Ufc fight khabib vs ferguson

Only a handful of main event bouts have been announced thus far, however, making it difficult to know exactly what the first half of might look like in terms of matchups.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson fight is confirmed for UFC — RT Sport News

Lightweight title — Khabib Nurmagomedov c vs. Tony Ferguson There appears to be only two things that might stop this insanely good style matchup from taking place next: the fact that it might be cursed after being scheduled and canceled on four separate occasions and the fact that Nurmagomedov-Conor McGregor II is a lottery ticket waiting to be cashed for UFC president Dana White.

Other fights could sell more but none would be this important. The winner would also have a fair shot at calling himself the ufc fight khabib vs ferguson best in the world. Heavyweight title — Daniel Cormier c vs.

Хабиб против Фергюсона. «Бой который никогда не состоится?»

Jon Jones This trilogy superfight between current champions in their respective divisions could just as easily happen at pounds, where Jones regained the title on Saturday in his rematch with Alexander Gustafsson at UFC after Cormier was forced to give up his belt. Doing it at heavyweight, however, would add an interesting wrinkle to what is already the most heated rivalry in the history of the sport. Giving Cormier that potential advantage despite two previous losses to Jones at light heavyweight could be justified by the performance-enhancing drug issues that have followed Jones of late and forced their rematch to be changed to a no contest.

The trilogy in the making needs to happen in Getty Images 3. Max Holloway vs. Five years later, a rematch would likely be explosive from a visual standpoint given their respective strengths in terms of striking. Middleweight title: Robert Whittaker c vs.

Five best UFC fights to make in 2019: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs.

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  1. His wings on his back Suck!,He Should sue Whoever done his ink!,Those are so terrible, they dont even come close to being as nice as Max Holloways!,and when he fights Khabib hes gonna Wish he had real Wings, so he can fly out of the octagon to escape Khabibs grasp!

  2. Tony have.. high skill…. Khabib have too…. So this fight can be brutal ….

  3. Khabib is gonna go home and beat his wife properly after he loses to Ferguson.

    1. @Lowkey Borneo no overconfidence. Khabib has no knockout power and never makes his opponents bleed. Ferguson is a monster. Khabib is okay at best.

  4. Im a huge khabib fan but I think Tony is the one to beat him, but theyre both animals and khabib does wrestle them so its going to be a brilliant fight if it ever happens

  5. Ohhhhh… it hasnt happened as yet!
    The comments made me realize this… no wonder I couldnt find any fight footage.
    Anyone knows when Khabib vs Ferguson is carded for?? Is it Sep 2019??

  6. I like Ferguson but I think Khabib gonna win. They are 2 good fighters

    The must kick mcchciken out of UFC, he is not good for the sport

  7. Tony Ferguson fans masturbate to his pictures every night before they go to sleep

  8. Respect Khabib +tony = sport best fighter ever off UFC💪💪💪 but conor mc🐤=justin bibier 😂😂😂

  9. player name toney vs khabib but video shows other what the fuck ?

    His name is Phil Daru, and he’s coached everyone under the sun, including names like:

    Tyron Woodley,

    Joanna Jedrzejczyk,

    King Mo Lawal,

    Dustin Poirier,

    And more.

  11. I cannot wait for this fight w Khabib Ill be rooting for Tony..hes an unbelievable,unorthodox freakish athlete but it could certainly go either way…Khabib is a beast too…should be incredible

  12. I think khbib won bcoz of he play always safe nd never give chance oppositer to hit him ! Kabib also a not good fighter he is champion but boring fighter bcoz he always won with leg takedown !

    1. Lol, Ferguson literally bloodies up his opponents. Khabib has soft punches and will try a takedown. But Ferguson has great ground game. Sorry old girl but Ferguson outclasses him thats why Dana is protecting khabib.

    2. Khabib seems to favor the grappling game over the striking game Tony does both

  13. Ojala le enseñe al presumido de Kaibil y sus seguidores.
    Que le dara la putisa de su vida

    1. KHABI proved to great UFC CHAMP & family man from DAGESTAN, RUSSIA, KHABI has great back ground in RUSSIAN SAMBO, LEARNING BOXING WILL HELP A GREAT DEAL TO KHABI, ,,,


  14. I really respect Tony but i believe that khabib would maul him in that ring. The eagle is no joke.

    1. @Polar Bear khabibs a savage but hes never faced a guy with the wrestling of tony the cardio the toughness of tony he is just a whole other animal compared to khabib has ever fought and come late 3rd early 4th rounds tony is going to be covered in khabibs blood beating him up i promise you that

    2. @Juggy Foad Haha. Thats a different opinion too, i actually like watching Tony Fergusons games, that dude got crazy moves and dangerous too. Hes a smart and a deadly player too. Look, my point is that khabib is the master of grabbing so far, no matter how good you are, once you step into the cage with this guy, be ready for a different style than youve been imagining. Thats what Im saying.

    3. He aint no joke but hes slows down his grappling and striking become far less effective after 12 minutes if he does this against tony hes going to get butchered until he quits

  15. If he had the same ref that dillashaw and Henry had he would have lost every one of these fights

  16. Vidio anjing itu Laen judul Laen Vidio yg di putar kalau gk bisa bikin video gk usa bikin video anjing

  17. Im a khabib big fan but tony had an easy win vs tibau which khabib never even put tibau on the ground thats why it became controversial fight, i think it will be the toughest fight for khabib..

  18. Yuou r basterd …….why you write khabib defeat. .a false. …..leacher

  19. 2:40 literally like turning your back to a tiger .. also the way tony scrambles when he’s hurt is just fucking awesome and it’s probably why they can’t finish him it’s weird as hell lol!

  20. Impossible to predict this fight , we will all just have to see what happens when it happens and enjoy it either way, it’s only a disappointment if it ends quick, but these two are both beast and it would be a great fight

  21. if tony can counter the game ground and pound by khabib… tony will going to win the game.. but if he cannot counter it… it will be over.. it will end up just like conor.

  22. These Khabib fans are a plague man, Putin needs to start regulating their internet usage.

  23. I never seen someone that has the same size, reach and confidence as Tony in any of Khabib’s opponents. This might be Khabib’s toughest challenge. Can probably a road to a GSP fight too if he wins because Tony is the closest to GSP’s size

    1. Khabib and ferguson arent fighting well not any time soon at least

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  24. Khabib is terrified of El cucuy. He knows hell lose against Ferguson. Khabib is a big chicken

  25. Why you using khabib name if he not smashing your ass
    . biaaaaatch

  26. Khabib wont be losing any sleep over this guy. No chance hes losing to him.

  27. Can’t see Ferguson winning. Kabib will just maul him on the ground, if he can’t out strike him.

  28. Im american and khabib is an animal and yea hes russian and putins actually a very good person its called propaganda is lies made up to make you believe what the 1% wants you to believe when they shove it in your face and you take it and run never questioning why the issues happening to begin with as in whos right and whos wrong… Not one of us are right because none of us are perfect so whos to judge in the first place and im only 29 and i know this cuz ive been through a lot and im not selfish

  29. Truly, Ferguson is good fighter, if KHABI is going to win to KEEP TITLE , KHABI WOULD HAVE TO FIND GOOD SPARRING PARTNERS & Trainers. KHABI is great wresler, and UFC CHAMP WITH RUSSIAN SAMBO Art. BUT you have to be in GREAT PHYSICAL & Mental shape to stay UFC CHAMP, it is a gift from Al-Mighty,,,,ALHAMDOLILLAH, ,,but you must have GOOD PREPARATION FOR FIGHT..


  30. i believe khabib will win this and i dont think it will be a good fight to watch , anyways will be with ferguson 101% 🙂

    1. Actually Tony will be the one tapping out or itll be a stoppage to save Tony.

  31. Didnt Khabib get upset @ Conor McGregor for only wanting the money fights but yet here goes Khabib team saying they only looking for the money fight! Number 1 Bullshit! Khabib is a fake ass Muslim punk bitch who knows Tony Ferguson will go through his boring ass style of fights! Khabib knows he cant draw shit without The Mystic Mac! I guarantee everyone that Khabibs next fight hes gonna lose because his n that Buster Douglas mode when Douglas beat Tyson than Evander I Take Steroids Holyfield knocked his bitch ass THE FUCK OUT!!!

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