Ppv conor vs khabib

Как бы то ни было, популярнее битвы Макгрегора и Нурмагомедова были только боксерские бои Флойда Мейуэзера.

UFC 242: Bisping känner ingen ’hype’ inför Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Dustin Poirier

Впрочем, до заявленных целей бой все-таки не дотянул. А еще полмиллиона человек заплатили за просмотр боя через стриминговые сервисы. А вот реализация через собственные сервисы позволяет оставить почти все деньги. Первые три места занимают боксерские поединки. Как видно, бою Нурмагомедов—Макгрегор совсем немного не хватило, чтобы попасть в первую тройку.

Бой Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Конор Макгрегор, 6 октября — онлайн — Чемпионат

Но если считать не просто количество проданных подписок, а то, сколько денег удалось за них выручить, матч с участием россиянина и ирландца окажется как раз третьим. Что касается гонораров бойцов, то они, вероятно, будут исчисляться десятками миллионов.

Напомним, что призовые разделены на две части — гарантированную выплату и долю от ppv conor vs khabib продаж. Учитывая, однако, что россиянин сразу после боя выпрыгнул из октагона и вступил в драку с представителями лагеря ирландца, Спортивная комиссия Невады приостановила выплату его гонорара. Ppv conor vs khabib Нурмагомедову грозит наказаниечастью которого может стать удержание средств из гарантированного приза. Александр Петров..

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  1. @1:55 >inbred, drunken Irish pos spits on a Khabib fan and pays with a concussion from fist then floor.

  2. Dagestans like the modern day Sparta from the movie 300 lol that place just breeds warriors

  3. Lucky they got a strong asian dude on their side against those orange irish mob…lmao


  5. Conor fans act tough in crowd and think they can fight, they all got knock down by khabib fans

  6. Shame on you irishs only 10 dagestanis made all you infinite irish crowd fearful .In real shame on you irelanders

  7. Yep they got the chant right, O *lay*, O *lay* , O *lay* , let the Russians finish that chant for you * Lets get some drunks lay*

  8. As an irish man this is so fuckimg embarrassing made such a bad account of ourselves

  9. There are so many people recorded, but why i only found this video 😅

  10. A bunch of drunk irish guys against a bunch of dudes who havent had a thing to drink……

  11. Looks like it was nap time for immature Irish fans.
    Conor said you will never beat the Irish thats because they go to sleep as soon as you touch em.

  12. McGregor fans just like McGregor to much talking and screaming 👎🖕😂😂😂

  13. What a knocked out. stupit irish people. only drunk and sing. OLEOELEOLEOLEEE

  14. How many times we have to tell to white people dont fight Russian and black people

  15. It was bad enough having to watch McGregor get manhandled by khabib but to see the fans make a show of themselves afterwards was sickening.

  16. I don’t think he punched him that hard to knock him out, dude was probably drunk as it is hahaha

  17. The one with the grey tshirt he could kill himself without someone touch him

  18. 5 Muslim brothers vs 50 Irish idiots ha ha ha … Sellam from Bosnia to Dagestan and all Muslim people in the world ☝

  19. Irish trash. takes beating in and out of the octagon. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. All english fans dissing Irish yall forgot what happend to you lot at the Euro 2016 !!! yall got some proper beatings out there !!!

  21. Irish man: I will never give up, I will keep on fighting. 🤬
    Irish fans: Oolay Olay Olay Olay, Oolay Olay Olay Olay. 🥳
    Khabib fans: lets finish this off. 👊
    Irish man: 🥴
    Irish fans: ooooooooohhhhhhh

  22. No wonder Ireland didnt fight in the second world war, bunch of cowards man.

  23. marauding, monster, malevolent, malicious, mobster ⚔️🌙🧕🧕🐍👳🏾‍♂️🐍🧕🧕🌙⚔️🕌🕋 mohammadans love human blood so never turn your back on them.

  24. Love these these Conor McGregor Fans😂👌 They truly love imitating him, lot of trash talk, then get their ass beat😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Gotta give it to the mussies on this one…. Stupid piss head pikeys are a joke

  26. Irish boys going dawn too much beer the luck of the Irish is just not here

  27. Stop saying all irish are weak look 10 seconds into the video a russian gets drop does that mean all russians are weak? Well it must if the irish fan in white getting knocked out means all irish are weak

  28. I guess SPARTA has fallen ! This was hilarious ! Hats off to the handful of Degestani fans who took on quite a crowd. For all the war mongers out there; dont ever try and attack Dagestan !!

  29. Ever wondered why Ireland was such an easy country to conquer watch this video.

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