Taboo-Fantasy – Chuck, Blair – I Fucked My Sister and I Liked it FullHD mp4


Chuck and Blair had an intimate encounter with each other recently. After discovering a Taboo Website that promoted something called “The Sister Experience”….they decided to give it a try….and have sexual intercourse with each other. It turned out to be an unbelievable Experience for both of them….but it was made quite clear, by Blair, that it was a one time thing…..just to satisfy their morbid curiosity about the accuracy of the Website. Chuck, however….has been unable to forget The Sister Experience!!! Chuck has not been able to get his tryst with his Sister Blair out of his mind. Blair is all he can think about!!!

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Taboo Treats – Cadey Mercury – Daddy need his Personal Assistant FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

As a general rule if you are married, approaching middle age, and have a very hot personal assistant, it’s pretty much forbidden for you to take advantage of what must be a very tempting situation, especially if your personal assistant is as hot as Mr Anderson’s..

Cadey shows up for work ready to go but her Daddy hasn’t gotten over the fact that they hooked up last week even though their relationship was supposed to be professional as she is his PERSONAL ASSISTANT. Her Daddy Mr Anderson is having trouble concentrating on business today and it’s clear Cadey feels just a bit awkward considering what recently happened between them.

Daddy suggests that if Cadey were to take off some of her clothing, it might help him get it out of his system and they could return to work. Cadey, who would like to turn back the clock and get back to their old professional relationship, but at the same time is definitely enjoying her older Daddy’s sexual attention on her.. what will she do?

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Taboo Treats – Jill – Old Daddy fuck Cheerleader Daughter – Family Practice Avi FullHD mp4 [1080/2018]

Added: 5/11/18 11:09am

Riley stops by Jill’s place to pick her up to go to cheerleader practice. Jill as usual is nowhere to be found, thinking she’s still upstairs Riley calls Jill to get her act together and come downstairs, Jill tells her she’s not home and plans on ditching practice to hang out with a guy, Riley gets pissed and starts barking at Jill who tells her to lower her voice because her dad is upstairs and is likely asleep, trying to fight off jet lag. Riley hears this info and hangs up the phone, then a very devilish thought enters her head… she’s always had a thing for Jill’s dad and this might be a great way to get back at her friend for bailing on her.

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Taboo Treats – Jessica – Sexual Harassment Training my Daughter FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 6/2/18 1:05pm

In this age of #MeToo, businesses can’t be too careful when it comes to teaching employees about appropriate behavior in the workplace. This CEO has enlisted Jessica, one of the new marketing interns, to help with SEXUAL HARASSMENT TRAINING. Jessica is happy to play a role in a issue that’s real important to her but soon notices the CEO is getting a little too HANDS ON with his role! LEERING, GROPING, FONDLING, and is now UNZIPPING HIS PANTS?!! If Jessica is to keep her internship maybe she’ll have to play along..?

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Taboo Treats – Adriana Chechik – Cheerleader Daughter Tryout FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 4/14/18 5:46pm

A coach and one of his cheerleaders??

Besides being smoking hot, Adriana was the head cheerleader at her last school, so it’s no wonder she’s pretty confident as she pays Coach Daddy a visit at his home. Coach Daddy is the Cheer Coach at her new school and obviously sees her ‘qualifications” but explains to Adriana that the squad has already been chosen. It will be up to Adriana to somehow CONVINCE this cheer coach to give her a spot on his squad. Given Adriana’s obvious talents, our bets are with her!

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Taboo Treats – Jessica – Grounded – My Uncle want Fuck Me FullHD avi [1080p/2018]

Added: 4/30/18 11:50am

Jessica’s parents have grounded her but she hopes to sneak out tonight anyway, she is all decked out in this hot red dress she’d been dying to wear for a long time! but she forgot that her uncle Mark is staying with her family and he spots her alll dressed up with the clear intention of going out. She BEGS him not to tell her parents, uncle Mark explains to Jessica that he just doesn’t feel comfortable lying to his sister, that is when Jessica starts to slowly unzip her dress, figuring she could persuade her FAVORITE UNCLE not to spill the beans.. What will her uncle do? he obviously has taken notice that she’s grown up into a beautiful woman! something tells us Jessica’s secret is safe with him! Jessica is just TOO HOT to resist for this morally ambiguous uncle.

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