XXX Multimedia – Shelby Paris, Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine – Intoxicated Seduction – 2 Tipsy Sisters FullHD [1080p/2018]

This clip includes: Shelby Paris, Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, brother/sister/sister, Tipsy sisters come home, sister accidentally falls into brother’s lap, try to seduce brother, kissing, tit groping, double blowjob, riding, cowgirl, doggystyle, missionary, cum on tits, intoxicated, inebriated, encouragement

Added: 7/16/18 11:00am

They were Tipsy again. My sisters, Fifi and Shelby, had come back from the bar, and were obnoxiously smacking against the bathroom walls. Their heels clanked against the tile as they swayed from side to side.

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Tucker Pierce, Jaye Summers, Ricky Spanish – Seduce My Stepmom HD mp4 [720p/August 9, 2018]

Teen Jaye Summers knew exactly what she was doing when she asked Ricky, aka “The MILF Hunter,” for a ride home and got his cock out in the car. The horny coed has been carrying a torch for her new stepmom, Tucker, and she wants the assistance of an expert in seducing the blonde cougar into a threesome! Tucker sees right through her stepdaughter’s plan, but she’s more than game to try out the stud’s cock that she’s heard so much about from all her friends. She’s just as eager to taste Jaye’s little pussy, too! After getting a close-up view of Jaye riding Ricky’s cock, Tucker steps in to get fucked doggystyle and show her stepdaughter how it’s done!

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Demi Sutra, Lil Wayne – Compromise For The Brother`s Cock SD mp4 [2018]

You know how it is with stepsiblings. Always a battle to see who gets to use the car, who gets to go to the bathroom first, who gets to decide what is on TV. Demi Sutra knows the struggle, and when her stepbrother takes the remote, she is pissed. She makes her case, but he will not have it. The only way he will let her have the remote is if she does something for him.

Namely, play with his purple onion, also known as his cock. She agrees, and licks that lollipop like she was the one who wrote the song for Lil Wayne. But as she is sucking his cock, their dad comes in and almost catches them. Later, they get a little more brazen. Their dad is passed out on the couch, so they decide to be a little rebellious and bang right there with him in the room. She bounces up and down on her step brothers peen like its a pogo stick as he enjoys her sweet chocolate pussy pie. He squirts his cream into her mouth just as their dad stirs from his peaceful slumber, and they have to think fast to get away. Thats one way of making a compromise.

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Alex Blake, Syren De Mer, Dick Chibbles – Swapping Daughters – Parents Start Fake Family HD mp4 [720p/2018]

SCENE opens on a family of three, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine (Dale and Gina) and their daughter Becky, in the driveway of their house. To their side a parked ride-share car and its driver wait with the trunk open. The family is going over the final preparations for their daughter’s trip. The daughter is dressed to travel, with two suitcases and some travel bags at her feet, and is loading them into the trunk of the car all the while being fussed over by her attentive parents who are insistent on making sure she’s prepared.

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Masturbation Instruction Goddess Alexandra Snow – In Bed With Mommie HD mp4 [720p/2017]

Added: 12/14/17 5:00pm

Oh honey, what time is it? Go back to sleep. What do you mean, you had a bad dream? You’re too old to sleep in my bed, you can go back to yours. Ugh, you’re not moving. I have to be up early, so I guess it’s OK for a little while. You can lie over here. Whoa.. what’s going on down there in your pajamas? That thing is poking me! Is it my satin nightie? Ok, look honey, I need to get some rest. Let me show you how adults take care of these things in the middle of the night. Even Mommie touches herself in bed sometimes.

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Primal’s Taboo Sex – Charli Maverick, Tony D – Charli feels bad for her Daddy – Daddy to Practice Massage HD

Part 2

Charli Asks – Charlie is going to school to become a masseuse. She asks her daddy if he will let her practice on him. He is a little nervouse about getting massaged by his little girl but he agrees when she gets bratty. Little Charlie peeks as he gets undress and then once he lays down and Charlie sees he kept his underwear on she pulls them right off him. She has been fantasizing about fucking daddy again ever since the wild night they had when he had way too many drinks. Daddy doesn’t remember. but it is all she thinks about. She massages daddy nicely and her hands go under the towel more and more until she has her daddy’s cock rock hard. She starts to stroke it and insists that her lets her take care of it…

Part 3

Charli feels bad for her daddy, He had another fight with her bitchy mom and now he has to sleep on the couch. She is watching and poor daddy is about jerk off since mom never takes care of him. Charli moves in and daddy gives in and lets her give him what he needs, and what she needs. She is totally addicted to her daddy’s dick

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Miss Whitney Morgan, Aiden Valentine – Like Mother, Like Son – Mom & Son Swap Bodies HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 8/5/17 6:00pm

This clip includes: Whitney Morgan, Aiden Valentine, mom/son, mom is a single parent and gets a phone call from the bank about taking the house since she hasn’t made the payment on it, mom is stressed but decides she better take on a third job (as a stripper) if she wants to make the money in a timely manner, son knows how hard Mom has been working & when he sees how uncomfortable she is with having to strip, he offers to take her place, magic tablets, swap bodies, switch bodies, experimenting in one another’s bodies, lap dance, strip tease, ass shaking, ass jiggling, tit groping, accidental hard-on, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, missionary, moaning, riding, bouncing, cowgirl, accidental creampie, simulated creampie, son goes out to strip in mom’s body, gender transformation

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Nyxon, Aiden Valentine – Together at Last – Son Possesses Mom’s Body – Nyxon Body Swap FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 6/27/18 4:05pm

This clip includes: Nyxon, Aiden Valentine, nyxon body swap, mom/son, son is obsessed & in love with mom but knows they can never be together & that she will reject him, uses a device so can finally be with her, headphones, son possesses mom’s body, son takes over mom’s body, body exploration, tit groping, pussy touching, ass slapping, ass shaking, playing dress up, silky panties, elegant dress, high heels, trouble walking in heels, posing in front of the mirror, looking at reflection, device only works for so long, mom takes over her body again & is confused why she’s dressed up, transfer, gender transformation, male to female, m2f, gender swap, boy to girl, son to mom, special effects, sound design/effects

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Ariella Ferrera, Kyle Mason – Panty Stash – Better Play with you Stepmom HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Busty Mother Ariella Ferrera can’t find a single pair of panties anywhere in the house, it’s like they’ve all disappeared – or got stolen! Turns out her new stepson Kyle Mason has a thing for her underwear and so far he’s got a pretty big collection. When Kyle walks in on his stepmom with a handful of panties, he thinks he’s in big trouble, but all she wants is a taste of his big dick! After putting her big fake tits to work titfucking his huge cock hard, Ariella wastes no time spreading her legs as Kyle slides every inch he’s got up her wet stepmother’s pussy! This hung stud can’t believe how tight Ariella is, barely able to hold back any more he glazes her huge boobs in a warm load!

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Kinki Cory – Molly Jane & Cory Chase, Alex – Today Daddy Our Sex Toy HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Scene One: Dad is a pervert

Cory and her daughter Molly find dad in his bedroom masturbating. Wearing panties and smelling a dirty pair he rubs them on his cock. They leave him with their panties to go have some fun.

Scene Two: Get us off

Cory and Molly return with some long dildos for him. Straddling his face Cory shoves her cock into his grimacing mouth. “It’s so yummy, right?” Cory asks fucking his mouth. Using her big black cock Molly fucks her dad’s mouth hard.

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