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Nurmagomedov defended his pound championship at UFC by submitting McGregor at of the fourth round via rear-naked choke.

White said he had spoken afterward with McGregor, who told White that he would not press charges. Sure enough, as soon as they started going through the tunnel, exactly what I knew was gonna happen. Nurmagomedov, of Dagestan, tried to take McGregor down in the opening minute of the fight. In a shocking moment, Nurmagomedov briefly dropped McGregor with a right hand early in the second round. As McGregor scrambled to get back to his feet, Nurmagomedov launched into a flying knee attempt and then used the opportunity to take McGregor down.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Конор Макгрегор: видео главного боя UFC 229

Nurmagomedov spent the majority of the round in top position, working ground and pound and looking for a kimura. Entering the fourth round, McGregor was bleeding from a small cut near his left eye. He looked tired, and Nurmagomedov executed an outside trip to get him to the floor. From there, it was a familiar sight, as Nurmagomedov did what he has done so often: passed guard, moved into side mount and eventually got the choke.

хабиб нурмагомедов vs Конор Макгрегор

The fight was the culmination of a rivalry that has been brewing for several years. Both men said they would not respect each other after the fight, regardless of the outcome. McGregor tweeted he was looking forward to a rematch: Good knock. Looking forward to the rematch..

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  1. KonorMacChicken, before hi was easy owned by Khabib! WoW that was great and powerfull! )=))

  2. Lay off the racism guys. Dont be like that low life McNugget. If your a Muslim, act like one. With McNugget and Dana no neck White, the UFC has become the WWE. I was hoping that McNugget would be subject to any sort of justice, for raping an irish woman, hitting an old man in a bar, embarrassing himself, his son, wife, but he has no decency. It seems the money Gods cant leave him at peace or MMA fans. I hope when he returns he does not revert back to racism. But I am afraid his followers and his ego has not learned this lesson. Dana, have an once of decency and stop the racism. Your propaganda machine with Rogan, Brendon kiss ass and the rest of the UFC commentating fools will not stop. We can start with less racism, this is a respect and honor sport, lets keep aiming for that.

  3. A smack will feel like a double barrel shotgun!

    Oldman be like: more like a water pistol!

  4. khabib was worry in the face off. khabib Is a control freak. he was stiff. Conor was afraid of public humiliation That came because he sold that fight in the press conference. after the fight khabib get out of character. Conor is the only one that had a draw with him and that piss khabib off. plus khabib was a Conor fan body so there is a deep respect hiding somewhere. watch Conor with Ariel back then he talk how much khabib is a savage. 1-1

  5. lol such a show off in promos and then completely clueless in actual fights

  6. Esses chute de pés dos adversários no rosto eu usava o golpe de capoeira com o cultuvelo assim quebrava a perna dele .

  7. Conor 💀 Mcgregor 💀 Fighting inside bus watch now in my channel 👇🌚

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  9. Whats wrong of he said alhamdulilah? Does it have the same meaning praise the god like yall Christianity😑

    1. He pushes it on others. Muslims can believe in their dumb fairy tail long debunked by many different discoveries in science such as Evolution, but if they have to shout the name of their non-existent deity into your face like Khabib does here it gets very annoying

  10. I love khabib from 🇹🇷
    Khabib is the BEST
    because khabibs heart is good and clean

  11. What a fraud mcgregor is. Used to be big fan. Brings drake up like a fan boy. Then gets choked TF out!!!

    1. I believe Drake was the one asking Conor.
      Drakes music sales were dropping hard so he needed people to see him and be like : Oh, Drake! Totally forgot about this guy.

  12. Drakes such a dick rider!!!! Lol and mcgregor will never beat khabib!!

  13. Khabib- mcgregor 1-0 👉👌🤣🤣🤣

  14. Notice the guy next to Khabib? thats islam makachev… his best friend / trainingspartner since he was a little boy… now they are both fighting in the ufc and they are still like brothers

    Notice the guy next to connor with the irish flag? Yeah well thats Drake who got payed from connor to perform at his whisky release party…

    you see the difference? xD

  15. After every UFC weigh in I rewatch this. This is a historic moment in the sport 🔥🔥

    1. Pavan Nair only fight I can see topping this is either rematch to this or diaz vs mcgregor 3 or maybe but close is jones vs DC 3 other than that your right this fight was over hype and look how packed it was in the weigh in !!!!

    2. @MUSTAFA BASHEER same. I cant believe this fight was 10 moths ago. What an event and what a day. We will never get one like this one again

  16. Mcgregor couldnt even knock an old man in a pub and some people thought he can ko khabib lol 😂

  17. Whats the weigh in song for the conor khabib part? Im looking for that instrumental

  18. 3…doritos después , ama no puedo respirar 😂😂 🐔🐔 😂😂

  19. After the money fight from Conor against Floyd. Conor his career was already over. To take more fights on for Conor hisself is for the money nothing more. Khabib showed that Conor his career was over for sure!

  20. drake is shaking already, i image that guy fighting with someone probably cry like a baby

    1. me too brother …the real man always represents his words into actions .. all respect ………………………..28-0 inshaalah

  21. Dont like both of these but good that he made conor a permanant whiskey seller

  22. Conor “ I want the one everybody says I can’t win” ………… I guess everyone is right 😂

  23. It was good to see a bunch ofdrunk Irish A-holes cry in Vegas :o) Your boy got smashed! Eat it suckers

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