Robot and Limp Videos – Luke Longly,Alex Adams, Nadia White in Conversion Therapy HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Scene One: New Neighbors

Nadia is just getting warmed up with her boyfriend in the bed when he glances at the clock. have 5 minutes to get to worka€? He says getting up. She tries to convince him to stay but he leaves her horny and frustrated.

Later that day her new neighbor comes over to introduce himself and she makes the mistake of letting him in. With a special remote, he freezes her in place. He blanks Nadia’s mind and uploads a perfect sex slave program into her brain. With a blank expression she takes off her clothes. He takes his time, feeling up her big tits and rubbing her soft pussy. a€?I’m going to cum so hard on your cockhe says moaning and screaming at the feeling of his fingers on her clit. He makes her cum before putting her to sleep and bringing her to the bedroom.

Scene Two: Do Not Rock the Boat

a€?Awaiting masters commands Nadia says naked on the bed. Her boyfriend walks in furious. He just got an email telling him someone brainwashed and fucked his girlfriend. t me please youhe says and pulls down his pants before he can protest. His anger goes away as she gives him the best blowjob she’s ever given him.

Scene Three: Reprogramming

Dressed in her maid outfit, Nadia is being a good programmed slave by cleaning the house. All of a sudden her programming goes haywire, the real Nadia tries to escape and take control. a€?Help mehe says stuttering and shaking. He calls the neighbor over to help fix his perfect sex doll. With a few swipes on his phone the neighbor erases Nadia’s mind again and reprograms her. She smiles as she looks at the two men next to her. really want to fuck both of youhe says touching each of them and guiding them to the bedroom.

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Katie Banks – Daddy’s lil Cocksucker FullHD mp4 [1080p/July 23, 2018]

I like being a good girl for daddy. Teasing him till he lets me suck his fabulous cock till he gives me a surprise at the end. My favourite thing to do is crawl over to him, slowly stroke him, suck him and edge him closer and closer to an amazing cum.

I love anticipating exactly what he wants and giving it to him. I love tasting his pre cum as I deep throat his cock and titty fucking daddy between my big bouncy boobs.

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Sloan Harper – Lesbian Stepsister BJ Brother`s big Dick FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

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Logan Long’s stepsister Sloan Harper owes him. And to repay him back she offers to show him her pretty tits. But Logan wants way more than that. She starts by taking off her top in a sexy way for him. Logan pulls out his cock to jerk his meat while she exposes her body. She then offers to give him a quick stepsister blowjob to clear her debt. Sloan swallows his big dick and drools all over it. She then strokes it between her beautiful breasts. Logan finishes by busting his nut all over her face while Sloan is playing with her clit.
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Premium Family Porn – Emily Willis, Jason – Bribing Brother SD mp4 2018

Scrumptious teen Emily Willis is dressed to the nines when her stepbrother Jason stops her and tells her she’s looking slutty. He tells Emily to change clothes and finish her chores, so she takes off her strappy heels and peels off her dress right in front of her stepbrother. Down to her bra and thong, Emily gets to work. She gets the idea to take off her bra to see what impact it’ll have on Jason, then tries to seduce him. He responds by sitting her down on a chair and pushing her underwear aside to slide a finger right into her bare twat. Her meaty little fuck hole easily takes Jason’s finger as he leaves her primed to cum.

Now that Emily has an in to getting what she wants, she embraces it. Dropping to her knees as she whips out Jason’s hardon, she opens her sassy little mouth and starts sucking. She can’t get enough of her stepbrother’s dick, but she wants to do more than just taste. Relocating to the couch where Jason takes a seat, Emily turns around and slides down onto his stiffie to take him for a ride. Her enthusiastic strokes leave her moaning long and loud as she enjoys herself.

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Bad Daddy POV Eden Sin – But You Said Last Time Was The Last Time SD mp4 [2018]

08/17/18 new!

Petite brunette Eden Sin is spending time at home from school. She is all alone with her step dad while mom is at work. She wants to sit and watch tv but he has other ideas. Eden cuddles her stuffed animal as her step daddy takes the seat next to her. At first it is all innocent, but the man of the house quickly reveals he wants more. Eden Sin is instructed to use her hands to make him feel good. She is used to this. It is clearly not the first time the pair has engaged in this taboo behavior…

Eden Sin asks him if it will be the last time and he promises it will be. But she has heard that before. Eden knows this is now going to be part of her daily activities. Her mom will leave the house and she will be expected to suck and fuck her step daddy until he explodes cum from his hard cock onto her slutty young body. Eden strokes her step father’s hard cock on the couch. He reminds her of how good she felt when he slid it inside her pussy. Eden remembers and obediently strips nude to show off her natural teen body.

She tries to hide her excitement, but it is clear Eden wants to play with the grown man’s hard cock. She moves from the couch to the floor. The submissive teen whore starts to suck her step father’s cock. He grows harder as she drools all over his shaft. The young brunette gives her best messy blowjob. Gagging and deep throating to work up as much spit as she can. Now is the time she really loves.

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Taboo-Fantasy – Mom Stacy, Son Andrew – Naked Step-Mom FullHD mp4


Stacy is out of the shower….bare naked….and rubbing lotion on her body. Stacy can’t reach to put the lotion on her back, so she calls for her Husband to come in and do it for her. Stacy calls and calls for him…but he doesn’t respond. Eventually, her Step-Son Andrew comes upstairs to see what all her yelling is about. Stacy is horrified that her Step-Son has walked in one her while she is completely naked, and she covers up.

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Tiffany Watson, Alex D. – Step Sisters Proposal – Parents watching How Brother fuck Sister HD mp4 [720/2018]

Tiffany Watson and her stepbrother Alex D. have decided to play a prank on their parents, Lexi Foxy and Brad Newman. They collect fake wedding clothing and dress up, then go downstairs and announce to their parents that they’ve decided to tie the knot. When they aren’t quite convincing enough, the stepsiblings lock arms around one another and make out to put on the best show they can. That’s enough for Lexi to become upset, but Brad remains unmoved.

The stepsiblings take it upstairs and admit to one another that they enjoyed making out. They keep it up in what they think is the privacy of their own room while Brad peeps from the doorway. Soon Tiffany is on her knees with Alex’s cock in her mouth as she strokes him off while sucking the tip. Her deep throat BJ just gets them hotter and hornier, so Tiffany pushes her panties aside and climbs onto Alex’s cock for a stiffie ride that is hard, fast, and oh so satisfying.

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Ava Addams, Xander Corvus – Son Getting Mother`s Beauty Peep HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Ava Adams’ husband can’t keep up with her high sex drive, she just wants to fuck all the time, and he want her to spend some time with her stepson. Xander Corvus was just strolling through the living room when he finds his new stepmom lounging almost fully naked on the couch! She tell shim to grab her big tits and he does as he’s told. After giving her a mouthful of big dick to suck on, Xander bends her over and stretches out her MILF pussy with every inch of cock she can take! After fucking her all over the living room Xander can’t hold back any longer, pulling her to her knees and glazing her huge boobs in a creamy load!

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