Ppv conor vs khabib price

Yet tomorrow McGregor will step into the Octagon as the challenger, having been stripped of all prior titles due to inactivity.

Хабиб и Конор собрали рекордные PPV-продажи

Across the cage in the red corner will stand the new lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. My job is to make you stay home and watch the UFC. The research is still in-progress and soon to be submitted for publication, but there seem to be some key takeaways. Popularity matters.

Will UFC Khabib Vs. McGregor Break MMA’s Pay-Per-View Record?

Unlike many other sports where winning tends to be the predominate factor influencing things like television ratings or ticket sales, proxies for fighter popularity do a much better job of explaining PPV buy rates in the UFC.

Headliners and the main event position matter. Fight cards appear to show diminishing returns in the sense that a bout added to a lower spot on the fight card with the same consumer appeal as the main event will have a diminished impact on PPV buys.

Two belts, not so much. A single title fight. An amazing main event.

UFC подняло в два раза цены на билеты на бой Нурмагомедов-Макгрегор |

The co-main event of Tony Ferguson vs. Can that fight almost by itself break the PPV record? In terms of main event popularity, the UFC tracks various internal metrics including social engagement and traffic on its website.

You tend to get big percentage changes when starting from small bases..