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But Holloway was unable to reach the weight limit for the bout Friday and was ruled out by the UFC medical team. Sorry to your team and the fans. Iaquinta, who was scheduled to fight Paul Felder, got the nod. Nurmagomedov, a native Russian, will become the lightweight champ should he ufc khabib vs al iaquinta.

Iaquinta will not be crowned the champ with a victory.

Ufc223 Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Al Iaquinta Walkout Introductions mp3

UFC offered full refunds because of the changes to the main event. Holloway already was the pound champion and was trying to become a two-division champ by beating the undefeated Nurmagomedov in the pound title fight. But the backstage melee McGregor allegedly instigated because of his anger toward Nurmagomedov instead has forced the removal of three fights because of injuries from the attack.

Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg were hurt in the mayhem and forced off the card. McGregor stole the headlines while UFC matchmakers worked behind the scenes on a new main event.

Felder, an actor-turned-MMA fighter, was another lightweight on the main card who offered to fight Nurmagomedov but his request was denied.

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Felder, who has won three straight fights and five of six, wrote on Twitter that the state athletic commission said he was not ranked high enough to earn the title shot. Felder and Pettis will receive bouts at a later date. White said all fighters bumped off the card will be paid. Namajunas used a devastating left that dropped Jedrzejczyk in their first fight and the Colorado-based champ finished her with a series of lefts in a decisive first-round victory. Jon Jones is facing a potential four-year ban because of a failed drug test.

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  1. Go sell some ro homes hater he loves talking about conor mcgregor all the time lol weirdo

  2. Al a iaquinta said Lee is tough if not tougher than Khabib hahahaha brain damage

  3. If khabib wanted to beat Al in the first round he could. Essentially UFC gave the title to khabib so khabib made Al look better to thank him.

  4. Al Khabib just played with you. People really think Al did a better Job haha

  5. Look forward to some slobber knockers with Iaquinta standing on top of the pile when KHABIB tips his hat, once the eagle flies off into the sunset gonna ride or die for the Alnimal, my kind of fighters

  6. He has a great voice/tone, should be a regular guest on commentating fights or do pre-fight analysis.

  7. IaQuinta the real Brooklyn gangster, khabib nurmagomedov. #newyork #khabibtime #brooklyn #khabibnurmagomedov

  8. Ive wanted to see Al fight McGregor since the Khabib/ McGregor fight.

  9. Al Iaquinta is about to get his ass whooped by Kevin Lee this time.

  10. I will give it to Al, he has never tapped in his 3 submission losses, and has went to sleep twice of the 3… He is a gangsta and you almost wish he would take it more seriously and really give it 💯..

  11. Al Im only relevant when i talk about the guy who got beat by the same guy who beat me Iaquinta

    1. Dave Randle You have no idea who my idol is or if i even have one. Stop living vicariously through fighters and talking tough. I actually like Iaquinta but he needs to talk about himself not people he has no chance of ever fighting.

  12. It shows how good Al actually is. He fought khabib on short notice and managed to last 5 rounds. I think him and Connor would have a good fight.

  13. Its funny how people want to talk trash about Conor tapping like hes the only one ever to tap in MMA. Uuuuuh what?

    1. Visuell Nord one shot that he quickly recovered from. No heart? You’ve obviously never competed in anything. That’s a comment a none athletic person would say.

    2. BigBruceGames Not tapping. Rocked on the feet by a «amature» striker and smashed on the ground. No heart so gives up his back so he can tap asap and get out of the fight..

  14. If I was going to buy a house in NY, Al has to be the guy getting the sale. How can you not like this guy? Lol

    “Kevin Lee more mature as a fighter, less mature as a person” 😂🤣😆

  15. MMA FightingonSBN…this is the 2nd time you have falsely accused someone in your tab comment….Mr Iaquintas response was in complete humility..why?….we deserve a response.

  16. Anyone who can’t see that Khabib took it easy on al is on drugs lol.

  17. About to reach the mid of the video im surprised he still had stamina ..who are they reporting for platform? Those reporters have Sissy ass voices

  18. 8:14 I like McGregors style and I am a fan of him. Not the biggest fan, but at that moment, hes basically an internet troll talking all this crap, but when you meet face to face, you better own your words. He cant just attack a bus and injure other fighters, insult a mans family, religion, and beliefs and then not hold on to what you say, then youre just a hypocrite. He made it personal when it got personal, he walked the walk, he talked the talk, but now hes running out of energy. Al said it best, if you want to get dirty, better finish it dirty.

  19. Short notice Gladiator. Al Iaquinta gained more respect in that fight than Conor will ever earn.

  20. It’s cool to know Khabib and Al were on the same bus after their fight.

  21. Conors gunna get beat and humilated again every rematch..conor only has a chance with dustin porier but wont fight him. Tony.. Khabib destroy that ass wipe every time. #fuckcrumlin

    1. +Charlie Bronson It couldve been taken sarcastic but I meant it. You the man Charlie 👍

  22. ´´You have to give up, you know i deserve this´´ — Dana white to Dee Devlin on being Conors girlfriend.

  23. I still have SO MUCH respect for laquinta since the khabib fight!

  24. Lol that was a serious neck crank.. you should bash him for giving up his back not for tapping

  25. I dont know why the memo didnt get out but here you go: GANGSTERS SUCK

    1. The glorification of drug dealers, pimps and gangbangers is ABSOLUTELY STUPID

    2. They take advantage of unprotected demographics of population. Pretend to represent them. And abuse them in every way for their profit

    3. Politicians , gangbangers, dogs… Someone just feels the need to be in charge at all times

  26. Conor is barely a top 5er honestly he doesnt deserve title shots. Not that being top 5 in lw isnt really really good .

  27. No matter whose side you are on conors or Khabibs you gotta admit khabib likes to toy and play with his opponent and thats why he is so unexpected.You will never know what game is he going to be playing next,with conor if you are not as skilled as him then you gonna get instant death but with khabib he takes you to full torture first before he decide its game over

  28. u survived khabib and lose all rounds. so you are toughest man for khabib lol😂😂😂😂

  29. Love how its 2019 and some reporters still havent figured out that hearing the questions in interviews is kinda important! Annoying as fk!

  30. Al aquinta….what a boss and a gentleman…..real brooklyn gangster!! this is not about chicken

  31. This bum is ufcs Paulie Malignaggi. Be a man and stop celebrating others defeats. I bet you cant stand 1round in front of Conor

  32. Its not only just business, its a sport! Of course a competitor should tap if hes beat — its not war, its a frickkin sport and a business! Not gangsters, not SOLDIERS,amd despite all the ink, not tribal warriors — just dudes he like a scrap, are good at it and can endure demanding training regimes — thats it!

  33. Al, you just won my sympathy. Glad there are simply great fighters with great personalities,filosophy,attitude and x factor to inspire the others. God bless you, Al.Stay a good man

  34. Al laquinta is a real Brooklyn Gangster, good fighter, honest, down to earth. And fought bravely with Khabib, and not tapped like Mctapper. Real Brooklyn Gun, and Real Estate agent, he is funny and real…

  35. A simple, honest guy with cheeky humor but definitely a lion heart who took the fight against khabib on such short notice and went till the end, honestly this guy deserve a rematch with khabib not that trash mouth Conor.

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