Emmas Secret Life – Worthless Mother HD mp4 [720p/ American / United States/2018]

This is a custom clip. You enter your son’s room, planning to tell him how you will be going to the beach for the afternoon. As you are about to speak, you realize he is packing a bag. He is clearly upset and it looks like he is planning to run away. Considering your background, you absolutely cannot let this happen. All of the other men have left your life, but you will not allow your own son to. You will do absolutely anything to make him stay. As should be obvious, you will eventually work up to becoming his sex slave.

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Noelle Easton – Teasing Daddy – Daughter Dildo Fucking FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

I want a raise in my allowance, I’m growing up and want to spend more time hanging out with my friends. I’m too young and spoiled to work so I trick my stepdad into giving me more money. Mommy has nothing on me, I’m younger, prettier, and my pussy is tight and wet for you Daddyy. If you don’t want me telling her about you watching me get naked and play with myself, then I guess you better fork over some cash! Maybe you can even buy my first apartment for me so you can come over and fuck me while Mommy’s at work

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Taboo-fantasy – Brother Joey, Sister Lola – Taboo Blackmailed FullHD wmv


Joey is up late in the Living Room….reading a book. He has had a little to drink. His Sister, Lola quietly opens the door and sneaks in…she is WAY past her curfew. Lucky for Lola…..her Parents have gone to bed…and she thinks it is very fortunate that her Step-Brother, Joey was the only one still up. Unfortunately for Lola, however…..

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Missbehavin26 – Black Boy Fucks His Friends Married Mom HD mp4 [720p/Canadian / Your Fantasies/2018]

Script (I addlibbed quite a bit in this one to keep it natural )You just got home from the pool and your sons black friend Dequan is there waiting on you. Dequan is thuggish young 17 year old kid who goes to school with your son. You ask him what he’s doing at your house, he should be at school. But he explains he found a sex tape online of you fucking your husband brother, on the night you got really blitzed during a girls night out. He says he’s willing to give the sex tape to you but for a price. You start to get mad cause you cant believe he’s trying to blackmail you.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Blackmailed By Sons Black Friend HD mp4 [720p/Canadian / Your Fantasies/2018]

Your wearing a black business jacket, blue button up shirt, black skirt and black pantyhose and the same high heels from you CEO video. Please also wear a nice shade of red lipstick too. You just got home from work and your sons black friend Darrell is there waiting on you. You ask him what hes doing here, he should be at school. But he explains he found a sex tape online of you, on the night you got really blitzed during a girls night out.

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Missbehavin26 – Teacher Blackmailed By Students HD mp4 [720p/ Canadian / Your Fantasies/2018]

Categories: Virtual Fucking, Virtual Taboo, Virtual Blowjob, Adult School,Blackmail Fantasy, Eye Glasses, Role Play, Teacher Fetish, Virtual Sex

Script:your the teacher of a young class and your going to have sex with 3 of your students, while the rest of the students are watching a movie.The scene starts with you telling your class that today is movie day and when you call out their name there going to see you in the back of the class. You have a desk where all the sexual activities will happen.First student you call is Paul, your sitting in your desk.

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Jerky Wives – Aaliyah Taylor in Blackmailing My Cheating Mom – Mommy Try Anal fuck HD mp4 [720p/2016]

Added: 10/7/16 11:30pm

Scene One: Evidence

husband doesn’t even comparealiyah tells her best friend about cheating on her husband. You walk in on your mom and ask for some money for a new video game. Aaliyah gets angry at you and yells at you to leave. Later that day you even catch her talking to her boyfriend on the phone. Don’t worry, you’ll get your revenge.

Aaliyah, wearing a slutty red dress, is on the phone again setting up a date with her mystery man when you walk into the room and show her your phone. Pictures of her with her boyfriends cock in her ass. that what I think it is!aliyah screams. at’s it going to take to delete these pictures?he asks thinking you want money. You touch her breasts and she knows something bad is going to happen., no, you don’t need to do thisa€?

You force her to the floor to jerk and suck your cock. is is what you want? You want your mother to do this?he asks, horrified that she has to suck you off. You make her deepthroat all the way down before bending her over the couch and fucking her from behind. Your not nice to her at all, using your strong arms to slap her face and make her do what you want. She gasps as you ram your wet cock into her tight ass. feels so goodhe moans. Grabbing her by the hair you pull her over to you and cum in her slutty mouth. u better delete those pictureshe warns you, swallowing and gasping for breath.

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Jess West Clips store – Whores are us Caught by my Brother FullHD mp4 [British / Essex/Manyvids/2018]

Jess thinks she home alone so decides to watch some porn and play with herself but before long her brother walks in and catches her so he says he wont tell mum if his sister jess sucks his cock jess isnt very impressed as it her brother but she agrees to suck his cock and then he wants to fuck her so she reluctantly lets him fuck her and then the spunks all over her face and agrees not to tell mum.

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