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Khabib Nurmagomedov has opened as the favourite to beat Conor McGregor when the two meet at UFC in October. According to OddsShark, the Russian is tipped to beat the Notorious, who is to take the victory in the Octagon   McGregor won the title in his last UFC fight when he knocked out Eddie Alvarez in November , but a lack of activity since forced him to give it up. Last year, the Irishman’s only fight was a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr., which the latter won. Nurmagomedov picked up the vacant lightweight title when he beat Al Iaquinta via unanimous decision on April 7, to extend his record to McGregor seems eager to get back to business, and likewise, MMA fans are awaiting the clash with bated breath: Conor McGregor @TheNotoriousMMA. Compare the latest UFC/MMA fight odds and betting lines from the top online sportsbooks.  Nurmagomedov wins by submission. Any other result. McGregor wins inside distance. Not McGregor inside distance. Nurmagomedov wins inside distance. Not Nurmagomedov inside distance. McGregor wins by decision. Not McGregor by decision. Nurmagomedov wins by decision.  Khabib Nurmagomedov. ▼. ▼. McGregor—a world-famous fighter who hasn’t had a UFC fight for some two years—didn’t bother showing up on time to news conference. The undefeated Nurmagomedov didn’t take the kindly and left before McGregor showed up. «I don’t need to wait for nobody.  McGregor will challenge UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov for his title at UFC on Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Isaac Brekken/Getty Images. The fight is expeced to be the biggest in UFC history—one that draws mixed martial arts diehards and casual fans alike.  Betting odds: Nurmagomedov , McGregor +, according to Odds Shark. Predictions: ESPN’s Brett Okamoto predicted Nurmagomedov would win by submission the fourth round.

Vengeance for all the mean words, and perhaps chiefly, for the infamous bus attack in April where McGregor tossed a dolly at the vehicle. Now, it was McGregor, 30, who was a sitting duck as a weapon was projected at him. He lay flat on his back while Nurmagomedov rained punches down from the standing position. Referee Herb Dean inched closer to the action, seemingly so he was in position to halt the lb matchup at any moment.

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McGregor, though, absorbed the pummeling from above and with 46 seconds remaining in the round, he finally made it to his feet as the partisan crowd roared its approval. As he gingerly trudged over to his stool, McGregor let out a gasp of relief.

He collected himself, and fared far better in the third round. He connected on a bundle of his trademark strikes set up by his southpaw jab, and when Khabib attempted the takedown, McGregor this time was able to stave it off. McGregor continued to march forward, his left eye bleeding, as he popped Khabib in his bloodied mouth.

Nurmagomedov sorry for brawl and arrests after UFC win over McGregor Read more When they were both on their feet, the striker was in control, naturally.

McGregor vs Khabib betting odds: Who is the favourite for tonight’s UFC fight?

But the wrestler was able to impose his will once more in the fourth round, courtesy of a leg sweep, and that was it for McGregor, his first MMA bout in two years over after another tapout. He talk about my mother. He come to Brooklyn and he broke bus. Outside of the two Nate Diaz fights at welterweight, McGregor has finished seven of the eight opponents he has faced in the Octagon and each time with punches.

McGregor vs Khabib betting odds: Who is the favourite for tonight’s UFC 229 fight?

Take all the bluster and brashness from McGregor you want, but the man has a clear weakness that sets up for exactly the style that «The Eagle» brings to this grudge match. The comparisons to the Chad Mendes fight for McGregor have been made ad nauseam, but I think Khabib has another trick up his sleeve here. McGregor will try to keep the distance with his jab and heavy left hand, but Russian robot will continue to plod forward with constant pressure and secure the takedowns needed to finish McGregor with some hammer fists.

Now is he back too soon?.

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  1. This is the Conor I like to see. He is honest. No goat bs. He talks truth. Fight analysis khabib aside.

  2. He wasnt man enough to say yes i did punch! I would broke hes knees mtfk

  3. Tony Ferguson’s the type of guy to punch an old man then offer him whiskey

  4. Is this Conor, or a decent Conor impersonator, because all I see is a shell of the man with the drive, self-belief and determination I remember seeing years ago… Just me?

  5. Conor McGregor vs. Bj Penn 😁🤛💪 Please Mr. Dana White! 🤣🤾‍♂️😁😂💪💪💪 This will be the Ultimate Fight Championship 😁🤛🤛🤛👌

  6. The thing is with Connor McGregor, when he gets scared he gives up his neck. That’s how Nate beat him and it was the same with Khabib. Loads of big talk then his arse goes mid fight. It’s his flaw and now everyone knows his weakness they’ll know right away what to do.

  7. After Mayweather and the payout he went ballistic! He is a great guy, but crazy ! He didn’t punch the guy, he would of took his head off

  8. mai fut wus a balun
    mai fut wus a balun
    mai fut wus a balun
    mai fut wus a balun

  9. I was a big fan of his but not now he hid how bad of a person he really was Till 1.2 years ago

  10. Interview with the biggest loser in World…. And we all witnessed that last year lol

  11. Swear he’s starting to become a bit punch drunk , could be just being nervous

  12. his also a pisshead. fighter doing more drinking that is fighting is a what? Alcoholic .. Trainwreck in the making !!!

  13. Hes got to earn it. He does not deserve a rematch with Khabib at this time.

  14. This why people like khabib dont drink!!!!I used to like this guy but now ??????idk!!!I hope he can overcome this Im the man bravado hear today gone tomorrow!!!!berry few legends like Ali!!!!!!

  15. This guy is still deluded as f###. Khabib took him to school, and in their fight he done the same as in the Diaz fight (ie he quit before he was KOd)… The guy is a douche bag and deserves to end up in the gutter

  16. Like hearing my confused 12 year old son..feel like he needs a proper dad talking to….”calm down son, breathe…..”

  17. did mcGregor even watch the replay of the Khabib fight, he got crush and have no interest in seeing happen again and it will

  18. He looks wasted at 37:00. Goes off on a tangent about the Amazon rain forest. Mustve had a bump during the break.

  19. He looks confused. I owe it to my folder motor and the people dat suppert me. Lol

  20. As a McGregor fan I am incredibly disappointed in how hes treated the fight game. Honestly, I aint gonna get excited, if he wants a title fight he gotta work his way up from scratch and prove he is deserving

  21. Whos here after McGregor punched an old man on the side of the head for no apparent reason?

  22. My mum always said: Fight like a true gentleman. Old man..nahhhh. Women…nahhh.

  23. Hes done some bad things but who hasnt? Weve all made mistakes. I wish Conor wakes up and realises the true patriot and hero he can be! He has it in him. He knows how to get a job done… Hope his first step is rehab!

  24. It sounds like Conor is building a legal defense of being repentant. The phone smash victim kinda deserved it.

  25. He’s sounding and acting like a real crackhead I’m not even exaggerating no lie wtf 😩

  26. Why does this chump still think he is relevant? Narcissistic POS, I knew the money would go to his tiny mind.

  27. Nate won both fights. Its business. It would be bad for ufc to give nate the win. Because biggest star would take damage. And it also opened up a trilogy opportunity

  28. conor would get wrecked by both tony and khabib, so why not let those two hash it out and give him iaquinta or some other mid division chump…

  29. I hear a guy who fears losing munne and fans, all his words sounds fake… looking for redemption and be the herao again, so peopel can drink again from the chalice ..
    I dont buy it.

  30. This guy need help. I could feel that he doesnt like his own life.

  31. What a loser, i wonder how he would act if someone sucker punched his father

  32. Hes like a washed out version of his former self. Somethings not right with him

  33. I think the man got punched becuz he criticized the proper twelve.😅😅

  34. I used to like Conor but Damn i tired of him and his voice 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  35. Conor mentioned Tony’s name 😱 Make that fight happen auntie Dana…on Halloween…at elevation. Conor’s lungs might explode after Tony carves a roadmap into his blue lipped face

  36. Would love to see Toy Ferguson v.s Conor, instead of Frankie v.s Conor..

  37. Khabib said he was gonna make McGregor humble…Khabib say, Khabib do, Conor say, Conor tap.

  38. He first must deal with alkohol problem, he needs to win that most important fight in his life first.

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