Ufc khabib vs barboza

Прогноз на бой Хабиб Нурмагомедов – Эдсон Барбоза UFC

Ссылка для регистрации Делай ставки с официальным партнером UFC бк Пари-Мачт и получай бонусы рублей на первый депозит, рублей страховка первой ставки, бесплатная ставка рублей. Эдсон довольно часто использует травмоопасные лоукики. Читайте также:. Плюс у Эдсона отличное чувство тайминга, благодаря которому он может своевременно выбрасывать колено на ufc khabib vs barboza парням, которые злоупотребляют или не скрывают проходы.

И он понимает, ufc khabib vs barboza если он не пройдет Барбозу, то о титуле можно будет забыть.

UFC бесплатно показала бой Нурмагомедова и Яквинты: Яндекс.Новости

Если Хабибу удастся затянуть в первом раунде Эдсона на конвас, ему вероятно, удастся его измотать. Шанс заключается в подхвате ноги и переведении соперника на конвас, где Барбозе придется не сладко. В начале второго раунда лицо бразильца выглядело изрядно помятым, но расслабляться было нельзя, ведь впереди еще целых десять минут боя.

Здесь уже на первом месте качество. Несомненно, это самый опасный соперник для Нурмагомедова за всю его карьеру в UFC. А Тони временный чемп.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Edson Barboza Full Fight Video

Главная цель — это титул, а один из шагов на этом пути — Барбоза. Он великолепно прочитал своего соперника в последнем бою и затем поймал его коленом при попытки тейкдауна. Барбоза же более аккуратный..

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  1. He is a Beast. Just watched the fight. WOW. Let’s see if Conor wants this but he will ask for Mega Millions. He is living life right now !

  2. Aku bangga dengan kesabarannya khabib engkaulah orang yang perlu di buat gambaran hidup.

  3. Ho bisogno di alcune cose per essere felice. Alcune che desidero particolarmente sono le olive

  4. peace ✌ Khabibs name should be called a Hyena instead of Eagle thats more of a fitting name his work ethics in the octagon is like like a Hyena 👊

  5. to all the doubters who said that Edson ganna win !
    It was a maul ! you get it ?

  6. I think I’m goin to have to pass Cain Vs title over to Khabib until Cain returns. I’m about to start callin him The God of Terror!

    His wrestlin/grapplin game is so dominate and overwhelmin. He’s like a miniature version of Cain V.

    My hats all the way off to Barboza for fightin back and survivin that downpour of ground and pound man, holy shit. He was bangin on his feet and I’m super impressed with Khabib even tradin back and forth with him before goin for takedowns. I felt like I was drownin just watchin Barboza under Khabib lol. What 2 great fuckin champions man!

    Barboza has no reason to hold his head down cause he is still right near the top baby.

    Lets get Barboza in there with somebody like Kevin Lee, that Justin Gaethche (sp?) dude, or hell, let him run it back with Michael Johnson cause I’m sure he’d want to get that W back!

  7. Fight smaller 145ers? Gtfo u should ve a 170er factz but hes scared to go up but conor dont give a fuck

  8. One of the MOST focused fighters today.. This game is 70% mental and this guys game is spot on.

  9. Khabib never lose Khabib is winer …you know winer is never lose

  10. you are a good brother, you have hundreds more victories, you are the pride of all Muslims

  11. Khabib in Arabic means darling/love… literally pronounced habeeb.. I don’t know how people can confuse that

  12. UFC pay him his worth he is a real deal
    honest ,fight for legacy not money like conor

  13. *Still nobody touch my face, I know its 25-0 but I must stay humble.*

  14. fuck khabib. lame ass fucking draw. 350k buys for 219 with cyborg on the card even.
    Tell his shady fucking manager that khabib cannot demand shit until he can draw fans to ppv

  15. She can’t say khabib but can say alistair, jemima, Anderson

    Fucking uncultured swine

  16. I hated Khabib before this fight now I love him. What a beast and you gotta respect that. Much love Khabib!!

  17. Keep slowly lady, is not speaking in his mother language so have some respect he is still good in english.

  18. Nevermind the Eagle, Khabib is a Lion. Allahu-akbar. May Allah keep you strong and faithful Khabib. Salam.

  19. Who is here after khabib beat conor,,, am nobodys fan but khabib proud to be a khabib fan.

  20. Just admit you are a dumb bitch and the only thing you are good at is being a sperm bank

  21. Give him Connor Mcgregor.he will beat the shit out of him and Tony Ferguson has not even a chance.beat the crap out of Barbosa

  22. Clear victory! 25-0. Khabib, we are with you.
    next food is Tony, be ready)))!

  23. If you could time khabibs takedown with a flying knee it could
    Knock him out

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