumped.

  30. Tears…Tears.. All those tears from mctapper fans, give it to me 🤣🤣🤣


  32. Geordie about Kabib “ you’ve got the title why do you want to fight anyone for” sounds like he’s going to have a cry when Kabib does it …… if Conor didn’t he would be having a great time … fucking idiot

  33. People saying Conor will win first or second round are looking so stupid now… It just make me laugh how stupid they were.

  34. Lmao what a bunch of beta pussies crying. Only watched it to see these wussies cry tbh

  35. Geordie sounds like he was going to cry when kabib starting fighting in the crowd “ ooo he started it” shut up your a grown man

  36. Love the streams Brian and Im a fan of both fighters but these irish guys are just annoying and salty rather than entertaining, hugh was great

  37. FUCJK YOU GEORDIE > when conor di all the shit he does youre fine with it you mofoe

  38. This is bias but I can understand since he is a die hard Conor fan at least he tried to give Khabib credit

  39. 2:03:45 uh Ferguson and Pettis are Lightweights not Light Heavyweights


  41. Haha. Any desperate reason to criticise. Around 3:03:40 saying he doesnt mind Khabib doing takedowns but hates that it doesnt achieve anything…. then one minute later Khabib makes Conor tap and wins by submission after a takedown. Just be honest, you dont like seeing him winning. Its not about it being boring. If it was Conor who was as good a wrestler and was doing those takedowns you would be cheering like crazy and you know it, man.

  42. Enjoy the fact that your boy Conors done and Darren Till got flatted, you hypocrite limey

  43. Who is more full of BS?
    GEORDIE- like
    The white shirt crying boy — comment

  44. I want a champ who can do it all
    Conor got rocked during standup. GTFO here lol.

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