Mcgregor vs khabib live feed

Нурмагомедов готов подраться с Макгрегором при встрече

Хабиб Нурмагомедов наконец-то mcgregor vs khabib live feed своей цели и 7 апреля этого года стал чемпионом UFC в легком весе. A fascinating battle over the first five minutes. А неделю назад в твиттере Абдель-Азиз довольно грубо оскорбил Кавана.

У тебя есть мы — твои односельчане. Я помню тебя еще с тех пор, когда шустрый мальчик из семьи Тухуговых частенько дрался на полянах близ Центороя. The third round is far more closely fought and remains a stand-up battle.

UFC Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov -as it happened | Daily Mail Online

Отдельно необходимо отметить участие в данном турнире российских бойцов Александра Волкова и Яны Куницкой, противостоять которым будут американский панчер Деррик Льюис и шведка Лина Лансберг соответственно.

Наповал, как говориться. Старший брат, мы еще покажем им, насколько мы хлесткие», — написал боец. The Russian is having mcgregor vs khabib live feed better of this first round..

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  1. Hay se ve que el puto de mc pollo atacó primero al que trae la peluquita de khabib que bueno que lo puteo el de rojo por manchado

  2. Thats justice for all the people that were on that bus when McGregor decided to cowardly throw a Dooley and break the windows and injure some of the fighters and others way to go mctaper you ruined your entire career in 1 moment of stupidity have a nice life

  3. I never see fighting in Budhis and Hindu.. the real bad of more bad than terorist this is Cristian religion

  4. khabib already won the match still he wants to smash Mcgregors team face. I was disappointed with his actions after the fight. Mcgregor also was a show man for the trash talks yet he was defeated.

  5. Mcbitch….only hits old men…fucking idiot…khabib….great man saludos de MEXICO

  6. McGregor has very bad ground game, and Khabib is a panic fighter, no fighter is perfect so shut the fuck up until you accomplish what any of these have done

  7. Well done for that idiot Conor and his sidekicks.
    Got spanked two times.

  8. MUSLIM have power more than everyone because of IMAN on ALLAHS…So dont speak abuse against THE MUSLIMS…

    1. Funny how the so called powerful religion known as Islam is founded by a kiddie fucker.

  9. I still go with the Irish fook middle east.
    McGregor next time dont let him go on the ground keep him up.

  10. Love and respect my brother habib from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤️🌹❤️


  12. The cocky McTrashtalker becomes the pathetic McTapper when he faces a stronger fighter.

  13. When a coward loses he suddenly attacks the winners religion
    And this is what happens
    I love and respect you more than anything ❤️

    Westerners can make fun of their prophet their culture
    But we as Muslims respect n expect exact same

  14. kyaa hai yr sports ko sports ki trh rakhho.. gunda grdi kaa akhhada bnaaya huyaa hai

    1. Obviously u have no idea what it going on it wasnt fans it was conors team talking shit to khabib

  15. I was wrong while I said ….Khabib did wrong with McGregor after fight…but after watching punch over old man by McGregor. I can say now whatever khabib did outside or inside is exzactly correct. R u agree…???

  16. Love Khabib love you my brother

    May Allah bless you n protect you from evil

  17. They were beating McGregor butt….you see him strink away after failed sucker punch.

  18. Go home with the we love khabib statements…mcgregor lost and your idiot boy erupted a riot his team got their ass beat and banned for life…smart move wooohoo we beat mcgregor and started a war but we can’t ever show up at a ufc match again and he has 50million dollars

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