Ufc 223 khabib vs ferguson

Тони Фергюсон vs. Хабиб Нурмагомедов UFC Хабиб Нурмагомедов. Бой назначен на 7 апреля года. Пожалуй, это один из самых ожидаемых поединков на данный момент. И сейчас многие спорят скорее не о результате боя, а о том, состоится ли он в этот.

Сколько было попыток организовать это противостояние и довести его до октагона. Но теперь ни у одного, ни у другого нет права на ошибку.

UFC 223_ Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs Тони Фергюсон Пресс-Конференция

Ситуация в дивизионе прояснится после того, как два лучших легковеса сойдутся в бескомпромиссной битве. Кто же выйдет из клетке с высоко поднятой головой? Хочется начать с того, что для всех поклонников ММА пояс неоспоримого чемпиона разыгрывается именно в этом поединке. Конечно, в данный момент ведутся разговоры о всяких закулисных играх UFC, и о том, как выгоднее провернуть будущие бизнес-бои.

Такие громкие, как Нурмагомедов — МакГрегор в России и прочее. Все это часть бизнеса.

Смотрите видео главного боя Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Эл Яквинта на нашем сайте. Дата проведения турнира 07 апреля г.  UFC Хабиб — Яквинта. Дата проведения турнира 07 апреля г. Соединенные Штаты, Нью-Йорк, Бруклин. Ferguson khabib за руб. Только сегодня! Бесплатная доставка.

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  1. The kebab wants to keep the belt, guarded by 10 armed cavemen, have their lass polish it with her Bush 5 times a day, break a toenail pull out, realise fergies gunning for him, lose an eyelash, pull out again. Boring boring boring, if you had kebab on as the only fight of the night NOBODY would pay to watch……Tony do this bum ffs punish the twat……

  2. Looks like theres all sissy boys left in ufc. Khabib needs a real competition

  3. Khabib straight pussy dats all i gotta say. U can tell he dont want none wit tony ferguson

  4. I always see Tony as like a stiff fighter like hes not loose or something maybe its just me or his fighting technique is weird but predictable sane with kabib but kabib really strong

  5. Most awaited fight both were a great fighters it would be an unpredictable fight.


  7. Kabob CHICKENED OUT against Tony Furguson WOW. I guess Tony is that best ! Light that fucker up !

  8. Meanwhile Ferguson over here with those spray painted matte black shades 😎😂

  9. q suka gayamu sederhana tp👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 khabib i proud you😍😍

  10. Everyone thinks they have a shot at Khabib until they’re on their back getting pounded on lmaooooo

    1. @Aqua 47 Flawless I mean its not the most appreciated style or the most likable when all you do is just ground anyone. But aye? its working for him though. Whatever works, works. Even if you find it boring.

    2. @Swole_Monkey Theyre both submission experts, but Tony is the better stand-up fighter. If anything, it will be a good match.

    3. Duane Doldrum agreed it will be Khabibs hatdest fight so far but if it comes down to it I don’t see Tony winning once he gets on the ground

    4. @Swole_Monkey Im just saying, Tony will be Khabibs best fight if it were to happen and he wont go down easily. Saying Khabibs just gonna downright demolish Tony is just wrong.

  11. With all the respect for tony but like everyone else in LW dev, he will never win from khabib,
    1. Tony is a small guy, khabib will throw him around
    2. He has 0 defence ‘standup’ he has a great standup fightstyle but takes too many punches
    3. Khabibs wrestling is out of this world he trains from his 2,5 years. They won’t be able to stop the takedowns.
    But offcourseee khabib is just a man he could take a punch like aldo vs mcgregor and fall ko this is possible.
    12 fights win streak? How about 27 fight win streak

    1. @Connor Treweeke oh really.. then why he lost to Johnson… Khabib will definitely kill Tony mark my word…

  12. Khabib sure win I bet All my money on khabib…..Tony not in khabib level…..

    1. @Jayden Li only in ur wet dreams…..I win 50k dollars when khabib fight Conor McGregor…..and sure I will bet all my money on khabib…if he vs Tony… So I dont want to lose my money I will bet on khabib…Tony nah he too old running out of gas to beat khabib..not in khabib lvl…

    2. Don’t be dumb, Ferguson is better than khabib at every level except for wrestling. Ferguson is also way more fearless and composed than anyone khabib has ever fought, this dude might actually be slightly insane. It’s gonna be a lot closer than you think.

  13. A fight is a fight … Why these fighter keep on talking about LEVEL

    1. Khabib will smash Tony and break his face… Tony always bleeds …khabib looks after fights like hes ready to start a fight!

  14. Biggest fight u can make in ufc really right now ppv wise..obviously excluding Conor fighting absolutely anyone….that’s diff level of ppv

  15. When khabib is not there tony talks soo much when khabib is next to him he doenst even dare to say anthing he looks nervous 4:03

  16. I like all those khabib fans that keep saying he will win while dont even knowing who ferguson is 😂

    1. Tbfh all saying khabib is a different breed. Tony is literally a different type of human

  17. everyone has a plan and then they get punched in the face

    Myke Tyson

    everyone has a plan and then they get moulded

    Khabib Nurmagomedov

  18. Hes gonna mount him…….hahaha I thought those actions were looked upon as illegal……


  20. This match up deserves more attention to the paying public than what was scheduled fight for kabib. This is fight more juicy than that simply another fight. No entertainment value. Kabib may not like the cowboys do bottom line is he is a Fighter not promoter.

  21. Write your professional opinion: who is the favorite — Tony or Khabib?

  22. Khabib is a simple man with a record of undefeated champion he dont need some bodyguards or some fancy car he just need to be simple😏😏

  23. Who think Tony would win with Khabib? The guy has all the chances and record and talent speaks like crazy! Tony looks like Alex Cardo! love it.

  24. It will be Kabib… Tony will try to beat kabib physically but Kabib is relaxed and knows the tactics of how to win. As he said he knows what he is made of. Kabib will figure out how to win and that is the differnces between Tony and Kabib. Just like Mayweather ( although I am not his fan) know how to win. It is the strategy that Kabib and Mayweather have that help them to get the victory.

    1. tom kim mayweather never face real beast that why he wins but what if he fight with forman listan frazir like that guys

  25. 4:57 this fight is insane. it feels like a game. who is the other fighter. both are really good fighters

  26. Stop being a coward Khabitch, you mad backwards cunt. Fight Ferguson not Poirer.

  27. Every time khabib fights ..I love the way whole crowd always cheers for opponent ..& everytime khabib sends them home disappointed …He is a Russian & musljm…Americans cant hate him more

  28. Para petarung garang,yg siap unjuk siapa yg yg terbaik..KHABIB dan TONY.

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