Ufc 229 khabib vs mcgregor fight

Watch UFC 229 Replay – Khabib vs McGregor

Сравнивая все проигрыши и победы каждого из них, критики и букмекеры составили анализ, в котором по их мнению лучший кандидат на победу.

Наконец свершилась мечта фанатов, и в зал вышли Нурмагомедов с Макгрегором. Конор Макгрегор : Возбужденные предстоящим шоу зрители Абсолютного бойцовского чемпионата уже ufc 229 khabib vs mcgregor fight встретить своих кумиров.

The Dagestan local has outstruck his challengers by a typical Их битва шокирует многих, так как почти в последний момент чернокожий боец обходит соперника. Яростный бой, казалось бы, закончился безоговорочной победой Хабиба.

UFC Видео боя Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Конор Макгрегор и др. бои турнира — Новости ММА

The previous champ is coming off a two-year layoff from the cage. Незабываемое зрелище действительно станет сенсацией этого месяца, заставив фанатов каждого из бойцов скрестить пальцы и верить до самого конца. Obviously, he had his massive boxing match with Ufc 229 khabib vs mcgregor fight Mayweather last year, but ring rust is a thing and his cardio has actually currently been questioned. Давно разросшийся до вселенских масштабов конфликт стал причиной вызова одного из бойцов на ринг..

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  1. Khabib fought like hes fucking a chick lmao stand up and fight u shit

    1. @Verbal Wound he knocked Conor down. I know it was unexpected coz Conor thought he was gonna get taken down, but he fucking knocked him down and stood up and traded shots with him in the 3rd rd. Yes it might be boring but its effective and dangerous. And stop saying he humps his opponents. Youre just dirty minded and people who say stuff like that shouldnt watch this sport.

    2. @Pavan Nair nope. Khabibs fighting is a special kind of boring, not every UFC fighter always looks to take their opponent to the ground and dry hump them the entire round. Khabib doesnt really throw serious punches on his feet, hes always thinking how he can jump his opponent and take him down.

  2. I forgot how many shots conor took when khabib had him on the ground in the 2nd.

  3. The king will never recover from that fight. King started beating on old men since he can’t handle the ones his age and size. Soon he’ll be going broke and bankrupt and his pimps Dana and joe R can’t Pimp him anymore because they too will be loosing their kiss ass jobs!

  4. KHABIB AT 13:20 Hey Conor! Do you want to go bowling? Lets go to strip club. Big American Titties

  5. Im from Ireland. Id pay top dollar to see Conors face smashed in every day.

  6. Khabib is good ,he is loyal but he turn ufc in wrestling
    I dont Wana see his fight the most boring one

  7. I’m here after seeing what Conor did to that poor old man & now I feel better

  8. Dominic Cruz riding Connors 🐓 so hard with his commentary. Just 🌬️😘 the guy if you love him so much

  9. Not sure if this was good promotion for propper twelve LOL

    The whisky losers like to drink!

  10. Making fun of his wife and his dad? Make it personal. Connor got what he deserved

  11. Best fight of the century history breaking record checheynn champion of western Russia.


  13. One day that muslim will be defeated by someone.i just hate that word undefeated

  14. loooool,look at the dirty filthy pig face of conner when our brother khabib is on top of him,that bastarrr cruz is an assss hole

  15. He was punching Conor so hard like that old man was his father😂😂

  16. People keep saying Connor got smashed but they dont actually talk about Khabibs stand up where Connor literally destroyed him
    Im no McGregor fan, but i respect his style
    Khabibs striking is terrible
    What you should be terrified of is McGregors ability to hold back Khabib even for a while

    1. @EmoRageX YT yh but still he didnt destroy him in the stand up. The stand up shouldnt of even been close on paper. But if Conor had the cardio of khabib he couldve knocked him out

    2. @Pavan Nair what i saw in the highlights is McGregor hitting Khabib from different angles and stuff while Khabib coundnt even move his head of a shot

    3. Conor didnt destroy khabib in the stand up. What are you on about. He got some good shots that maybe stunned him but thats it. And khabibs stand up isnt terrible. Its average, and you gotta remember he was standing up against the best striker in the world. But his defence is terrible.

  17. Whatever analyst said he’s trying to gas khabib out is a moron. You don’t gas him out he lives and breathes this shit

  18. Dildo dannis getting attacked was the best moment of the night for me. The brawl was the best thing to happen to the sport. Popularity soared due to that.

  19. Nurmgedov eat and drink halal while Connor drink Irish beer so he is weaker. lol

    1. Stfu you casual. Youre just saying this coz he lost. Dudes beaten some of the best fighters in the company and won 2 titles. How does that mean he sucks

  20. Müslümanın gücünü görün hepinize yakında hadiniz bildirilecek

  21. How is Conor still ranked #3 when he is 0-1(0-2 if you count his try at boxing) in three years. He has committed violent crimes in at least as many countries, as fights he has won in the last four years.

    1. Crimes doesnt mean you should get lower ranked. Look at Jon Jones and the amount of crimes he committed but he still holds the title

  22. man. i loved watching this fight. the build up… the legendariness. none of my friends knew who would win! god i miss this shit. nothing like prime mcgregor to get people excited.

    1. I agree.Conner aint prime in this fight though pal.Lost his hunger,lost the killer by ANY means attitude.Rich fat cat!

  23. He gives up so fast, Like fuck ,Take a beating man. I know women who have bigger balls!

    1. You probably do know WOMAN that YOU think have bigger balls.Sounds like your ladies have smashed ya once to fukn often!

    2. Stfu. Hes only lost 4 fights in his career and won 21 and you say he gives up all the time. I would like to see you in that position with an animal like khabib

  24. Khabib The legend 😍❤👍👍 and conor fuckin dumbass tap machine !

  25. dominic cruz,you are a person who lies,and you are sell out,we as fans of ufc dont need you

  26. Conor 💀 Mcgregor 💀 Fighting inside bus watch now in my channel 👇🌚

  27. Missed opportunity by mcgregor in the first round coulda got him with a knee to the face and ko him

  28. Imagine if khabib came out earlier then he did connor would of never even been a champion

  29. Been looking for all his defeats. This one is a legend. He just got schooled

  30. So good to see this cunt get battered. I wish khabib literally put a hole through his skull.

  31. Im back here again watching the most satisfying thing ive seen in a long time. So satisfying to see connor tap out again i can watch it over and over again

  32. Used to ROOT for this Irish fukwit.Thought even know he gave pently of lip that he had respect and honor.He dont have honor and the bullying cunt dont get my n millions of others fukn respect any fukn more.Hes a punk and a fukn big headed prick.Thinks hes fukn the second coming.Punk.Hope wen hes an old fuka if he doesnt self implowd thst some young trained fukn killer punches him right on the fukn chops.See ya punk

  33. Why is the knee illegal from the ground ? The dude is not even in a dominant position. Yet if you know soccer kicks to the head are allowed in this sport

  34. Trying to gas khabib out Hahahahahaha thank fuck Joe calls it how it is.

  35. October 5TH 2018 — Khabib: I wanna say thank you, to all Irish fans all over the world, because of you guys this fight is going to happen! Tomorrow night im going to SMASH your boy guys, im gonna SMASH your boy guys, IM GONNA SMASH YOUR BOY GUYS!!! thank you thank you!!!

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